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The Spokesman
Summer 2014

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In this issue...

President's Introduction | 2014 Volunteer Spotlights (for each of 3 events) | Two more events this Year | Reminder: Ways to Contribute | Thanks from the Board

President's Introduction

Grateful to so many, and today, Spotlighting our Volunteers

by Ernie Larger, Board PresidentErnie


The Pedal-with-Pete Foundation (PwP) is well into our annual fund raising events.   

The Kent, Ohio Ride and Walk was held on June 7 with nice weather and good attendance: and great food, refreshments, and entertainment.   

The Columbus, Ohio Ride and Walk will be this Saturday, August 2 and we expect a great turnout!    

The Emmetsburg, Iowa Ride is planned for September 21.  

With your help, PwP expects to raise an all-time high in donations to fund cerebral palsy research in 2014.

We could not do this without the great support and dedication from the many sponsors, donors, volunteers, and participants.  

In this Newsletter, we want to highlight three of the many Pedal-with-Pete volunteers who are the life blood of PwP in fulfilling its Mission; raising funds for research to improve the quality of life for persons with cerebral palsy.    


On behalf of the PwP Board of Directors, I want to thank you all for your ongoing commitment to help us achieve our mission!

Volunteer Spotlights!

Pedal-with-Pete, Columbus, Ohio

Youngest Veteran Volunteer Leads PwP, Columbus' Inaugural WALK and Boosts Social Media Presence

by Dave Levy, Another Volunteer Veteran, but not-so-young

Please meet Ben Wibberley, possibly the youngestBen Wibberley.2012 2 Pedal-with-Pete volunteer who has had a hand in each of the 13 Columbus events leading up to this year's ride and walk on Saturday, August 2nd. 

Ben is the youngest son of Deb and Les Wibberley, who have also been key contributors to PwP, Columbus since the start and brought him into the event when he was 12 years old.  As the years came and went, each with another PwP event, Ben grew up, earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio Northern University and has been working for three years as an automotive brake designer for Nissin Brake, a parts supplier to Honda.

Asked what he enjoys most about his volunteer role with PwP, he said gets great pleasure from volunteering, pure and simple, but he is especially motivated to put on an event for an extremely underappreciated cause.  He enjoys being a part of the PwP organization and working with such a great group of people. 

This year, Ben was a driving force behind the addition of a walk to the 2014 Pedal-with-Pete lineup of activities, and he stepped forward to do much of the leg-work, as Ben is the Walk Director.  He wanted there to be a more accessible activity for the CP community than the bike rides could offer.  For many, cycling requires specialized, adaptive equipment.  Holding a walk allows more families impacted by CP to be part of the event.  The opportunity to increase the number of the participants is a nice side effect, but his real interest was to involve the CP community more.

... his real interest (in adding the walk to the Columbus event) was to involve the CP community more.

Ben’s contributions don’t end there – he also manages social media for the PwP events.  He feels that creating and maintaining the event on Facebook and Twitter is an effective way to get the word out about the ride and the walk.  He enjoys keeping the sites current.

So, with all his contributions to PwP leading up to and on the day of the event, on top of having a full time job, wife Erica and Colonel, a recent canine addition to the family, does Ben ever get to ride his beloved Cannondale on the PwP route?  He said he has a number of times, but it may not happen this year as he will be overseeing the inaugural PwP Columbus walk.  He’s hoping he can get out for a ride on one of the shorter routes (18 miles or 32 miles) after the walk wraps up, but he said he realizes that it just might not happen.

Thanks for all you do, Ben, from everyone who enjoys PwP and benefits from the funds it raises.  Good luck with the exciting new walk, and we hope you find time for a ride on your bike before the end of the day’s activities.

Pre-register NOW and through this Wednesday, 7/30, midnight for this year's PwP, Columbus ride/walk, or come on the day of the event, 8/2, to register and support CP research!

Pedal-with-Pete, Kent, Ohio

Long-Time Volunteer Helps at Every Level to Work for Pete's Vision of 1 Million Dollars for CP Research!

by Peter Zeidner, Founder, PwP; and George Gaiser, Board Member, PwP

Pedal-with-Pete lives through its volunteers.  The twenty years of its life in Kent, Ohio have been blessed with many friends and supporters who have taken up the challenge of annual rides and helping us grow Pedal-with-Pete, and for all of them are we grateful.  Without them, the success that we have achieved would not have been possible.  

The benefit for all of you that read this article is this: our exclusively volunteer staff and board leadership means that the proportion of your contributions that goes toward the funding of our mission—almost 90%--is better than that of most of the foundations that solicit your help. 

It would be right and proper to list the many volunteers who have helped here in Kent over the years, but it would take an article much longer than afforded in the Spokesman and most of you wouldn’t read through such a long list!  What we can do is highlight one of our volunteers as an example of the rest.

Chris H.2014

We choose for this issue therefore Christine Hudecek.  Chris has been a companion for Pete these fourteen years, and for all of those years a helper with Pedal-with-Pete, serving for many years as President of the Board, Board Member, and Spokesman editor.

Chris’ involvement with the Kent Ride and Walk has been extensive.  She co-chaired the effort for five years and prior to that, she did the job by herself for a few years. Prior to taking on leadership roles, Chris did whatever was required: securing door prizes, food donations, corporate and individual solicitations, letters of thanks, stuffing envelopes, keeping records, all of those things that come along with the effectual operation of the work. She has done so cheerfully and without reservation.  

Chris did whatever was required...

She has done so cheerfully and without reservation.

Chris is a great role model for what being a volunteer means.

Thanks, Chris!

Many thanks to all who made the June 2nd Kent Ride and Walk so successful!  We had a great day with good weather, good attendance (95 people!) and good fund-raising for cerebral palsy research!!!

Pedal-with-Pete, Emmetsburg, Iowa

Dedicated 4-H Leader Helps Youth Plan a PwP Ride and Learn Value of Service... for 15 Years!!!

by Lauri Kaplan, PwP Board Secretary

Julie Naig.2014 2

Julie Naig, County Youth Coordinator with the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, first heard about Pedal-with-Pete about 15 years ago.  

Julie works with the 4-H County Council – a group of high school kids learning leadership skills - while planning 4-H events for Palo Alto County in Iowa. While searching for a service project, they heard from a 4-H family whose son has cerebral palsy (CP).  The father of the family spoke to Julie and the students about the Pedal-with-Pete Foundation, its founder, Pete Zeidner, and the bike ride that began in Kent, Ohio.  When asked if they would consider doing something to help with CP research, the kids jumped at the chance.

"When asked if they would consider doing something to help with CP research,

the kids jumped at the chance."

According to Julie, “The kids thought it sounded like fun, so we started planning an event for September of 1999.”  After riding through their little town, Emmetsburg, that first year, they decided on a route with less traffic for their younger riders.  That route now begins and ends at the county fairgrounds, utilizing a highway with less traffic as they encourage riders of all ages.  The 4-H County Council has helped plan an annual event in Emmetsburg, Iowa ever since. 


Under Julie’s direction, high school kids help plan the ride by approaching area businesses for donations – they try to have a prize for each rider. Other 4-H council members advertise the ride in the local newspapers, hang up flyers in “all the little towns in the county”, and ask local schools to put information about the ride in their school announcements.  In this small rural county with a population just under 10,000 people, the Iowa Pedal-with-Pete Ride attracts 20-30 riders each year.


Julie has enjoyed meeting several families over the years whose children have CP and reports that it is “so inspiring to hear their stories. The dad that came to me in the beginning has shared that his son is doing well in college, and I now have a young lady with cerebral palsy who rides her specialized bike every year on the ride.  I have learned so much and have really enjoyed planning this event with my County Council kids.  

"It is my hope that the youth

...will continue to see the value of service projects"

It is my hope that the youth that have planned this event will continue to see the value of service projects such as this.” 

Since 1999, the Palo Alto 4-H County Council has raised a grand total of $12,203 for Pedal-with-Pete and CP research! 


We hope that Julie’s wonderful example of the Iowa ride might inspire other Pedal-with-Pete supporters to establish new rides in their communities!

The 2014 ride will be on Sunday, September 21, and for more information, contact Julie Naig.

Two More Pedal-with-Pete Events in 2014

Mark your calendars for these events:

Columbus, OH – This Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pre-Register Now and through Wed. 7/30, or Register on Event-Day, 8/2!

Emmetsburg, IA – Sunday, September 21, 2014

Contact the Organizer!


Let's get together to plan and create a new ride in a new city! 

Contact us if you think you might be interested in doing so.


Thanks for your support of these fun, meaningful events!

Donating to CP Research: Let us count the ways!

by John Manley, Treasurer, Pedal-with-Pete

Reminder:  There are many ways to make your kind, generous donation to cerebral palsy research:

Pedal-with-Pete accepts  stocks, bonds, cash and other securities as gifts through our Charles Schwab account. If you would like to make a donation through this p
rocess, please contact one of the two Board officers noted at the Donate Tab of our website, , and they will forward a Charitable Gift Transfer form to you that will facilitate your donation.

That same web page has a link for donating online with a credit card, and we recently added a feature where you can note who you are donating "in honor of". 

web page  also provides our P.O. Box where you can send your donation through a check.

Kent.John-Rider who raised the most sponsor money over time.2014If you ride or walk in one of the three events, (Kent, Columbus or Emmetburg), a portion of your registration dollars support CP research, and you can support the cause even more with your own extra donations when registering , during the event, or later, through securities, credit card or check.

Also, check with your employer to see if they will match your contribution.

Finally, if you own a business or have a connection to a business who would like the publicity associated with sponsorship of one or more of our events, please contact us; this is a great time of year to start planning for 2015!

Thank you for giving help and hope to so many people who are living with cerebral palsy!

Pedal-with-Pete Foundation - Board of Directors

Pete ZeidnerPeter Zeidner Pleased

Ernie Larger

Cathy Levy
Vice President

Lauri Kaplan

John Manley

Chris Brooks
Publicity Chair
walk-or-ride 2
Saundra Cooke
Development Co-Chair

Don Wisler
Development Co-Chair

Mimi Singh
pwplogo.color 2
Research and Education Chair

Paul Stock
Finance Chair

George Gaiser
Board Member

Thanks for your support as a donor, sponsor, rider, walker, or volunteer! We hope to have your continued support this summer and beyond!

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