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Newsletter - September 2013

We are thrilled to begin publishing a quarterly PLOS Currents: Outbreaks newsletter to share the latest research developments, recent publications of note, upcoming community events, etc.  As a community resource, we encourage you to send us material ( for inclusion throughout the year.  We welcome short opinion pieces, upcoming conferences worthy of note, new tools that advance your work, discussion areas, and anything else that may be helpful to the community.  Please circulate it widely to your lab, colleagues, departments, collaborators, online discussion groups, etc. 

Article Highlights

Since the launch of PLOS Currents Outbreaks in May we’ve had some fantastic research published.

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Map of Destinations of Air Travelers Departing MERS-CoV Source Countries and Origins of Hajj Pilgrims from the article by Khan et al. Potential for the International Spread of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in Association with Mass Gatherings in Saudi Arabia

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  • Nsosie et al. present a framework for forecasting the peaks of seasonal influenza epidemics. Retrospective forecasts were generated for seasonal influenza epidemics using web-based estimates of influenza activity from Google Flu Trends. In some cases, the peak could be forecasted 5-6 weeks ahead.
  • Rebaudet et al. investigate the persistence of cholera in Haiti and identify the dry season, with its lack of aquatic resevoirs and low cholera incidence, as the prime opportunity to eliminate cholera outbreaks.

Digital Disease Detection

Members of the PLOS Currents: Outbreaks team will be in attendance at the Digital Disease Detection conference held next week in San Francisco. Our own Jennifer Lin will be presenting a lightning talk on Wednesday, September 18th titled "PLOS Currents Outbreaks - Findings the world can't wait to see" and Publications Manager Liz Flavall will also be present. We hope to see you there!

Why Publish with PLOS Currents: Outbreaks?

Submit today
Minimize the delay between the generation and publication of research:
PLOS Currents decreases the time to publication with a streamlined review and production process. Articles are published immediately upon acceptance.

Share ongoing research:
PLOS Currents: Outbreaks encourages submissions that report ongoing and first-cut analysis of emerging outbreaks; it allows the timely publication of work that would otherwise go uncredited or lose its cutting-edge relevance – for example the sequence of a new pathogen where the set of analyses that would allow the preparation of a traditional research paper has not been completed.

Publish ALL your experimental results:
PLOS Currents offers a venue for research, which may otherwise go unpublished.  Along  with new findings, we also include negative results, replications, as well as methods & protocols.

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