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A few growing pains for social media

In the days before September 11, traditional and social media encountered a few growing pains. A Florida preacher, long-known for his hatred of Muslims, struck a nerve when he proclaimed to the world that he would burn as many Korans, the Islamic holy book, as he could lay his hands on.

Using Facebook, the preacher told the world. His timing, aligned with the controversy about plans to build an Islamic Center near the site of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center rode the wave of public opinion. Within a few weeks, he had thousands of people who "liked" his Facebook page.

His rhetoric inflamed anti-American sentiments around the world, causing riots, and touched off a storm of controversy within the press. Were they to blame because their coverage took a small-time pastor into the limelight? Did they give him more coverage than he deserved?

Social media came under fire as well. On September 11, I wrote "Inflame peace using social media" on the Why Social Media? blog, offering my thoughts. Read more....

Google search becomes "Instant"

In the ever-changing, mysterious, and commercially important world of online search, Google is King and Queen. On September 14, 2010, according to, over 44% of internet users accessed Google this one day. Statistics over time are consistently between 42 - 45%.

This week, Google changed how their site responds to search queries, perhaps changing how people search and how web designers optimize web pages. In the wake of the changes, competing search engine companies have announced changes to their sites as well.

In my October 14 workshop, Simple Search Optimization I will be discussing the changes, as well as basic techniques to make your web pages, blogs, and social networking sites more visible to the search engines. For more information, Radha Khalsa from the Big Bear web design company adds her thoughts: Read more....

Fix Your Pix fun

On September 9, we had a great time learning how to re-size and enhance our digital photographs. Five attendees, cropped, sharpened, added frames, then saved their improved photos to Facebook or their computer. One attendee was spotted warping her good friend's face, then making a mosaic of him. He ended up unrecognizable, but her picture was amazing!

We learned we could make slide shows, collages, and could purchase mugs and other items with our images printed on them.

We had so much fun! We'll be doing it again on January 12, and everyone is invited. Additional information and registration is available at this link: Fix Your Pix

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