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Valued Customer,

To Droid or not to Droid...it’s no longer a question of IF you should develop your app for the Droid, but WHEN you should.  When we talk with our clients about this conundrum, we take into consideration the main functionality as well as audience of the app.  Then we look at the general statistics of wireless usage and make a determination on if it makes sense.

Many times we advise clients to start with the iPhone platform as the user base is still more “app centric” even though there are more Android users worldwide. The iPhone still has an edge with over 350,000 apps available while the Android is still hovering around 150,000. 

Perception has been that iPhone users have been wealthier and more technology focused than Android users, and while according to Cleveland Research Group that may have once been true, the market is quickly changing. By Q4 of 2012 it is estimated that 45% of al phones sold will be a smartphone; with Android overtaking the iPhone in number of units activated this year worldwide, the demographic differences between the two user bases are quickly shrinking.

John Rainey
VP of Business Development
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Pulling Information off a Central Database to Multiple Mobile Platforms

Mobile App Descriptions

The National Archives Wanted to create an iPhone, iPad, and Android App that showcased important historical documents for each day of the year. Using a central database, their mobile application downloads a high resolution of each document from a central server while also storing low-res thumbnails on the mobile device.

Find out how Accella was able to create the App for All Three platforms simultaneously

Video Really Is Attractive

Adding Video to your Website OverviewLast month we showcased a story in our newsletter about Adding Videos to your Website. With that article, we had an image that linked to the video. It turns out that videos really do help spread your message and are more intriguing to viewers, that link had a click through rate over 500% higher than the average click through rate for the rest of our newsletter.

We are looking to create even more 'stickiness' to our website by incorporating some overview videos of our company - take a look at the latest 3 minute overview of Accella.

Take a look at our Presentation at your own Speed

Tracking Your Web Visitors in Real-Time

Knowing who is looking at your site, how they found you, and what they looked at, can give your marketing and sales departments an edge in targeting users and prospects.

Accella is now offering a free Analytics Package to all of our Website Clients to help you track your visitors in Real-time.

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