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Valued Customer,

With the recent skyrocketing popularity of the iPad, I have been receiving a good number of requests from our clients looking to migrate their existing iPhone app to the iPad. Luckily, since the iPhone and iPad share the same back-end coding system, the development time and costs can be kept at a minimum.

For most apps, the real cost is the redesign on the graphic user interface (GUI), allowing the app to take full advantage of the iPad’s larger, 1024 x 768 screen. Though depending upon the complexity of the app, some of the back-end code may need to be slightly modified to fit the expanded form factor of the iPad. 

Migrating an iPhone app to the iPad usually takes 10-15% of the time and costs involved in the initial development of the app.  This includes the development of new wireframes and design elements, as well as some minor adjustments to the code and usability testing.  Also, don’t forget about the all-important submission to Apple.

John Rainey
VP of Business Development
o. 410.982.6698
e. john.rainey@accella.net

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