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DAY 1: Global Money Week 2018 News

| 12 March 2018

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Happy Global Money Week!

The 7th edition of the world’s biggest money awareness celebration was kick-started at the Koninklijke Schouwburg in The Hague, the Netherlands in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Máxima of the Netherlands!
The event, co-organized with the Money Wise Platform (Wijzer in geldzaken), celebrated the start of Global Money Week 2018 and the Dutch Week van het Geld (Money Week). It also featured an interactive session with children and youth, a roundtable discussion with key partners on the growth of the CYFI Movement and on supporting youth entrepreneurship!



Watch the GMW Launch Video!

The 7th edition of Global Money Week has been launched! Watch the video from the opening ceremony here.

The 4th edition of European Money Week has started!

The 4th edition of the European Money Week has started! During the Week many events are organized by national banking associations across Europe, under coordination of the European Banking Federation to highlight financial education. The annual initiative involves young people in more than 30 countries, with activities ranging from classroom sessions to seminars and conferences, all seeking to improve financial literacy through better financial education.
Around the world, many more launch events are being held to celebrate the start of the world’s biggest financial awareness celebration!

Country Highlights

With over 140 countries taking part in this year’s celebrations, each day will round-up the exciting events happening globally. Read more below!


The First Microfinance Bank or SPCE-UCA Menthal Math Instructor

The School of Professional and Continuing Education in cooperation with the First Microfinance Bank is giving financial education to 60 Afghan children and youth! Presentations are titled as follows: “Working Out Your Pricing Strategy”, “Family Budgeting” and “Financial Management”. After soaking up lots of information, children receive a certificate and take a group photo!


Erste Group Bank AG, Erste Financial Life Park (FLiP), and Initiative for Teaching Entrepreneurship (IFTE)

Based in Vienna, the Erste Financial Life Park (FLiP) is a unique exhibition with several content stations and interactive games. The FLiP experience, an interactive two-hour learning trail, focuses on money and financial matters and is designed for school groups aged ten and above. During GMW2018, FLiP is hosting 18 interactive tours, an Entrepreneurship Education Workshop and a lecture on cashless society!


Self-regulator of the Stock Market, Asobancaria, Banco de la República, Financial Superintendence of Colombia, Fasecolda, Plan Foundation, and Banca de las Oportunidades

The organizations have set up workshops, business seminars, educational fairs with fun activities, guided tours of financial institutions and much more!


European Financial Planning Association Czech Republic and Yourchance O.P.S.

An online financial education tournament for schools is focused on the family life cycle, family budgeting and different investments during various life stages! In addition there are workshops for parents and children, an event in the business center with YouTubers, a workshop for entrepreneurs on the development of financial literacy skills and an interactive entertainment exposition called "The Cycle Money"!



The Fund for Financial Inclusion in the Democratic Republic of Congo is celebrating GMW in rural areas on March 16. 'Where does the money come from and who controls it? How can we make better use of money? What role do financial institutions play?' are topics that at least 600 children and young people are discussing on radio and TV shows with experts! These topics are also covered in conferences, competitions, and cultural animations!


La Foire de l’Argent (FAC) is a conceptual variation of GMW in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Conferences, tests, and workshops on money matters are being held in schools and universities. Children and youth during these events have the chance to discuss financial inclusion with professionals from the banking and finance sector!

Banque Centrale du Congo

The Central Bank of Congo alongside numerous financial institutions and development organizations has arranged a number of different events for children to enjoy! Throughout GMW there are visits to money museums, banks, and universities, accompanied by savings, drawing, photo, video and essay competitions to keep children enthralled! Information is being shared through TV and radio shows and a financial fair. Children can get empowered by joining a rally against financial struggle!


Adopem Savings and Credit Bank

ADOPEM Bank is offering talks on the “Challenges and Skills for the New Millennium”, and is using the occasion to present its Educa-T product, an initiative which promotes the uptake of professional, technical and degree studies. Another talk, the “Importance of Savings”, is focused on financial education and encourages a culture of saving among children and young people! Information about training programs is also being made accessible!


Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador, Consumer Advocacy, Deposit Guarantee Institute, Ministry of Education, Development Bank of El Salvador, Banco Hipotecario and Banco de Fomento Agropecuario

PEF is hosting an exhibition in the Children’s Museum called “Cómo Funciona el Sistema Financiero?” “How does a financial system work?” that approximately 15,000 children get to see during a one month period! There are also two financial education fun fairs, technical forums in universities, and visits to Money Museums and stock exchanges! There is also a competition for the largest ecological outreach and communications campaign on their social media!

Superintendence of the Financial System of El Salvador

Global Money Week kicks off with the launch of the ‘Financial Education Week’ with the Superintendent Ing. Jose Ricardo Perdomo accompanied by the presidents of all the participating institutions! The launch event is also being used to introduce the ‘My Financial Assistant’ app, which is a financial education application available to all! During the Week "The Alliance for Financial Education" document is being signed, guaranteeing a long-term dedication to the movement!


Money Wise Platform and other organizations

With the continuing implementation of their National Strategy for Financial Education in the Netherlands, the Money Wise Platform demonstrates its dedication to ensuring children and youth have happy and healthy futures! It is celebrating the Dutch Week van het Geld (Money Week) for the 8th time, and activities vary from over 5000 guest lessons given by financial professionals, theater plays, debating battles to creative sessions where kids get to "make" their own money! The PayPal Amsterdam Team, Hermann Wesselink College, Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange and many more are also hosting a whole bunch of valuable events for the youngsters.


Rural Aid Pakistan

The Week commences with a launch ceremony attended by youth, entrepreneurs, bankers, social activists, media and government officials! As the Week continues, Rural Aid Pakistan are endowing 4200 youth with necessary financial, enterprise and life skills through saving and art competitions, educational sessions, and sports events! Youth in rural areas are also receiving financial literacy sessions and interest free loans, giving them equal opportunities to those who aren't so isolated!


Central Bank of Paraguay

The Financial Education Fair of the Central Bank is opening GMW2018 in Paraguay! The joint efforts of Tigo Money, FIELCO and Foundation Paraguaya are leading to a mass opening of savings accounts for 500 indigenous families in a remote community! Other partners are offering talks and workshops in schools and universities, and visits to the stock exchange!

Fundación AMCHAM

For GMW2018 the Foundation is providing talks about saving for students from 3rd to 9th grade in schools in Asunción! Invitations to other talks extend to parents, where they get to hear tips about personal finance! Children are exposed to financial topics also through visits to Asuncion’s Stock Exchange and through the Foundation's social media channels!


Central Bank of the Philippines

Using its social media page, the Bank is connecting all its partners with teachers and students all over the country! They are all joining in the celebration of Global Money Week by sharing pictures and videos of their activities for GMW2018!

Cooperative Development Authority Pampanga Extension Office

Children and youth involved in the Laboratory Cooperatives are attending a financial literacy forum and a forum on counterfeit money held by the Local Government of Marilao. Global Money Week is also being celebrated through an educational tour of the Central Bank and a ‘Value of Savings’ seminar!

MSU-IIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative

As well as strengthening their knowledge of finance, activities organized by the MSU-IIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative aim to stimulate the creative imagination of young people on social and financial education. Children and youth are engaging themselves in slogan competitions, poster-making competitions, each of the GMW challenges, and having fun at a dance festival!

Paglaum Youth Laboratory Cooperative

Already savers in the Paglaum Youth Laboratory Cooperative, GMW is being used as an opportunity to reinforce existing knowledge of finance in a number of elementary schools. Each school is participating in the GMW Money Box Challenge and the Ozamiz City Central School is receiving a financial literacy talk. The focus is on elementary schools in order to impart on kids good spending and saving habits at an early age!

Sta. Ana Multipurpose Cooperative (SAMULCO)

According to St. Ana Multipurpose Cooperative (SAMULCO) it is imperative for young people to understand that ‘what we will be, is the product of what we are doing today’. In order to drive home this point, SAMULCO is organizing a Financial Literacy Workshop, an activity for children to distinguish between needs and wants and various savings activities! Also launched is the ‘Saving Ruler’ scheme which uses a souvenir to help children to save day-by-day and estimate their possible monthly savings!


Association for Promoting Education Performance

For GMW the Association for Promoting Education Performance has arranged for children and youth from over 70 schools to visit banks, be involved in conferences on financial education, create projects and drawings, and attend money exhibitions. There too is a nationwide competition for the entire country’s youth to get stuck into!

Banca Comerciala Romana

Workshops are taking place in the Bank's FLIP truck - a truck that is specially adapted to function as a financial literacy exhibition for 7-14 year-olds! Pictures from the workshops, as well as from other training sessions held in schools and libraries, are being published in the Bank's daily newsletter! Find out more here.

Financial Supervisory Authority

Thanks to the Financial Supervisory Authority, GMW is packed with unforgettable activities! Two ceremonies – the launch at Bucharest Stock Exchange and the EduFin Gala which celebrates innovative financial education initiatives – show the symbolic importance of GMW! Outreach is being extended to journalists, medical professionals, youth and the general public through various means such as an online quiz, flyers, an educational fairy tale, and through books donated to schools!

Mihaescu Mihai

Mihaescu Mihai is using Global Money Week to look back at Romania’s past and the historical development of the country’s LEU. 100 years since unification, the LEU is at the center of Romania’s national economic evolution. Activities and events are designed to allow children and youth to reflect on their society and how it has transformed!


AIESEC in Rwanda

AIESEC, alongside a number of financial institutions, a multinational corporation and educational institutions, are conducting a very interactive Global Money Week! The ‘Ring Around the World Campaign’ is being celebrated in Rwanda Stock Exchange, after which there are visits to banks and the airport for an exhibition by Rwandair! Areas of finance are being explored at a financial summit, a press conference and through a shop and save game!


In Rwanda, Compound55 are empowering students in high school through entrepreneurial education and enrichment activities, each appropriate for the students’ diverse range of career aspirations! Activities include entrepreneurship training, business and bank visits, and a competition where students can pitch their business ideas!


The National Education Institute of Republic of Slovenia

To begin the Week the Institute is organizing a National Workshop on the importance of financial literacy and financial education in Ljubljana for students to attend!The Week continues with a round table on financial literacy and education held by the Banking Association, and 5 open days for students held by the Ljubljana Stock Exchange! Selected schools also have the chance to join in the European Money Quiz!


Bank of Uganda

To celebrate Global Money Week, the Bank of Uganda has organized a selection of events! The Week begins with a ceremonious launch event, after which there are visits to businesses, university debates, financial education workshops and lectures, and a radio talk show on the GMW2018 theme, “Money Matters Matter”!

Hearts Extended Uganda

Hearts Extended Uganda is targeting 40 children and youth in Uganda for Global Money Week. These participants are receiving a presentation on financial inclusion and its benefits to wider society and to children and youth. Participants are also engaging in the GMW Selfie Challenge and the GMW Money Box Challenge! Altogether, these activities aim to empower youth to realize their potential as the next generation of investors!

I Profile Foundation and Mixa Kids

The focus of Global Money Week in Uganda is on harnessing the skills of female children! The entrepreneurial potential of 600 girls' is being stimulated through creating an entrepreneurial network and a market for their products! Furthermore, the girls are receiving both theory and practical lessons in financial literacy topics, such as budgeting, the history of money, spending, saving, and earning among other things!! The title for this campaign, derived from the GMW theme, is #hermoneymatters!


Center for the Dissemination of Economic Knowledge for Freedom (CEDICE Libertad)

The organization and its partners are exceptionally busy with visits to preschools, schools, lyceums, universities, scout groups, youth political leaders, foundations, media institutions, and many more! During each visit, they are addressing the evolution of money from bartering to cryptocurrency, money’s characteristics, the link between savings and investment, and the importance of banks! This information is also available on their YouTube channel and social media!


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