“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep

 getting what you’ve always got.”

                                                                             W.L. Bateman


As you consider future lake management needs, it is a good time to think differently by considering a different approach… a phosphorus pollution solution.


AquaTechnex recently implemented a Phoslock program in an eight acre lake where they had battled chronic blue-green algae and poor water quality for over a decade.  On June 11, 2012 Phoslock was applied to bind the available phosphorus in the water and sediment.  Click on the image link below to see the video.

The results to date have been excellent:

  • 73% decline of total phosphorus (TP)
  • 68% decline of reactive phosphorus (FRP)
  • No blue-green algae blooms
  • Secchi depth transparency to bottom—approximately 8 feet
  • No adverse impacts to aquatic organisms 

Contact AquaTechnex for assistance in developing a phosphorus pollution solution for your water body.  Call 360-201-2612 or e-mail: tmcnabb@aquatechnex.com


Phoslock is a registered trademark of Phoslock Water Solutions Ltd.  Always read and follow label directions.  Copyright 2012 SePRO Corporation.


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