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April 2013

I tend to feel two ways about Earth Day. On one hand, it's a legacy, a special time during which we reflect upon the environment and our place within it. Importantly, it's a day when we all honestly acknowledge the need to be better stewards. On the other hand, why just today? Why not every day? Imagine what could be possible if everyone's attention was focused on the environment all the time!

I'm sure that for many of you, every day is Earth Day. But there are lots of folks out there who might be considering their footprint today for the very first time. Let's be ambassadors to those people, not just today, but tomorrow and onward after that. Help them to realize 
that they can make a difference, and encourage them to join us in working to protect clean air, water and food.

Check out our new regional Speak Out page for some items you can get active about, and if you know someone celebrating the Earth for the first time today, consider forwarding them this email...

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Kim Leval, Executive Director
Northwest Center for Alternatives
to Pesticides (NCAP)

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Scouting for Mummy Berry Disease

Blueberry farmers have long been struggling to find a healthy and safe solution to the fungal disease known as Mummy Berry. The disease is common in the northwest, mainly due to constant high levels of moisture throughout the year.

Since Mummy Berry drives many growers to use fungicides, NCAP is
conducting ongoing work with Oregon State University and blueberry
growers to develop non-chemical controls. See our quick video for
tips on how to identify, monitor, and control Mummy Berry:

Take Action


Your voice matters, use it! Visit NCAP's updated Action Center for information and opportunities to reduce pesticide use, protect communities, and influence state and federal policies relating to pesticides. 

Take Action


Community Hero Award

This month, NCAP's first ever Community Hero Award went to Teresa DeAnda of California for her courageous and effective efforts to protect her Central Valley community from pesticide drift. Congratulations Teresa! See the video below for Teresa's incredible story:

Teresa DeAnda Video

See the video

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Save the Date

The 2013 Healthy Harvest Celebration, NCAP's 5th annual dinner and silent auction fundraiser, has been set for Saturday, October 5th at the Vet's Club in Eugene. Please plan to join us!

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Pest Problems?

We're happy to help you solve those home, garden, and farming issues without using toxic chemicals. Check out our online archives for tips on alternatives to pesticides and factsheets on common pesticide products. If you don't see what you're looking for, shoot us an email at info@pesticide.org. We're here to help!

Alternative Solutions

Pesticide Factsheets

If pest control is part of your job, check out our Sustainable Places Information Network to connect with other pros seeking greener ways to get the job done.

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Genes, grandma, and the family heirlooms you didn't know you had.
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Study: two thirds of pesticides got flawed EPA approval.
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American Bird Conservancy blames neonicotinoids for bird declines.
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National Healthy Schools day approaches, April 30.
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Toolbox Tip

Site Preparation

Getting ready for spring and summer plantings? Check out our tips for prepping your lawn or garden without harmful chemicals.

Business Sponsors

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NCAP Business League

NCAP thanks all the Business League members that supported us this month! They are:

Flame Engineering

Anthro Corporation

Click here to view the full business league roster.

Do you have a business?
Join the growing list of businesses that support alternatives to pesticides. Click Here to join the NCAP Business League.

Eat for the Earth

Big thanks to Holy Cow Cafe for hosting April's 'Eat for the Earth' day. Throughout 2013, you can support NCAP by dining out at local restaurants.

Our May 'Eat for the Earth' day will be at Granary Pizza Co. on May 14th. The fundraiser runs all day, and at 9pm the band Small Joys will be playing in the Granary lounge!

Good pizza and good music, what more could you want?

Kid's Art Greeting Cards

While supplies last, you can get a special set of NCAP greeting cards when you donate $20 or more. Each card features colorful artwork from the children at Seven Stars Childcare in Eugene, OR. Great for Mother's Day...hint, hint!

Contact Shelly Connor for details.


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