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And happy holidays! Many people are taking the time this week to recognize the things they are thankful for. This is always a healthy thing to do, so I decided to survey our staff and share a few things with you about why NCAP is thankful. In their own words:

"I'm thankful for organic food, and the choice I can make to feed my kids well."
"I'm thankful for the growing level of awareness around pesticide issues."
"I'm thankful for the fulfillment this work provides."
"I'm thankful for a bountiful raspberry harvest this summer!"
"I'm thankful for the the amazing people who support us and inspire us to be better stewards of the earth."

I'll add to that how thankful we are for the talented group of volunteers and student interns we have this fall, and the fun "Thank You NCAP" video they put together for us. Watch and share!

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I hope you'll read on to see what's been happening this month...and then I hope you'll enjoy several good organic meals this week.

Be Merry,
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Kim Leval
Kim Leval, Executive Director
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Dirty Hands, Clean Parks

NCAP VolunteersWe want to give a big thank you to all the great volunteers who helped with Sunday's weed removal at Tugman park in Eugene, OR! Because of you, we were able to pull out many large patches of blackberry and ivy, and prevent an herbicide application along the back perimeter of the park.

See KVAL's story for more details on this fun partnership, and see our pictures too!

Boycott Looms for Labeling Opponents

PepsiCo, Kraft, Coca-Cola, General Mills, ConAgra, Kellogg’s, Smucker’s, Unilever, and Dean Foods...
What do these companies have in common? 
They all spent loads of money to help defeat California's Proposition 37, a ballot initiative that would have required genetically modified foods (GMOs) to be labeled. Now organic and right-to-know advocates are rightfully calling for a boycott, but it's complicated...these companies also own many popular organic brands.

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Apply for 2013 Green Schools Awards

Eligible schools can now apply for the 2nd Oregon Sustainable School Awards, as well as the Oregon nomination to the U.S. Department of Education 2013 Green Ribbon School recognition program.

Schools are recognized for efforts to 1) address environmental impacts, 2) provide healthy, safe school environments and services for students and staff, 3) educate for environmental and social literacy, and 4) contribute to social sustainability.

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Designing for Pest (and Pesticide) Prevention

Prevention by Design"The world is blessed with many charming, pleasurable, glamorous and enticing subjects on which to ponder. Pest management is not one of these."

This candid admission begins the first-ever guide for the design and construction of pest proof buildings, “Pest Prevention by Design.” It's a thorough, smartly written document that provides excellent guidelines for instituting pest prevention at the design and construction phase. Follow the links and grab it for free!

Pest Prevention By Design

Artful Vision

NCAP HOLIDAY SHOPPING SPREEWe all have busy lives, especially during the hurried holiday season. That's why Artful Vision lets you combine your holiday gift giving with the giving you do for social change. 

Artful Vision offers a fabulous array of beautiful art, crafts and other American-made gifts. When you buy from them, 20% of your purchase gets donated to the cause of your choice. That means you can help NCAP receive a holiday donation at no extra cost to you.

Grab a cup of coffee and settle in to browse Artful Vision’s beautiful gift options.  When you’re done, let friends and family know that they too can make a difference to our worthy cause with the gifts they purchase.

Artful Vision

Strength in Numbers
NCAP set out to raise $10,000 by the end of 2012 as a part of the Strength in Numbers campaign. With one month left, we are about 80% there.

Your special donation will help us meet this challenge and create a strong foundation for another 35 years of strategic wins. Whether it’s eliminating pesticide use in schools, parks, homes, and farms; or protecting our rivers and the lives that depend on them; or monitoring policy changes and being a voice for health and sustainability...we must have strength in numbers to be successful.

Please support NCAP with a donation and become a member in the movement for pesticide reform.

Strength in Numbers

If you become a new member with a gift of $30 or more you will receive an enameled aluminum sign for your yard or garden. (United States only, while supplies last). It is a perfect addition to your pesticide-free yard or garden.

PFA Lawn Sign
To donate, click the button or contact Shelly Connor at (541) 344-5044 ext. 17.
November 2012
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  • Dirty Hands, Clean Parks
  • Boycott Looms
  • Green Schools Awards
  • Prevention By Design
  • Artful Vision
  • Strength in Numbers

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Other News
Canola rule changes currently stalled in Oregon.
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San Diego schools apply deadly pesticide to athletic fields.
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New information links pesticide exposure to Parkinson's disease.
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National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) completes second 2012 standards review.
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Take The Pledge!

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Pledge to be pesticide-free! It's easy, it's fun, and it just might win you a ladybug sign for your yard!

Take the Pledge

Get Involved!
Protecting public health and the environment is hard work. NCAP needs your help!

Whatever your specific interests, you can join us as a volunteer or an intern and gain advocacy experience through one of our many projects. 

35 Years of
Pesticide Reform

35th button
NCAP turns 35 this year! To celebrate, we're honoring the people who have been involved with our organization over the decades. If you're one of them, please let us know by sharing your stories:

NCAP's 35th Anniversary

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