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May 2013

GMOs, the Farm Bill, endangered species, farmworker rights....so many pieces are moving right now. It's at times like this when it becomes clear to see, and important to consider, how these issues are tied to each other through the underlying problem of pesticide pollution and exposure.

We hope you'll see the connections as you read about this month's goings on. Be sure to pay special attention to new Farm Bill action items, and see my recent blog post about NCAP's position on immigration reform.

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Farm Bill Amendment to Override "Monsanto Protection Act"

An amendment by Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley (D) to the current draft of the 2013 Food and Farm Bill would strike new privileges granted to biotech companies earlier this year by the Senate Continuing Resolution, now known popularly as the "Monsanto Protection Act." Please support this amendment!

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Clean Water Under Attack via Farm Bill

A bipartisan group of Senators has introduced amendments #1100 and #1103 to the Farm Bill, which would exempt some pesticide applications from Clean Water Act permitting requirements. The amendment mirrors the text of several separate pending bills, which themselves are recycled versions of the failed "Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act" from 2011. Please oppose these amendments!

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West Nile Virus, Mosquito Abatement, and What You Can Do

Each summer, many communities turn to neighborhood fogging and aerial spraying to quell concerns about West Nile Virus. Fortunately, some communities offer 'spray opt out' programs and alternative mosquito abatement plans. Find out if your community offers this and sign up now. Deadlines for application in your area are likely right around the corner. 

Example: Ada County No Spray Program

NCAP Resources on Mosquito Control and West Nile Virus

Good News for Salmon!

Better protections for endangered salmon will soon be in place from Northern Washington to Southern California and into Idaho. These come in the form of voluntary changes to certain pesticide uses, prompted by NCAP's legal work. Further improvements to the new protections are also expected as federal wildlife scientists prescribe additional limits on the use of the pesticides fenbutatin oxide, propargite and diflubenzuron.

Read the Biological Opinion

Federal Scientists Say EPA Should Look Closer at Pesticides

The National Research Council recently issued a report recommending that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) do more to ensure that pesticides do not harm threatened and endangered fish and wildlife. The report, Assessing Risks to Endangered and Threatened Species from Pesticides, supports steps to improve EPA’s current methods for evaluating the risk that pesticides pose to imperiled Pacific salmon as well as other fish and wildlife.

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Organic Gems Farm Tour and Dinner


Join us on Saturday, June 29 for fun and fare from some of the finest organic growers in Idaho's Gem County! We'll start by touring Rocky Fence Vineyard and tasting a selection of wines from Vale Wine Company. Then, we'll tour tomato, basil & pepper fields, visit the pastured chickens, and learn about vermicomposting at Sweet Valley Organics. The whole day wraps up with a field dinner as the sun sets in the valley of Sweet!

For tickets or information, contact Jennifer Miller:
jmiller@pesticide.org, 208-433-1827

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Your voice matters, use it! Visit NCAP's updated Action Center for information and opportunities to reduce pesticide use, protect communities, and influence state and federal policies relating to pesticides. 

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Double Your Impact in June!


Throughout the month of June, the ever-generous organic heroes at Mountain Rose Herbs will match your donation to NCAP (up to $2500)! That means by giving in June, you provide twice the support for NCAP programs. Even giving a little can go a long way, so please contribute what you can to this special campaign!

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Pest Problems?

We're happy to help you solve those home, garden, and farming issues without using toxic chemicals. Check out our online archives for tips on alternatives to pesticides and factsheets on common pesticide products. If you don't see what you're looking for, shoot us an email at info@pesticide.org. We're here to help!

Alternative Solutions

Pesticide Factsheets

If pest control is part of your job, check out our Sustainable Places Information Network to connect with other pros seeking greener ways to get the job done.


NCAP is a proud member of EarthShare Oregon.

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European Union (EU) bans neonicotinoids to protect bees.
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Germany proposes loophole in new EU neonicotinoid ban.
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New study shows how dogs are affected by lawn chemicals.
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Farmers rely more on pesticides amidst GMO seed failures. 
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Toolbox Tip

Carpenter Ants

You may have noticed lots of these critters coming out of the woodwork now that the weather is warming. Before you think about spraying, see NCAP's tips for some better ways to cope.


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Eat for the Earth

Thanks to Granary Pizza Co. for hosting May's 'Eat for the Earth' and to Small Joys for the great music.

Our June 'Eat for the Earth' day will be at Vanilla Jill's on June 24. The fundraiser runs all day, just show this flyer when you buy!

Kid's Art Greeting Cards

Get a special set of NCAP greeting cards when you donate $20 or more. Each card features colorful artwork from the children at Seven Stars Childcare in Eugene, OR. Great for Father's Day...hint, hint!

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