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It's almost election time, which means the campaigning will soon be over. Thank goodness! It also means that Congress can turn its attention back toward the Farm Bill...and that's exactly what we're asking them to do.

NCAP is standing with sustainable agriculture allies across the country to demand that Congress produces a responsible, sustainable Farm Bill during the lame duck session. You can help us make this happen by asking your congressperson to support a good Farm Bill, and to do it now.

SIGN THIS PETITION and remind your elected officials that there's more to Congress than campaigning, they have a job to do and it's time to get back to work! Thanks for taking action and lending your voice to the cause.

Thanks also for a truly wonderful event on October. 6th! You made our 35th anniversary a night to remember. We are very fortunate to have supporters like you! Be sure to check out the fun pictures, courtesy of Wendy Gregory Photography and NCAP volunteer Elizabeth Brown.

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Kim Leval, Executive Director

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Stories from the Field: Breeding Seeds of Success

OREI-pepper-photoDue to Congressional inaction, the 2008 Farm Bill has expired without a new bill or extension to take its place.
This effectively shuts down the numerous innovative programs that invest in sustainable agriculture systems because it leaves them without funding.

This post is part of a 10-week blog series featuring both program facts and stories from the field about those farmers and communities which are impacted by expired farm bill programs. This week: Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seed at Gathering Together Farm, OR.

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You Have a Right to Know. Vote Yes on Prop. 37!

prop-37Biotech and pesticide corporations are shaking in their boots...and it's not because of Halloween. It's because of a ballot initiative in California.

If it passes, Proposition 37 will require that genetically modified foods be labeled in the state of California. This would be a first in the history of the United States, and it could lead to successful labeling efforts in other parts of the country.

If you live in California, claim your right to know what's in your food by voting yes on Proposition 37.

More on Proposition 37

Organic Field Day: Rocky Fence Vineyard, Sept. 27th

Rocky FenceNCAP wrapped up its summer 2012 field days with a visit to an organic table and wine grape vineyard. Mike and Liz Medes of Rocky Fence Vineyard shared their many projects with 50 farmers, gardeners and agency personnel.

Mike has been involved in several research projects, including organic methods of managing powdery mildew and increasing berry size. Most recently, he began working with Mario de Haro-Marti from the University of Idaho to compost the vineyard’s woody prunings. Mike wants to retain nutrients, reduce and potentially eliminate burning of the prunings, and control diseases and insects with proper composting techniques.

Canola Fight Continues

Canola Public DomainYou still have an opportunity to weigh in on whether you think the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) should allow canola, including genetically modified canola, to be planted in the Willamette Valley.

The deadline for public comment was extended from October 5
th to November 2nd.

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Food Day
Food DayWhat if everyone had access to healthy, affordable, sustainable food? What if all corners of the Food Movement united to pursue that lofty goal? That's what Food Day is all about.

Food Day happens annually on October 24, addressing issues like health and nutrition, hunger, agricultural policy, animal welfare, and farm worker justice. The ultimate goal is to strengthen our nation’s food policies.

Join this push for a stronger, more united food movement by attending Food Day events in your community.

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Children's Health Month
school kid 1October is Children's Health Month, so the Environmental Protection Agency is highlighting some special resources for safeguarding children's environmental health.

Click Here to check out their list of helpful items, including a toolkit for creating healthier school environments.

Click Here for their page on protecting children from pesticides.

Strength in Numbers
Working for the environment and the public interest pits us against a pesticide industry with seemingly endless reserves of cash. That’s why, for NCAP’s 35th anniversary, we asked our most committed donors to join the Leadership Giving Circle and help us raise $10,000. Generously, they did it! 

They also issued a challenge to raise another $10,000 by the end of the year and we are about a quarter of the way there. Your donation will help us meet this challenge and create a strong foundation for another 35 years of strategic wins. Whether it’s eliminating pesticide use in schools, parks, homes, and farms; or protecting our rivers and the lives that depend on them; or monitoring policy changes and being a voice for health and sustainability...we must have strength in numbers to be successful.

Please support NCAP with a donation and become a member in the movement for pesticide reform.

Strength in Numbers

If you become a new member with a gift of $30 or more you will receive an enameled aluminum sign for your yard or garden. (United States only, while supplies last). It is a perfect addition to your pesticide-free yard or garden.

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To donate, click the button or contact Shelly Connor at (541) 344-5044 ext. 17.


October 2012
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Hospitals overrun after pesticide poisons hundreds of Peruvian farmworkers.
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Michael Pollan on food, politics, and CA's Prop. 37.
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New study finds that GMO crops lead to increases in pesticide use, tracks data over 16 year period.
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