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September 2011 Newsletter, Vol 2, Issue 5   


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Bifenthrin (see more>>>)



 Screening Kits to identify separation conditions
EnantioPrep to develop enantiomer
ScalePrep for method optimization
Chiral Resolution Services


Enantiopure Medications: Are Chiral Drugs More Effective? (see more>>>)

Predicting the Enantioseparation Efficiency of Chiral Mandelic Acid in Diastereomeric Crystallization Using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance
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Analysis of Pesticides in Dried Hops by Liquid Chromatography - Tandem Mass Spectrometry
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Dear Chiral Chemistry Colleague,

It’s an exciting time for ChiroSolve.
Our Screen
®, EnantioPrep® and ScalePrep® products offer some of the quickest route-to-enantiomer on the market today. Whether the goal is optimizing your chiral resolution method, rapid preparation of enantiopure substance, or scaling the method up to kilo quantities, ChiroSolve has the solution to get you pure enantiomer within days.
Over the next two months, we will be visiting clients in Southern California, the East Coast, Chicago and Seattle to discuss with them how ChiroSolve will meet their group’s specific chiral separation needs. If we will be in your area, why not contact us and set up a time for this free, one-on-one technical presentation?
N. California:      October  03 - 07, 2011
East Coast:       October 10 – 14, 2011.
Chicago:            October 17 and 18, 2011
S. California:      October 19 - 22, 2011
Seattle:             October 24 – 26, 2011

Special note: Our SCREEN kits and ENANTIOPREP kits will be featured in the upcoming Chemfiles (2011, Volume 11, number 3, page 6 ) by Sigma Aldrich, our valued distribution partner.

ChiroSolve's Full Range of Products Allow Scientists to Obtain Pure Enantiomers Quickly

The combination of Screen, EnantioPrep and ScalePrep offer an unbeatable suite of solutions for scientists' needs. From major pharmaceutical organizations to smaller laboratories, our customers agree - ChiroSolve delivers pure  enatiomers (both +ve and -ve) within days for busy scientists.

The ChiroSolve team is gearing up for visits to customer sites across the United States. Meanwhile, our valued distribution partner Sigma Aldrich continues to support our growing business by featuring ChiroSolve in Chemfiles, an important new products guide. See our products here!

Here is a quick overview of our products, including our NEW offerings.

®: Exhaustive screening of racemate against 384 combinations of resolving agents and solvents. The goal here is to identify separation parameters and short-list ideal conditions.

®: Defines step-by-step chiral separation method that can be scaled up. Requires very little racemate and delivers pure enantiomer (of both rotations) in a matter of days.

®: Identifies an optimized, cost-effective and energy saving separation method for scale-up to kilo quantities.

ENANTIOPREP® (ideal for Medchem projects) SCALEPREP® (ideal for process development projects)
Delivers enantiopure compound Delivers an optimal scale-up process
Results within 7 to 10 days Results in two weeks
Three step process:
  1. Screening: Racemate is screened against 384 combinations and the best is chosen
  2. Recovery: Racemate is recovered for further purification (up to  90% recovery)
  3. Purification: Selected separatin condition is used to purify recovered racemate using series of re-crystallization steps
Three step process:
  1. Screening: Racemate screened against 384 combinations and the best 3 conditions are selected
  2. Purification: Using the best 3 separation conditions, racemate is purified to identify which condition offers target purity with minimum number of steps
  3. Optimization: Using various ratios between racemate and reagents (in form of kit); and using various concentrations of solvents, identify the optimized method
Up to  5g of pure enantiomer and detailed step by step process is defined Up to 20 gm of pure enantiomer is obtained; Detailed optimized separation process that can be scaled up to kilo quantities is defined

Enantiopure Medications: Are Chiral Drugs More Effective?

Written by: Robyn Broyles • Edited by: Leigh A. Zaykoski
Updated May 24, 2011
Is that new—and more expensive—version of your medication really more effective? What's different about it?
Many newer drugs now available or being developed are based on the principle that enantiomers of a drug may work differently in the body. Drug companies develop ways to purify one enantiomer and produce a medication using only that enantiomer. This type of drug is called an enantiopure or enantiomeric medication.
Enantiopure Medications in the Body
For some drugs, only one enantiomer is effective. A pure enantiomer of the effective form would, in theory, only require half the effective dose of a 50/50 racemic mixture. The clinical picture is more complicated.
For example, the results of studies of enantiopure escitalopram versus racemic citalopram have mixed results. Some single studies show that escitalopram is no better or worse than citalopram and other SSRI antidepressants (e.g. Svensson & Mansfield 2004); others, including meta-analyses (studies of studies), show it to be more effective or to have fewer side effects (e.g. Kennedy et al. 2006).
Armodafinil (Nuvigil) is a newly-approved drug that is the R-enantiomer of modafinil (Provigil). This enantiomer stays in the body longer than the S-enantiomer, so theoretically, it may work better or longer than racemic modafinil. However, while studies have proved that armodafinil is effective, there are no data yet on whether it actually works better than racemic modafinil.

The most dramatic case of enantiomers that have different effects in the body is that of thalidomide. "Right-handed" thalidomide stops nausea and vomiting, while "left-handed" thalidomide causes severe birth defects. Thousands of babies were born in the late 1950s and early 1960s, mostly in Europe, with birth defects caused by the thalidomide their mothers were given for morning sickness. (Even if pregnant women had access to the "safe" enantiomer, the body changes it back and forth into both enantiomers (Teo et al. 2004), so it would still cause birth defects.)
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