Pratham Books - News Letter
  Issue 6 • June 2011  
A Quarterly update from Pratham Books
Pratham Books' Sabha

For the past seven years, our authors, illustrators, translators and reviewers have been working from different parts of the country to create content for us. One of our dreams has been to bring them all under one roof to share this joy of creating books for children. Split into two events to facilitate easier participation, Pratham Books Sabha 2011 Bangalore and Pratham Books Sabha 2011 New Delhi were occasions of lively discussions, and a wonderful meeting of minds. It was also a small gesture from us to convey a big THANK YOU to our community of content creators. No wonder, we all want to make this an annual feature! Read all about the events here.

  The 'Mumtaz Embroiders Her Dreams" contest and book launch made Pratham Books realise one of its oldest dreams - Community Book Launches. While the Pratham Books team launched the book in Bangalore, a simultaneous launch was carried out in Kadapa (Andhra Pradesh) by a Pratham Books' Champion.

Read all about the book launch here. And if you are interested in becoming a Pratham Books Champion email
Pratham Books is delighted to bring to you its newsletter for the month of June.

There is much happening in the world of children’s literature in India. And there is always something happening at Pratham Books, a not-for-profit organisation. We publish books for children in many Indian languages. Our work can’t stop here because our aim is to take these books to every child in this country. This newsletter talks about the little steps taken by us in this big direction.
Grading our books :
Our books are now graded level wise. The aim of putting in levels on the back of every book is to help adults select a book for their children, and  for children to gauge their own level of comfort, in a manner that is non-judgemental. Since Pratham Books is engaged in bringing out enrichment books rather than pedagogy – driven books, the levels are just an indicator of the reading ability.  We hope that these new levels will help you buy the right book for your child! More importantly if you are encouraging reading in a second language, the levels will help you choosing the right books.

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• Our books reach The White House.
Click here to read its journey.

• Pratham Books' "Rhino Charge" reached Bangkok.

• Pratham Books distributes 6000 books. Read all about it here.

• Nono the snow leopard wins an award! Read all about it here.

• 'Garma garm Chaaaiii! Idli vada saambaar! Taaza taaza Pratham booookss!
Pratham Books recently made its debut on trains! Read all about it here.

• Pratham Books associated with “Bookaroo in the city”. Read all about it here, here and here.

• Our books used in therapy! Click here to read more

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