Just Released! New Prospective Impact Case Studies

 Four New Impact Case Studies Released!

The IBP contracted independent researchers to follow four civil society budget campaigns over several years — What did we learn?

The International Budget Partnership’s (IBP) Partnership Initiative (PI) developed an innovative package of comprehensive and sustained support for civil society budget work in 18 countries. A key component of the PI was its Learning Program, which sought to document the impact of civil society organization (CSO) budget analysis and advocacy on budget policies and implementation. The Learning Program has conducted a number of in-depth case studies of past civil society budget campaigns, while at the same time embedding researchers within current campaigns. The results of these “real time” case studies are now out. By following the campaigns as they happened the IBP was able to avoid cherry picking and to greatly expand our knowledge about what works, when, and under what conditions — and what doesn’t.

Brazil: Chipping Away at the Policy Wall of the BNDES
Study of the work of Ibase and a broad coalition of civil society organizations to demand greater transparency and accountability from Brazil’s national development bank.
Mexico: From Research to Advocacy in Health
Study of a campaign of Fundar and a coalition of CSOs to improve access to adequate healthcare for the 52 million uninsured in the country’s “universal” system.
Tanzania: Protecting the Right to Quality Education
This case study illustrates how HakiElimu used innovative media techniques, outreach to government, and a broad-based media campaign to realize the right to education in Tanzania.
South Africa: Improving Health Budgets When Opportunity Beckons
Study of how the Public Service Accountability Monitor used its budgetary analysis to advocate for improvements in health service delivery in the Eastern Cape Province.

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