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September 4, 2018

Dear Members and Friends of LWVME,

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. The summer season is ending, but the legislature still has a little way to go.

With Clean Elections off the negotiating table, the legislature reconvened on Thursday, August 30, to finish up remaining business. They will be back in a week or so for a Veto Day. No date has been set as of this writing. 
(The governor has 10 days to veto any legislation passed on the 30th; the legislature will come back into session shortly after that to see if they want to override any of the governor's vetoes.) One silver lining: legislators are not allowed to solicit campaign donations from lobbyists or lobbyist employers while the legislature is in session. The "session ban" remains in effect until they finally adjourn. We have actually supported extending the "session ban" in law to cover the entire year, but that reform never passed. Anyway, here is the schedule for this week.

There was not much left on the League's agenda when they met on August 30. With the Clean Elections problem solved elsewhere, the Errors Bill did finally pass after the Clean Elections “fix” was removed from the bill, but not until after legislators vigorously debated and defended the importance of enacting such routine legislation to clean up technical mistakes and omissions from previous sessions.

There was one little surprise: LD 1925 An Act To Provide Funding for the Conduct of Elections came up at the last minute, with the Secretary of State asking for $334,000 to cover the cost of conducting the November general election. The bill passed with a simple majority and will likely be the subject of a gubernatorial veto. Stay tuned.

Action Under the Dome will take next week off, assuming no action between now and then. We'll be back for Veto Day or sooner if there are further developments in the meantime.

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