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FringeNYC Propaganda
August 13th - 29th
FringeNYC 2010
Five Questions with Faye Lane
Southern culture merges with FringeNYC in Faye Lane's Beauty Shop Stories 


The Club @ LA MAMA transforms into a Southern beauty parlor this Saturday as Chelsea Hotel resident Faye Lane dredges up her childhood memories in “Beauty Shop Stories.” 

“I’ve been telling stories all my life because I grew up in my mother’s beauty shop in Texas, and that’s what ladies do in beauty shops. 

Every time they would tell a story, it would get bigger and better and more amazing,” Lane said in an interview with the Halogen Channel. 

As a working actress, Lane grew tired of her confined roles. 

“I wanted to tell the stories I wanted to tell,” she said.

Lane recently chatted with FringeNYC Propaganda for our version of Five Questions. Check it out:

Do you have any favorite beauty parlors in New York City?
There are no beauty parlors in New York City. We only have hair salons. That's why I do my own hair. I'm a natural blonde. It says so on the box!  L’ Oreal Extra Light Natural Blonde.

What is your best beauty secret?
My mama always told me to take vitamins and eat lots of good food. What you put on the inside shows up on the outside. People are bound to see what you're full of!

Who are your Southern style icons? Whose wardrobe would you like to raid?
Dolly Parton is my style icon. Everything she owns is bedazzled!

Do you have any “New York” stories?
I took my publicity photos with Jesus and Bigfoot at Sears. Tyeisha, the girl who took our photos, was very serious about her job. She insisted on a beautiful cloud background for Jesus. And she wouldn’t take his photo until he brushed his hair! She let Bigfoot be all scruffy, though!

And finally, please settle an age old Southern debate: Cracker Barrel or Waffle House?
Waffle House is great and all, but Cracker Barrel sells banana-flavored Moon Pies. They also have rocking chairs out front! Can you see yourself in a rocking chair in the Waffle House parking lot with a banana-flavored Moon Pie? I didn't think so. Debate over.

FringeNYC to amp up LGBT fare
A wide selection of themes make the gay cut


Every summer, the New York International Fringe Festival replenishes the downtown scene with a well-stocked cabal of LGBT performers. Make no mistake: 2010 boasts gay-friendly subject matter in spades. 

According to festival organizers, one-quarter of this year’s slated offerings feature plots that will appeal to LGBT community members.
“This year, the festival has a much more serious, dramatic bent overall,” FringeNYC publicist Ron Lasko said in an interview with Gay City News. “That trend is reflected in the gay plays as well. Much less camp and a lot more earnest exploration of history, politics, and social issues. Of course, we still have plenty of summer fun, too,” he added.

For starters, 2009‘s FringeNYC standout “Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Party” opens Off-Broadway on Aug. 11 at The Acorn Theatre. But 2010‘s larger narrative thread encompasses meditative, well-constructed works of highbrow art.
The high concept “3boys” is not technically gay-oriented per se, but playwright Becca Schlossberg’s 50-minute deconstruction of masculinity from a canine perspective definitely provides a queer perspective.
"It's an allegory about men," Schlossberg said. " It’s about what masculinity is, about homosexuality. We humanize dogs – they're 'man's best friend' – and I thought people would be able to relate to them."

Meanwhile, Stephen Fales returns to FringeNYC after his successful Off-Broadway run with “Confessions of a Mormon Boy.” His new one-man piece “Missionary Position” is the second installment in his Church of Latter Day Saints trilogy. 

Also showing is Alaina Kunin and Bradford Proctor’s hormone-addled “Bunked! A New Musical,” which has been sponsored by gay-oriented cable network Logo, and progressive activist and Huffington Post contributor Ryan J. Davis with the Ivy League gay witch hunt period drama, “Veritas.” 

At the other end of the spectrum, Singapore-based transsexual Leona Lo will unveil her autobiographical work “Ah Kua Show” to audiences at The Club @ LA MAMA.

“For the very nature of the fringe is to tell the truth,” director Richard Chua said. “We aim to guard the soul of the characters in this play, and the soul of plain honesty in mentioning the taboo.” 

Join us at Opening Ceremonies!

SATURDAY, AUGUST 14th at Summer Streets

That's right! This year we'll hold FringeNYC's Official Opening Ceremonies at Summer Streets! 

The day begins with Fort FringeJR at 9am for the kids. And then the Official Opening Ceremonies begin at 10am, with FringeNYTeasers to pick your favorite shows and  Martin Denton hosting - including providing his "How to FringeNYC" tips! 

If you weren't able to join us last Saturday for FringeNYTeasers click READ MORE below to see a slideshow!

FringeCLUB Friday and Saturday

After your first shows on Friday and Saturday, come relax and unwind with the artists and volunteers of FringeNYC. You can even catch our wild and wacky variety show, The Variety Power Hour! 


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Tadaaaa's Tip: FringeCAFE

The FringeCAFE at FringeCENTRAL opens tomorrow! With FringeCENTRAL open from Noon to 8pm and FringeNYTeasers on Thursdays and Fridays from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, FringeCENTRAL is a great place to catch some shows, meet the artists, grab some dinner, buy tickets, and then head out to your shows!                                                                                                          Contact:

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