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FringeNYC Propaganda
August 13th - 29th
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The cast of Bunked!: a New Musical
Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!
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It has been inferred that performing theater created in a European market at the exchange rate of American sensibility can be risky. This year the code has been cracked by the New York City premiere of the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe hit: Micha Wertheim's “Amsterdam Abortion Survivor.”   With a mixture of “Borat”-brash panache and the tulip sensibility of liberal Netherlands, we are immediately won over by Wertheim's deceptively endearing foreigner's charm. It is through his masterful balance of comedic timing and self-deprecation that we grant ourselves permission to look in the mirror and laugh. If you like Sacha Baron Cohen's “Borat” and Eddie Izzard's “Dressed to Kill,” you'll love Wertheim's “Amsterdam Abortion Survivor.” (Avery Pearson)

“Bagabones” is a beautiful and visceral look at one man's search for where he belongs spiritually and where he fits into the physical world. Luckily, Jonathan Nosan is a contortionist and fits into most places without trouble. At the heart of the show is Nosan's unbelievable ability to twist, contort and fold his body in ways you wouldn't think possible. Like any athlete, Nosan broadens what we think the human body is capable of. He shows us that it is possible to push beyond what we believe to be the physical limits of this world. Nosan is a strong performer with exquisite body control. He has created a vibrant piece of theater that is violent, daring, spiritual and unconventional. (Ryan Emmons)

Reviews (cont'd)
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“Miss Kim” is a story of survival. Gina Kim, who co-wrote this piece with Ryan Tofil, takes us on a journey of her life from childhood to the present. Early on, Kim’s life was laden with the burden of sexual abuse and a family who did not want to face the truth. Director Mathew Corozine does a wonderful job of mixing it up. He keeps the action lively between the emotionally heavy scenes and uses his athletic and versatile cast to the fullest. The stage pictures and use of movement to propel the story are top notch. Lighting designer Kia Rogers does a lovely job of creating moods that swing from the staid lights of a doctor's office to the beating throbs of a nightclub. (Judith Jarosz)

Stephen Padilla has directed “Picking Palin” himself, and he's done so commendably. The four actors—Stephen Gleason (Neil), Keith Herron (Paul), Bill Timoney (Bob), and Georgette Reilly Timoney (Jan)—deliver strong, committed performances that make these characters feel fully dimensional despite the fact that we know nothing about them apart from their politics. Gette Levy's set feels authentic enough, and the uncredited costumes tell us a great deal about the characters when we look at them. “Picking Palin” does something that too few contemporary American dramas do, which is to reflect seriously on our current political culture and raise questions—some admittedly unanswerable—about how things got the way they did in this country. In a time when news gets stale within hours instead of days (Steven Slater is so last Monday, isn't he?), theatre that makes us focus on recent events with intelligence and clarity is certainly welcome. (Martin Denton)
Familiar Voice Back on the Festival Radar

'Ugly Betty' star returns in a FringeHIGH hit


Former “Ugly Betty” actor Michael Urie has a staycation rendezvous and new gig to boot. He shepherds Camp Timberlake participants in a pre-recorded role as the voice of the loudspeaker in the FringeNYC entry, “Bunked! A New Musical,” which opens this Tuesday at Lucille Lortel Theatre.

Urie is well-known for his performance as Marc St. James in the ABC series, which ended its four-year run in April. 

Regardless, Urie should be familiar to FringeNYC fans. In 2003, Urie was an active participant in the New York International Fringe Festival with his lead role in Brian Sloan’s play, “WTC View.” 

Based on a young New Yorker’s emotional aftermath to the events of Sept. 11, “WTC View” was turned into a feature film of the same name and has been discussed for a possible 2011 run.

As for the creators of “Bunked! A New Musical,” they are excited about Urie’s contribution to the piece.

“Our sass-tastic loudspeaker is a FringeNYC alum,” the ecstatic creators tweeted on their official Twitter page.
Show organizers are optimistic that Urie’s “appearance” will build a further buzz around “Bunked! A New Musical,” which has steadily developed a rabid online following as well as sponsorship from the cable network, Logo.

“Young people and college students are all over the Internet finding new songs and finding singers they love,” composer Bradford Proctor said. 
“We have a bunch of fans because of that,” he added.

For more information on “Bunked! A New Musical,” check out their official Web site at


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