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FringeNYC Propaganda
August 13th - 29th
Michael Hirstreet in "My Broken Brain"
Five Questions with Michael Hirstreet
Hirstreet pulls out the stops in one-man show


Michael Hirstreet's fatal brain disorder is milked for laughs in his new FringeNYC play "My Broken Brain," which plays this month at The Player's Loft.

The Rutgers University graduate's critically lauded solo show arrives after stints in comedy clubs. Once primarily a scene-stealer in 2007's FringeNYC comedy, "Animals," Hirstreet displays an increasing dramatic range with "My Broken Brain." For starters, Hirstreet inhabits 50 characters from his past life as a frustrated teen in New Jersey suburbia.

"I feel like it’s a really specific story and it’s so personal to me," Hirstreet said in an interview with The Staten Island Advance."My fear was I didn’t know if anybody could do it justice like I could. In my life, I’m always telling stories and I’m always telling them in a really animated and over-the-top way. I thought it would be fun to be everybody I knew through all these years." 

Hirstreet recently sat down for a list of our infamous Five Questions. Check it out:

Since you work at the TKTS booth promoting Broadway shows, could you give me a 30-second pitch for “My Broken Brain?"
Well, some of my biggest influences are John Leguizamo and Martin Short. If you want to see somebody who can embody many different characters, you will love “My Broken Brain.” 

In “My Broken Brain,” you embody 50 characters. How did you keep everything organized?
A lot of that I owe to my director and developer, Lena Benavides. We made a chart with mannerisms, personalities and voices for all of these characters. It was really helpful to separate that and concentrate on every character. A lot of the characters are from my life. I know the characters so well. 

Strong sales open FringeNYC on a high note


While the recession still lingers, organizers are celebrating the box office reports from the opening weekend of the 14th annual edition of the New York International Fringe Festival.

Volunteers have been hard at work, preparing festival-goers with a full breadth of knowledge and information. With 200 shows in 18 downtown venues, the network of volunteers and festival staff have proved surprisingly resilient. 

"Sales are strong. The best way to purchase tickets is in advance either online at or at FringeCENTRAL,” producing artistic director and founder Elena Holy said. 

While the highly anticipated period piece "Veritas" has sold out its entire run, tickets are still available for most shows. Early front-runners for critical buzz have included the hot-button political drama "Picking Palin," futurist satire "Monetizing Emma" and contortionist Jonathan Nosan's "Bagabones." Propelled by a favorable review from The New York Times, FringeCENTRAL staffers say that Jim David's one-man show "South Pathetic" has also garnered heavy traffic.
Teasers this Week!

Try it before you buy it! 

Not sure what to see this weekend? Stop by FringeCENTRAL on Friday or Spring and Lafayette on Saturday to check out teasers from these fabulous shows then grab your tickets at the box office!

Friday, August 20
(at FringeCENTRAL)

"Love in the Time of Swine Flu"

"Vinnie Vidivici"

"Miss Magnolia Beaumont Goes to Provincetown"

"Ah Kua Show"


"My Broken Brain"

"The Hyperbolist"

"Two Girls"

"Squeeze the Dollar, Change Your Life"

Joe Mazza in "The Hyperbolist"

Saturday, August 21
(at Spring and Lafayette)

"Love in the Time of Swine Flu..."

"Two Sizes Too Small"

"Faster than the Speed of White"

"Questions My Mother Can't Answer"

"Viva Los Bastarditos"

"The Morning After/The Night Before"

"Magical Exploding Boy"

"Playing By Air"

"Wanton Displays of Affection"

"Have a Nice Life"

"Trick Boxing"


"Vinnie Vidivici"

"In the Schoolyard"

"Eternity in an Hour"

"As You Like It"


Dean Evans in "Magical Exploding Boy"


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Tadaaaa's Tip: FringeCLUB

Fridays and Saturdays at 11pm at 45 Bleecker, the doors open for FringeCLUB - and the Variety Power Hour show begins at Midnight. It's a place to unwind after seeing some shows and meet the artists of FringeNYC!                                                                                                          Contact:

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