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FringeNYC Propaganda
August 13th - 29th
What is FringeCENTRAL?

FringeCENTRAL is the central box office and community center of FringeNYC. 

Buy tickets in person, and save money on the convenience charge. We'll print your tickets out for you on the spot!

Peruse the popular postcard wall and pick which of our 197 shows you'll see!

Pick up a program guide and have a seat and plan your FringeNYC Staycation. 

Not only can you get a printed Map / Grid insert, you can view the map of the discount deals at our restaurant partner locations!

See what's happening with FringeJR, FringeHIGH, and FringeAL FRESCO!

Opening just before the festival, the cafe will offer beverages and snacks - while you relax at FringeCENTRAL or dash from show to show.

You can register to volunteer at the volunteer desk. Remember, FringeNYC is "work a shift - see a show". 

Staffers Open Doors
at FringeNYC's Summer Home

As the move-in process got underway at the 2010 New York International Fringe Festival, producing artistic director and founder Elena Holy swiftly showcased this summer’s new FringeCENTRAL location (1 East 8th Street) to returning staffers and office personnel on Tuesday.

Holy and her staff were engrossed in various projects this week as the technical directors and box office managers readied FringeCENTRAL for the general public. The new hub is within walking distance of Washington Square Park. 

Along with easy grab-and-go options such as Wichcraft and Au Bon Pain, this FringeCENTRAL re-incarnation has proved extremely popular with staffers and volunteers.

“The flow of the space is much more open...On a typical day, right off the bat, you’re inundated with

colorful information about shows. But at the same time, you’re able to turn around and talk to someone there whether it be a box office manager or concierge. That’s what I think is important about FringeCENTRAL. It’s the place to go to get a better lay of the land,” festival administrator Britt Lafield said.

“Another thing about the layout is that we wanted to make it comfortable for somebody to look through the information. When we get the cafe up-and-running, it will be the place for people to get a sandwich and sit down,” he added.

For unsure theatergoers, FringeCENTRAL certainly provides benefits. Visual elements available include carefully constructed mini-billboards with a collage of information on upcoming shows at FringeHIGH and promotional opportunities at FringeCLUB. 

The new lounge design will keep elements from past FringeCENTRAL locations with sleek CB2 leather chairs and ample performance areas.

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PickingPalin8055 2


1 East 8th Street
just off 5th Avenue

Friday, July 30th

NOON - 8pm 
every day


Tadaaaa's Tip: 

FringeCENTRAL is the only place to purchase tickets in advance and pay NO CONVENIENCE CHARGE! Drop by our very CENTRAL location between Noon and 8pm you can buy tickets in person - for any show more than 24 hours from that time. FringeCENTRAL accepts cash and credit cards.                                                                                                          Contact:

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