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Medicine and Disease Subdue Each Other
A clear-eyed fellow has no nest: sometimes on the summit of the solitary peak weeds grow in profusion; sometimes he's naked and free in the bustling 
marketplace. Suddenly he appears as an angry titan with three heads and six arms; suddenly as Sun Face or Moon Face Buddha he releases the light of all-embracing mercy. In a single atom he manifests all physical forms; to save people according to their type, he mixes with mud and water. If suddenly he releases an opening upwards, not even the Buddha's eye could see him; even if a thousand sages appeared, they too would have to fall back three thousand miles. Is there anyone with the same attainment and same realization? To test, I cite this to see.

Yun Men, teaching his community, said, "Medicine and disease subdue each other: 1 the whole earth is medicine;2
what is your self? "3

1. A compounded form cannot be grasped.

2. Bitter gourd is bitter to the root. He's put it over to one side.

3. Sweet melon is sweet to the stem. Where did he get this news?

The Blue Cliff Record  –  Thomas Cleary (Translator), J.C. Cleary  (Translator)
dharma talks @10:15am, saturdays 
__________  hszc speakers  __________
Rev. Myō Lahey (our Abbot) - May 6, 13
Rev. Daiko Tanzen, David Bullock - TBD

__________   guest speakers  __________
Rev. Anshi Daigi, Zachary Smith - May 20; Rev. Shokan, Jordan Thorn - May 27; Rev. Fugen, Gene Bush - Jul 15; Rev. Shosan Victoria Austin - Jul 29; Rev. Anshi Daigi, Zachary Smith - Aug 19; Rev. Ko Shin, Steven Tierney - Sep 2; Rev. Shokan, Jordan Thorn - Sep 30; Rev. Shokan, Jordan Thorn - Oct 14; Rev. Kogen Seido, Jamie Howell - Nov 11;

rainbow ensowe offer a queer meditation space evening, on tuesdays 6pm, please join us. no formal zen forms, a shorter meditation period than our usual zazen & discussion time/social time included. the format is designed to evolve to the desires & request of the attendees. it is from 6pm to 7pm.

Sangha Council 
Saturday, May 20 @ 12 noon - council runs for ~ 90 minutes maximum — we’re  continuing this format that is flexible enough for a diversity of needs. the primary focus has been recently on operational matters & new programs. the session is open to added topics as well & you do not need to have an ‘issue’ or overt concern to attend. All are welcome!

Full Moon Ceremony 
Saturday, May 13 @ 11am
most areas, flowers are abundant everywhere during this time. Thus, the name of this Moon. Other names include the Full Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon. This is our renewal of our Bodhisattva vows after the Saturday Morning Dharma talk.

The ceremony takes about a half-hour and involves some thirty full prostrations, but simple standing bows are also all right if prostrations are too strenuous. All are invited to join in this ceremony/celebration.
Study Hour
Thursdays each week @7:30pm
- currently: selected Studies of Zen Master Dōgen. see our website for details. So far all have been from the Dōgen Shobōgenzo version compiled & translated by Kazuaki Tanahashi.
Closure & Schedule Changes -
  • mondays -  no morning program, only evening schedule
  • tuesday evenings - queer dharma at 6pm (1 hour)
  • saturdays - no evening offerings
  • sundays - closed
  • May 29; monday - memorial day - closed
  • Study hour canceled due to Myō travel: May 4; thursday 7:30pm

Founder Monthly Memorials - Issan Dorsey's is the 6th of each month & Zenshin, Philip Whalen's is the 26th (or closest dates to these if cant be on that day) - evenings at 6:40pm or saturday mornings  
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Practice discussions at hszc are available with Rev. Daiko Tanzen, David Bullock & Dokusan with Rev. Myo Lahey please call us, approach them directly, or email: info@hszc.org to request to schedule time.

June 2014 LGBTQQI Pride festival march

Words from our Abbot, Rey Myō Lahey (transcribed by sangha)

…maybe we are speaking in the midst of a disaster this morning, and if so, now is the time to trust our practice completely. Now is the moment. The moment you recognize, because of the nature of practice verification, practice realization our doubts can’t reach that. So they say the practice verification realization is ‘undefiled’ is the word they use. So the faith that we have is, as I think we’ve said before is not the faith of belief but the faith of trust. Trusting all three jewels - Buddha, Dharma and Sangha are inalienably ours no matter what’s happening.

In the newspaper the other day someone was traveling maybe across the country and they were in I don’t know, maybe Kansas or somewhere there is a lot of flat land and I guess they got out of the car at one point and no there was no around, no other cars, just this flat geography as far as the eye can see. This person felt on one hand so tiny, so insignificant and on the other hand this person also had a strange sense that the universe was turning around them. That is, they were still, and everything else is moving. This was not a Buddhist particularly; just a journalist or something. I thought that’s pretty good. The author didn’t call it a thought experiment but you could look at it that way. And it occurred to me that our sitting practice, our practice of stillness is very much like that. In other words the place where we sit is a tiny, tiny speck in an enormous and very mysterious universe and yet the still place in the heart is that around which everything slowly revolves.

From the Buddhist point of view we might want to boost that thought experiment a little bit by reflecting on the five skandhas, the five components that go to make up a person. In the midst of this finding or acknowledging that still place in the heart, with the whole universe slowly moving around us, what does form look like? How about sensation? How about conceptualization? How about impulsive consciousness – approach - avoid, approach – avoid? And how about general consciousness, background consciousness? In other words who is that around whom the universe is turning?

Some people might say that sort of contemplation is incompatible with zazen, but it definitely is not. And in fact the lofty Ancestor  Dōgen recommended that over, over and over again. Practically everything it seems he said is recommending that style of contemplation, that way of contemplation. And in that way of contemplation the point is not to have an answer. The point is to engage the mysterious vitality of the question as it is presented over and over again. Who is that around whom the universe is turning?

March 14 2015 hszc dharma talk 

Videos on Soto Zen Buddhism? - Ever wish you could watch a video and learn more about Soto Zen? Well you can! Aside form a large number of assorted YouTube videos, SotoZEN-Net publishes several you can view here!

On the Road Again

Sangha member and soto zen ordain priest, Rin McCarthy will again take to the road to walk by foot and cart across the united states, having conversations and raising awareness of global climate change as she crosses the country.

"one week out from 'lift-off', scurrying around to finish whatever must be done, or else put off for the next several months.  And indulging in a little nostalgia in the form of a line from a poem, leftover from the days when I aspired to write such things!

'The faces of arrival and departure are winking at me
from between the lines of my oral history...'

...written during a 'creative period' spent at Tassajara Zen monastery, during which every rock and twig seemed laden with inspirational potential.  The 'oral history' was a talk every new student was asked to present, called a 'way-seeking mind' talk.  Now here I am again, sharing my way-seeking mind with whomever may be inclined to tune in(!)"

Click here to read more and  keep up and be engaged with Rin's trek
HSZC history - A few dozen talks were recently archived from cassette tape on to one of our internet archive pages, there are several folks including Philip Whalen who are no longer with us on this page, so please be sure to visit our dharma talks page of the website to access current, recent and even old dharma talks!

And here's an image from our past - HSZC news 1988, written by Niki Rothman - 
Buddhist term and pronunciation for the month - Skandhas. Pronounced - skan·dhas -
the five transitory personal elements of body, perception, conception, volition, and consciousness whose temporary concatenation forms manifest a transitory, illusionary, superficial individual self

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