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Newsletter Highlights: A Review on Zippie Glue, Some Funtime (WPC) info, Grab Bag for June is here, Yummy Recipe, Cute Cute Father's Day Lookie-loos, Designer Updates Galore and fun fun fun....


From a little bit of patriotism to a little bit of hocus pocus - this months grab bag is full of surprises! You will find 11 BRAND new designs never seen before by three awesome designers!

Chris Durnan of Visual Designs by Chris, Lori McDonald of Beloved Keepsakes and Kristal of Digi Kitty would like to invite you to join them in celebrating Stars and Stripes and a little bit of Magic!

Make sure you grab it now before the files are revealed and the prices goes up!


Zip Dry Glue Review.

REVIEW by Krital of Digi Kitty:

I am an avid paper piecer--which means I'm a glue connesieur. I am always trying new glues to find the perfect one. I have finally found my match! Zip Dry Paper Glue by Beacon is an amazing product.

The first quality I noticed was the ease of use. It gives you about a minute to move your pieces around till you are satisfied your piece is in the right location. That is about all the time you have--it's a very quick drying glue.Which is fantastic if you are a paper crafter and do not want to wait for glue to dry after every single piece, or step.  It is a paper piecer's dream! Every piece stays put and locked down perfectly.

It goes on smooth like any normal clear glue, dries quickly, and remains adhered. The nozzle does not clog. However there is a trick. As soon as you are finished using Zip Dry, you must remove the nozzle and run it under hot water, to losen any remaining glue. This gives you the perfect applicator each time, and is well worth the few seconds to clean.

I have been using Zip Dry for the past 2 weeks, and am addicted! It makes my piecings neat, fast, and beautiful.

For ease of use, I give it a 9 out of 10. Permanancy is a 10 of 10. Clean up a 8 of 10.

The only con is the 40 second clean up, which is minimal and well worth the few seconds.

If you are looking for a clear quick drying permanent glue, Zip Dry is the glue for you.

The store Visual Designs by Chris does not sell the above reviewed items. We just like to try new items and this is one experience by a "More Team" Designer. If you have an item you would like us to review or would like to review something you just had to try. We'd love to hear your input. We take submissions at

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Since Funtime Scrapbooking 2010 has hit the market, we thought it might be good to remind everyone that when using any version of Funtime you should always export your wpc file not save it!  Read more here to find out why!

Offered by Lori of Beloved Keepsakes

Things to see and Enjoy!


Beloved Keepsakes
- - Wooohoo summer is here! How do you plan to spend your summer this year? Maybe a trip to the “Magical Place” we all love? A visit to the Islands? A nature walk? A trip to the country? A visit to grandmas? Or maybe you plan to take a cruise or head on over for a family reunion, we guarantee we have a design to complement any of your summer time layouts!

Chris Durnan... It's the month of June. My focus in the month of June is summer with the kiddo, Father's Day with my hubby, bbqing with friends and working on the QMC files. And just having fun and Enjoying life!! I hope you have a wonderful summer! Don't forget to keep those moments journaled so you can put them into our albums at the end of summer. Looking back on your notes will bring a great smile to your face when school starts again and the kiddo's are back with the teachers. I have lots of cuts to put in a frame for Dad's in the store for an easy gift for Grandpa or Dad.

Digi Kitty
... hope you all had a blessed Memorial day with your family. Summer is upon us, and I've been busy designing lots of new files--so check back as I'm putting new ones in! If you purchased $5.00 or more last month, I'll be sending the NEW Babushka set your way soon. Spend $5.00 or more by June 14'th, and receive the Hippo Splash set coming June 15'th FREE!

FileKutz By LisaJane . Summer is official here!! Whohoo! I have been working hard on some summer files I hope you find time to use! I know my summer is fun filled, jammed packed, so enjoy yours! I have added a great card to the store for Father's day, which is coming up on June 20th you can find it HERE, and I am working on a few more so keep checking back!

RSMobleys Designs .. Whew! I have been a file converting machine this week. Loaded several new Recipes to store, and some fishing files for Fathers day. I also loaded a Recipe Categories Collections with a Bonus file. RM00076 So check it out.


Creativity seen around
Visual Designs by Chris and The "More" Team

Father's Day or Birthday Card, and you can fit a gift card right in the card to your dad/hubby's favorite store like Loewe's


Cherry Fluff layout by Elizabeth RM00045


Island Hopping Layout by K Andrew of Digi Kitty

Heather recieved a free design of her choice by Beloved Keepsakes just by submitting this awesome layout with one of my files! Thanks Heather!

Our Recipe this Newsletter is offered by
Sharon Mobley of RSMobley Designs

(See Sharon's ad on the top right offering a bonus with this recipe)

Orange Delight Cake

1 Small pack Orange Jello
1 Cup Hot Water
1 Orange Cake Mix (or White cake with Orange Flavoring)
4 eggs
3/4 Cup Oil

Dissolve Jello in the cup of hot water. Set aside to cool.
When Cool. Add Jello to Cake mix, Eggs and Oil, Mix well.
Bake in 9x13 Greased and Floured pan, at 350 untill center bounces back when touched.

1 box (10x) Powdered Sugar
1 Small Can Crushed Pineapple with Juice
1 Cup Coconut
1 Teaspoon Vanillia

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and pour over Hot Cake.
Best to wait 10 Minutes after Cake
comes out of the oven.

Recipe from my friend Tiffany B.



specials challenges
Changing out Specials on individual files & offering them to you!

May Die Cutter Sketch Challenge -
approved by Becky Fleck of

Taking signups Tag Swap for those gift packages.


Freebies offered by Our Designers! Enjoy!
passwords: iagreetou

Memorial Day Awareness Border, 3 ways to cut, with 3 layers and no small pieces. Enjoy! Hope everyone had a Great Weekend!!

RS Mobley
Happy Word Book

Visit the Forum around the 13th of the Month
to sign up for the next BINGO round.

Keep an eye out for Power Bingo. It will be quick and a blast!

Did Someone Say Honey? Did Someone Say Honey?
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Swimsuits and Suntan Lotion Swimsuits and Suntan Lotion
King of the Castle King of the Castle
Not another Tie Not another Tie

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Garden Boy: Boy Overalls Big Shoes, Shovel, Seeds Garden Boy: Boy Overalls Big Shoes, Shovel, Seeds
Funky Fish Funky Fish
Icky Sticky Cotten Candy Icky Sticky Cotten Candy
Our Super Trooper 'Page Kit' Our Super Trooper "Page Kit"
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Father's Day or Birthday Card 1 Father's Day or Birthday Card 1
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Orange Delight Cake Recipe Orange Delight Cake Recipe
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Sweet Girl: Long legs big Shoes with a Strawberry Sweet Girl: Long legs big Shoes with a Strawberry
So Tweet: Birds: 3 birds, mushroom, tree, and title So Tweet: Birds: 3 birds, mushroom, tree, and title




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