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Plymouth, USA Winter Vol 9, No. 2
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I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man,
If he spent less time proving he can outwit nature,
And more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority.
                 - E. B. White             
2019 First Day Hike


On a very warm day, seventy-five people hiked with us.
Some an easy 2.4 miles.
Some a moderate 7.5 miles.
Many enjoyed a hot cup of cocoa at the end. 

22 people came out to join our Winter hike and get-together at the New World Tavern on January 14th.


Everyone had a nice time after a fine hike.

Upcoming Events- Friday, February 1,  9 am (or 8 am for breakfast)
Cherry Pond Valley    001 3
Off Lower College Pond Road at the Federal Pond Road turnoff
Join John Bescherer for a moderate hike through a beautiful valley.

1st place 2

Fog Lifting
by Jeanne Lesperance
Off Lower College Pond Road
Upcoming Events-
  • Friday, February 1,  9 am (or 8 am for breakfast)
Cherry Pond Valley    001 3
Off Lower College Pond Road at the Federal Pond Road turnoff
Join John Bescherer for a moderate hike through a beautiful valley.Saturday, February 2, 1PM
  • February 2nd, 1pm
Cliff Pond Walk Cape Cod   001 4
Nickerson State Park
Join DCR's Adult Walking Club for a 3.5 mile hike. See Cape Cod Bay and hike around Cliff Pond.
Tic Talk
Several reports note that the number of tics out and about this year seems to be much less than last year. This information comes from personal reports from our members as well as from those that procees deer. Where have they gone? We know that turkeys and oppossum are fond of tics. Perhaps the frequent rains, and perhaps something else. Have you seen them?

But some are still around so:
Rule of Thumb
Tics are active when the temperatures are above freezing.
Even in winter.
If you go off of the pavement  - the 
Off goes on. 
"Alexa, add tic repellant to the shopping list." 
Permethrin provides even more protection.
Upcoming Event-
  • Wednesday  February 6, 7 pm
February Friends Meeting  001 2
This is a Board meeting. All are welcome.  Come and join the discussions and planning for upcoming events. 

Help Wanted!
Help Wanted - - A few people who love the forest
What we do.
Friends of Myles Standish State Forest (FMSSF) is organized to promote and conserve the natural, scenic and historical resources of Myles Standish State Forest.
The Board of Directors is just a group of people who love the forest and who volunteer some of their time to help make it a better place for everyone. We are looking for more people to join us and help to run our annual events like the fishing derby, participate in clearing trails, organize birding and hiking outings, provide housing for native birds and the many other glamerous jobs that go with running a 501(c)3 charity. 

What is it about this forest that interests you? Do you camp here every year? Do you think that the DCR is doing a decent job of campground maintenance? What would you suggest? Do you bike here on the roads or on the bike trails?   Have you hunted here?  Do you like hiking the many miles of trails? Are the markings sufficient?  Are you a birding fan? 

Come share with us whatever brings you to Myles Standish State Forest. We are happy to hear from our members. Our next meeting is on February at 7pm.

Contact us if you want time on the agenda or you can just attend and watch our meeting. We believe that our 10 year history of working in the forest has made a visible difference. This year we are very proud of rebuilding the two boardwalks along the East Head Reservoir. (The sign below was just made by the DCR and will be put up on the boardwalk when it warms up.)

February 16, 5 pm - 7:30 pm
Telescoping the Winter Sky
Wildlands Trust Headquarters  Have you seen this place? 
675 Long Pond Road, Plymouth, MA.
What's up? Find out about the night sky with Jim Kundzicz, astronomer. 
First a briefing in the barn then we'll go out and expand our world.  Check Meetup for weather postponements and or rescheduling.
 monoc 2 

Forest Infestation
(Muppetus sesame)

Elmos tree

by Keith D.
February 23rd and March 30, 7:45 am
Winter Morning Our Hike with the AMC

Forest Headquarters
Hike with the Appalachian Mountain Club around East Head and Bentley Loops for a 7.5 mile hike in about three hours. This long hike is not for beginners. Dogs are not allowed on AMC hikes.

March- last year we put our boxes out in mid-March. Watch Meetup for exact date.
Birdbox Cleanup and Installation
Come with Melissa Guimond to help clean and reinstall nest boxes.
Birdhouse report.

Melissa Guimont, our bluebird specialist, reported that in 2018, forty nest boxes resulted in 17 bluebirds, 121 tree swallows, 35 house wrens and 3 red squirrels, and for the first year in several, no chickadees.

Watch for spring functions to keep these boxes producing.
Feather the nest

One gets to know which birds built which nests. See iamges below.
1. The bluebird lives in meadows where grass is plentidful
2. Tree Swallows opt for the protective coloration of white feathers. They really pick beautiful feathers.
3. Chickadees use grass and downy feathers.

Can spring be far away?

 Melissa etc 
Bluebird nest

1. Bluebird Nest

tree swallow

2. Tree Swallow Nest
  chickadee nest
3. Chickadee Nest.
Late March/ Early April- watch for date.
Learn about Bird Box Monitoring

Help check nest boxes to see what animals lives within and how many young. Track these during growth and fledging.
Early April
Flight of the Woodcock

An early evening walk with Glenn d'Entremont our birding expert. Target - the woodcock's beautiful arieal countship antics.Saturday April 27th
Saturday April 27th-  Park Serve Day
Each year the Friends pitch in to help DCR spruce up the Forest with a morning of work. We may plant flowers around headquarters, do trail work or something else. Our morning of work is followed by a fun cookout at the amphitheater.
Wednesday,  mid- May TBD
Annual Meeting/Dinner

Annual elections, catered dinner and speaker. (Speaker suggestions welcome.)
The State of Science in the US
About 40% of Americans believe the following.
If A is true ( warming or evolution)
but I don't like A, then A is false.
The logical fallacy is so common it has a name argumentum ad consequentiam.  Why are so many misguided. Most take belief from politics and/or religion, either may obscure the truth..
Population Crash

The 2018 Monarch butterfly count revealed an 86% population crash vs. the 2017 count.  Reasons for this include human activity, pollution pestcides and habitst loss. While over a million monarchs were counted in 1981 only 30,000 Monarchs are left. Extinction looms. What can we do? Stop using perticides and plant milkweed, for starters.
May 10-11
Ragnar Relay: Help at the Friends Relay Exchange

Help us run a relay exchange stop for this big race from Hull to Provincetown.
The Friends receive a nice donation for the work.
Whip-poor-will Walk

Come on an evening hike with Glenn d'Entremont to seek the Whip-poor-will. This bird can make as many as twenty thousand calls in one night.
September date TBD
2019 11th Annual Photo Contest

If you snap a beautiful picture of something in the forest over the winter -
consider entering it in our 2019 Photo Contest. Send it to along with your name, contact info, date and location of the image and any title.

Categories judged:
 History/Culture, Fauna, Flora, Landscape, Recreation, Memorable event

All photos must be taken in Myles Standish State Forest. Three entries per person. All must be in standard JPG format. All entries must give the Friends the right to reproduce the photos for publicity purposes.

Winner from 2012 photo contest.
Image by Sal Raciti
September 28th 2019
Free Family Fishing Festival
Fearing Pond
Firsdt Fish

Paula Cheverie, "First Fish EVER", Fearings Pond, 5/29/10

The 13th Annual Take Me Fishin'! Fishing Derby & Nature Event

10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Saturday September 28th
Fearing Pond, Myles Standish State Forest

Sponsored by The Friends of Myles Standish State Forest, The Department of Conservation and Recreation, Mass Wildlife and the Fearing Pond Cottage Owners Association with support from many local businesses and volunteers like you!

Fishing Day Activities:

  • Fish without a license (this day only) at beautiful Fearing Pond—MassWildlife freshly stocked
  • Plenty of poles and bait to borrow (but bring your own poles if you can.)
  • Prizes for biggest fish. 
  • Free instruction for people of all ages who want to learn to fish
  • Fun and interesting nature activities: birding, fairy houses, winners 2019 photo contest displayed
  • Spend the day at Fearing Pond. You can fish, swim, or just hang out with people who love the forest. Best of all, it's FREE, accessible and open to everyone. Children must be accompanied by adults.


November 10, 2019
Help at Our Water Table:
1620 Myles Standish Relay Race

Volunteer at a table and water stop during the races. 
Myles Syandish 1620 relay
Middle of each month.
Newsletter Submission Deadline

If you have prose or pictures for the newsletter, remember that we try to get a newsletter out early each month. (It does not always happen that way). Submit files to
2 banner 5                                                    Image from Plaque at Headquarters  (Pye)
Covering more than 12,400 acres, Myles Standish State Forest is the size of the island of Manhattan. The largest public property in Southeastern Mass, it is the second largest pine barrens habitat in the country. It is home to numerous rare and endangered species and many kettle ponds. 
Friends of Myles Standish State Forest
The Friends group offers hikes, bike rides, botany walks, birding walks, photo contests, stargazing, trail work days and other forest related events.
One of the best ways to see what's going on in the Forest is to visit our meetup green_edited-1 6 listings. Meetup is an event scheduling tool where we post all of our events.  It is free and easy to use. 

You can also visit our website at  It contains a lot of photographs of recent and historical images from Friends 10 year in the state forest.  

To learn more about our group or our events, please do not hesitate to email us:

Charlie Pye - Editor
Submit Forest pics/prose to

You can also contact our President, John Bescherer at 508-742-7973

DCR Park Office phone is 508-866-2526. 
Friends of Myles State State Forest
         fmssfgreen              DCRlogo
Friends of Myles Standish State Forest
Dept of Conservation and Recreation
 Partners Preserve Promote Protec

Mission Statement
Friends of Myles Standish State Forest (FMSSF) is organized to promote and conserve the natural, scenic and historical resources of Myles Standish State Forest and its Satellite Areas; to foster the use and enjoyment of Myles Standish State Forest by the public in a manner consonant with the protection and preservation of the environment; to engage in such educational, scientific and charitable activities as will assist the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the operation of Myles Standish State Forest; and to assist and work in cooperation with the Forest Supervisor in general support and enrichment of Myles Standish State Forest. Friends of Myles Standish has a Board of Directors representing the various Forest user groups. Members and the public are welcome to attend the board meetings. Meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of the month at the headquarters conference building (100 yards up the road from the main headquarters building), Lower College Pond Road, Carver, at 7 p.m.
Current Officers and other Board Members
President/Treasurer- John Bescherer - Hiking, Trails, Meetup, Website
Past President, Bill Vickstrom, Hiking, Trails, Marketing
Vice President - Dan Badger - Wilderness -Scouting
Secretary Glenn d'Entremont-  Birding
Charlie Pye - Newsletter, Biology
Richard Wall Jr.- Sportsmen 
Jim Nelson - Fishing Derby, Cottage Program, Historian
Donna McBrien - Membership, Photography
Thom Gifford - Equestrian, Trails
Bob Bentley - Trails
Christine Lawyer - Equestrian, Trails
Derek Welch- Cottage Program, Fundraising
Support the Friends of Myles Standish State Forest in our quest to:
Preserve, Promote and Protect the Forest.
The Friends, founded in 2007, have hosted over 1000 events.
Help us host 1000 more.

Visit our website:
Email address:
Send mail to:

The Friends of Myles Standish State Forest
P.O. Box 302
South Carver, MA. 02330

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