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(And Some Under, Too!)

To all of you who have pulled from our shelter in the past - the biggest possible THANK YOU to all of you.  To those who can assist now, we beg you to take a look at our GREAT DOGS that need rescue and adoption.  NEW ENGLAND RESCUES AND SHELTERS - WE CAN ARRANGE FOR ANOTHER TRANSPORT TO GET THESE DOGS TO YOU FREE OF CHARGE!!!  All dogs receive a DA2PPv vaccination and are dewormed before leaving the shelter.  Receiving Shelters and Rescues MUST Spay or Neuter Prior to Adoption.  NO PULL FEES for rescues.  Adoptions to the public are $60.  PLEASE check out our GREAT DOGS and see if you can assist.  Call our rescue coordinator JENNIFER for more information!  931-261-7045

HIATT - Male - Young Adult - ARRIVED 3/23/12



Hiatt (2) 2

Hiatt is a sweet boy who gets along really well with the other dogs. 

He has never met a stranger and loves attention.  WEIGHS ABOUT 45LBS.  Pic above is him hanging out with his buddy "Duke" who is heading to My Best Friend Foundation at the end of this month!

Grey Ghost - Male - 4 Year- ARRIVED 3/29/12 - LOTS of Energy!

Weim (1)



































LOTS of energy on this big guy!  Showed up as stray.  Has not been tested with other dogs directly.  70lbs Approx.

Hawk - NEUTERED Male - Adult - Chessie/Choc Lab - ARRIVED 4/5/12!

Chessie (1)

Chessie (2)

GREAT loveable guy with a great personality!  Does GREAT with other dogs.  Approx. 50lbs.

Harley - Male - Adult - Mixed Breed - ARRIVED 3/7/12!  STILL HERE!!! 30-35LBS!!!!  PLEASE HELP THIS SWEET LITTLE BOY!

Harley (4)

























GREAT Dog!  Great with other dogs.  Small!!!!! 30Lbs

Roger - Male - 1 Year - Mixed Breed - ARRIVED 3/28/12!  Yellow Lab Mix

































SOOOOOO Super Sweet.  Would prefer a place with no other dogs! 40lbs

Tigger - Female - YOUNG - Mixed Breed - ARRIVED 3/13/12! - LAST CHANCE! Tigger (1)























































Such a sweet girl - lives in a pen with her sister...needs out quick.  Coming upon her 30 days here...Approx 35Lbs

Spot - Female - YOUNG - Mixed Breed - ARRIVED 3/13/12!  LAST CHANCE!!!!!Spot (1)














































Such a sweet girl - lives in a pen with her sister...needs out quick.  Coming upon her 30 days here...Approx 35Lbs

Selma- Female - 6-8 Months - Aierdale Mix- ARRIVED 4/3/12!  Setter (1)






































This sweet girl's had a hard time...obviously on her own for a while, has spots of mange on her feet and belly, and now shows up here at the shelter.  A BEAUTIFUL scruffy face in need of a second chance.  PLEASE save this girl.  45lbs

Gidget - Female - Young Adult- Husky Mix- ARRIVED 3/30/12!  Husky (2)

Husky (1)

Pretty Young Husky Mix - Beautiful Blue Eye.  Tries to escape so is taking up a much needed quarantine pen getting very little exposure!  40lbs

Tamale - Female - Adult- Beagle- ARRIVED 4/3/12!  Beagle Blue Tick (1)






























Sweet little (25LBS) BlueTick beagle - good with other dogs, friendly.

Birdie- Female - Young Adult- Setter Mix - ARRIVED 4/2/12!  Setter (3)

Setter (4)

GORGEOUS Setter Mix.  Good with other dogs.  Very Friendly.  50lbs

Frankie - Male- Young - Chocolate Lab Mix- ARRIVED 3/30/12! 

Choc Lab (1) 2



































GORGEOUS Chocolate Lab Mix.  Young Adult!  Lots of fun energy!    50lbs

Droose - NEUTERED Male- Young - Black Lab Mix - ARRIVED 4/6/12!  Mortar Dog (2)




































Mortar Dog (1)Droose is pending reclaim.  He is COVERED in mortar (not to worry...we will have him cleaned up before he leaves us!).  GREAT dog with a FABULOUS temperament!  Good with other dogs.  50lbs

Kirby - Male- Adult- Akita Mix - ARRIVED 4/3/12!  Akita Mix (2)























Plays well with others!  Very friendly.  LOVES his roommate Bullett!   55lbs

Cannon - Male- Adult - English Bulldog Mastiff Mix- ARRIVED 3/29/12!  Black Guy Up Front (1)





































Cannon is a personal favorite!  He is SO BIG and looks SO MEAN, but he is SUCH a BABY!!!!  80lbs Approx.

Taffy - Female - 10mo-1 Year - Chocolate Lab Mix (SMALL) - ARRIVED 4/3/12!  Choc Mix (1)


























A little skittish at first, this girl is SMALL weighing only around 25lbs.  Great with other dogs.  Warming up to people!

Trixie - Female - Young Adult - Black Lab Mix  - ARRIVED 3/20/12!  Trixie (1)

Trixie (2)Trixie and Shelby (2)Trixie (4)

A shelter favorite!  Trixie has been with a NUMBER of dogs who came came and went and does GREAT with ALL of them!  She is SUCH a doll, an incredible LOVE!  Please don't let this larger black dog die here at the shelter...Approx 45-50lbs

Creston - Male - 2-3 Years - Akita Border Collie - ARRIVED 3/12/12!  DSCF9782

DSCF9786DSCF9796DSCF9804A NEW shelter favorite!  Creston has been kept in a quarantine pen since arriving on the 12th of March.  Not for any other reason than he just seemed content in his small space and his dog house.  SO we pulled him out to get some photos and in the process, he became our NEW favorite!  Talk about a GREAT DOG!  He does well with the other dogs he was tested with (all stable confident dogs), a child about 3 years old approached him, and he crawled towards her totally submissive.  He loved to ROLL in the grass which was TOO CUTE!  check out video!  or at  ...Approx 60 lbs

EARS - FEMALE - 5 Years - MIX - ARRIVED 2/21/12! 


























VERY timid...Approx 15 lbs

Chubby- Female- 5 Years - Mix- Arrived 2/21/12! 

Chubby 3











































Coming around SO WELL!  Kissing me through fence.  Still skittish when I aproach her, but progressing nicely!...Approx 15-20 lbs

Petie - Male - 4 Months - Mix- Arrived 4/4/12! 

DSCF9759 2
































Skittish...easy to work with due to age...Approx 15-20 lbs

Luka - Male - Young Adult - Mix- Arrived 4/6/12! 


DSCF9752 4Found abandoned at local flea market 3 weeks ago.  Volunteers been trying to catch.  People were found throwing rocks at him - one man actually was seen beating him with a stick to make him go away.  All he was looking for was food.  I personally was there for days feeding him pieces of hot dog.  FINALLY got him.  Here at shelter he is a different dog.  Right under foot, demanding attention and LOVES attention.  I think he knows that he is safe for now.  This dog is fabulous!  Great with other dogs.  PLEASE help him!  Approx 40 lbs

Teddy - Male - Young Adult - Border Collie Corgi - Arrived 4/9/12! 

BC Corgi (1)





















Currently Very Timid...working on him!  Approx 20 lbs

Cody - Male - OLDER - Bassett Mix - Arrived 3/26/12! 




























Older Guy - needs medical attention - currently on antibiotics... Approx 25-30 lbs

Daphne - Female - Young Adult - Bulldog Mix - Arrived 4/4/12! 

Daphne (1)


































SUPER SUPER SUPER sweet girl!  LOVES attention!  Getting spayed next week!!!... Approx 50 lbs

Churchill - Male - Adult - Olde English Bulldog Mix - Arrived 4/5/12! 


DSCF9741Two words to describe Churchill???  WIGGLE BUTT!  You will notice on the second This guy is ALLLLLLL about the love!  Approx 70 lbs

Jack - Male - 9 Months - Great Pyr Mix - Arrived 3/8/12!   LAST CHANCE

Black and White



























Jack is a GREAT dog!  Loves attention and people. BEEN HERE WAY TOO LONG! Approx 60 lbs

HANSEL - Male - 5-7 YEARS - CHOCOLATE LAB - Arrived 3/5/12!  LAST CHANCE!!! 

Hansel (6)

HanselHansel is a GREAT older male chocolate lab.  Did GREAT with all of his kennel mates until last week when he started showing some aggravation and aggression - KENNEL RAGE as we call it.  PLEASE save his life.  He should not be here this long, and older dogs especially CANNOT survive living in a 10x10 cage for this long.  He just needs a little time to regroup and relax and he will be fine.  Approx 60 lbs

Bubby and Chubby - NEUTERED Males - 5-7 YEARS - Lab Mixes - Arrived 4/3/12!  Chubby and Bubby (2)

Chubby and Bubby (1)Chubby and Bubby (3)Chubby and Bubby were found abandoned here in Crossville.  They are both neutered, even temered and have obviously lived together for their entire lives.  They are in sync - have their routines and live harmoniously side by side.  A very SAD pair of dogs who are now living in a 10x10 cell instead of lying on the couch enjoying their retirement.  Approx 50 lbs each

Gretta - Female - 10 Months - Black and Tan Coonhound Mix - Arrived 3/28/12!  Black Tan F (1)























Such a LIVELY little girl!  Lots of energy and life.  Does GREAT with other dogs.  LOVES attention.  BEAUTIFUL!  Such ADORABLE ears!  Approx 45 lbs

Misty - Female - Adult - Mix - Arrived 3/26/12!  Misty (1)

GRETALook at her smiling face...regardless of what she's been through or how she ended up here, Greta is ALWAYS ready for a pet and a rub!  LOVES her attention!  LOVES to give attention!  And GREAT with other dogs.  Approx 40 lbs

Scooter - Male - Adult - St Bernard Mix - Arrived 2/13/12!  LAST CHANCEScooter (1)

Scooter (4)Scooter came to us very timid and shy.  After almost 2 months, he is developing into a confident boy!  SUPER with other dogs...LOVES to play and tumble!  Still a bit shy of people, but getting better each day.  PLEASE save this guy's life.  He's been here too long and his time is up. Approx 40 lbs

Cody - Male - Adult - Hound Mix - Arrived 3/13/12!  Cody



































Cody is an AWESOME DOG!!!  GREAT with other dogs, LOVES attention and shelter life is not bothering him so much!  Truly deserves a chance to get out and live his life.. Approx 60 lbs

The Cumberland County Animal Shelter is a County Run Facility and assisted by a group of volunteers and a local rescue.  All Vetting can be arranged for rescues interested in pulling dogs.  ALL DOGS ON THIS LIST ARE IN DANGER.  If you are interested in rescuing any of these dogs, PLEASE don't wait!  Call or email NOW.   

If you are interested in helping any of these animals, PLEASE call 931-261-7045 (Rescue Coordinator Jennifer) or email


Cumberland County Animal Shelter

782 East Lane Road

Crossville, TN  38571

(931) 484-8525


Open 10AM-2PM Monday-Saturday


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