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April 14, 2015

New Products from Adept MobileRobots

So the product development group has been pretty busy here at Adept MobileRobots.  In order to keep up with the ever changing needs of the robotics research community we’ve recently launched one new, exciting platform and have another two in development (expected to launch in summer of 2015).  

Pioneer Manipulator
Introducing the New Pioneer Manipulator

Over the course of the past year our product development team has spent a great deal of time trying to identify trends in research robotics.  In other words, “What’s Next”?  What is the next logical step after fully autonomous navigation?  What other needs does the research community have in order to facilitate their educational programs…their research into advancing robotics’ capabilities?  We interviewed past, present, and potential customers to gather input on their desires for new products or feature enhancements.  We attended tradeshows and conferences to rub elbows with and learn from faculty and students working on advancing the industry.  We read papers, watched presentations, and attended webinars to understand what challenges the folks in research robotics are seeking to overcome.  All roads led us to the same destination (or goal point if you are so inclined), mobile manipulation.  We determined that a great deal of educators and researchers in the mobile robotics community had a common need, to be able to both navigate and manipulate using the same integrated platform.  While we’ve definitely been sticking arms on mobile bases for years we determined that it was time to provide a fully integrated, broadly capable portfolio of robots that would excel at both autonomous navigation and object manipulation.  And so the Pioneer Manipulator was born. 


The Pioneer Manipulator is a rugged, reliable, sophisticated robot purpose built for the research community and its needs. Designed to be extensively capable “out of the box” in a broad array of applications, the Pioneer Manipulator is sure to immediately enhance your new or existing program.  The Pioneer Manipulator is already available for purchase and provides a number of exciting features including:

  • 6.5 hour continuous run time 
  • 35 kg payload
  • Autonomous docking and charging
  • Equipped with 2 embedded computers (1 for navigation processing and 1 for accessory and additional processing needs)
  • Equipped with both vision (Microsoft Kinect for Windows V2) and manipulation (2 Kinova Jaco2 Arms and Grippers) hardware 

You can find more details about this product on our website or by downloading a copy of the product datasheet.  Take a minute to check out the detailed specs.  You won’t be disappointed. 


We’ll be at ICRA 2015 in Seattle demoing the Pioneer Manipulator.  Swing by and say hello!


Shhhhhh.  Don’t Tell Pioneer Manipulator.

So Pioneer Manipulator already has a little sibling on the way…but don’t tell him yet, we don’t know how he’ll take it. 


While doing the market research that led us to develop the Pioneer Manipulator we also reaffirmed the fact that our customers’ needs are broad and their applications varied.  While the need for mobile manipulation was clear the planned implementation of the technology was incredibly different from customer to customer.  We realized almost immediately that a single product wasn’t going to cut it.  One product simply wouldn’t meet all the various needs.  We set out to create not just one mobile manipulator but a portfolio of products that would fit the majority of our customers’ differing applications. 


The second offering in the mobile manipulation portfolio (affectionately named Pioneer Manipulator Jr.) will provide a different set of features and benefits as well as be offered at a different price point to round out our offering.  Some of Junior’s notable differences:

  • It’s smaller (obviously, right?)
  • It will come in at a more budget friendly price point (we estimate a 20% reduction in price from Pioneer Manipulator for the dual manipulator model and a 40% reduction for the single manipulator model)
  • A custom designed, integrated mounting mast that will actuate to increase the reach of the manipulator(s) from the floor to a standard 36” work bench
  • Greater level of integration between navigation and manipulation software

More details on this portfolio extension coming soon…stay tuned.  However, if you must know more now feel free to contact our sales team directly.  Once you’ve been sworn to secrecy we’ll be happy to fill you in on the details.  

Pioneer Manipulator Jr
Laser Amigo

Amigo Learns Some New Tricks

Mobile manipulation was not the only realization that came to light during our last year of market analysis. The more we explored our market the more we realized we weren’t exploring all of it. The days of robotics education taking place only in postgraduate universities are long over. For years innovative and forward thinking organizations teaching high school and undergraduate level courses have been integrating robotics education into their curriculum. It’s about time that Adept MobileRobots offered a product that fits both the needs and the budgets of these schools.


We’re working on a new platform based on our AmigotBot.  While the AmigoBot is already the low cost platform in our portfolio it was missing a critical piece of what makes our technologies desirable, the laser mapping and navigation.  The laser mapping and navigation functionality of our other platforms provides a number of benefits.  The accuracy and sophistication of laser map creation and laser navigation is significantly greater than that of manual map creation and sonar navigation as performed by our traditional AmigoBot.  We set out to add this benefit without adding a great deal of cost.  We achieved this goal by adding a cost effective, short range laser and removing the hardware associated with sonar navigation.  For only a roughly 30% increase in price over our traditional AmigoBot you can now have the functionality of laser mapping and navigation.  The new package will even come with a full suite of mapping and navigation software. 


We’ll be exhibiting this new product at ISTE 2015 in Philly.  If you’re attending the show come check it out.


Have an idea for a product name for our new little friend?  Interested in getting a discount on a beta unit in exchange for providing product feedback?  Please inquire with our sales group.

Thank you for reading…

You’re always welcome to contact our sales group with questions, comments, or feedback regarding this newsletter by emailing


Don’t forget to come by and say hello at ICRA 2015 in Seattle or at ISTE 2015 in Philly.  


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