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June 25, 2017
From the Corner
a weekly publication of            

Provo Community Congregational United Church of Christ

175 North University Avenue, Provo Utah
Worship - Sundays 10.30am


Hello friend in Christ,
No matter where you are on life's journey,
you are welcome here!

June 25 -
Fourth Sunday After Pentecost
"Chaos to Community: Weaning"
Romans 6: 1-12
Matthew 10: 24-39

Rev. J. Keith Cupples

July 2 - Fifth Sunday After Pentecost
Rev. J. Keith Cupples

July 9 - Sixth Sunday After Pentecost
Rev. J. Keith Cupples

In This Issue
  • Upcoming Church Council Meeting
  • City Council needs to hear from US!
  • BBQ and Music Fest!
  • Pancake Parade
  • Freedom Festival Grand Parade
  • You, Me = Us
  • Choir Needs YOU for its last HURRAH!
  • Strengthen The Church Offering
  • Mark Your Calendar
  • Keith's Korner
Remember Council Meeting THIS TUESDAY @ 7pm in the Fellowship Hall.  The meetings are always open to anyone who wish to attend.
Bring a dish or dessert to share if you wish.

We had a great Tuesday night watching Moana under the stars and the flicker of the tiki torches for our Outdoor Movie Night. 
If you weren't there, YOU MISSED OUT! 
Thank you Dave and Bret for putting this together! 
Don't forget next month - CHICKEN RUN!

Our Provo City Council needs to hear from YOU!
Over the past several years the church has been pursuing a project to reinvent the church campus to revitalize the church buildings, the congregation, and the neighborhood.  The idea being with fresh spaces and steady income it will give the church a new start.  Unfortunately, the first developer we worked with chose to leave all projects in Provo, including ours. We are working with other ideas and another developer has expressed interest in our project, but keeping it on a smaller scale than previously conceived, as before this would include tearing down some of the structures and rebuilding with new church spaces as well as small apartment units.  These units would help supplement the church's income so that it isn't solely dependent on donations and fundraisers. Just recently the Provo City Council voted (5-2) to enact square footage requirements for residential units in the downtown zones and parking requirements.  This also made the development idea we've been working on not possible due to the drastic changes in these requirements.  While the council is receptive, they do need to hear from us.  It is possible that a "PRO Zone" could be enacted, basically creating an exception to the new rules for our project, but we do need at least four of the council members to agree to it.  We also need help with the parking situation/requirements .  Dave Lewis has been in talks with several members of the council, Mayor John Curtis, the Community Development Coordinator, and soon the newly hired Parking Czar.
Our project can be very appealing to the council, the city, and the community.  We want to remain downtown where we are highly visible, a place where all are welcome, for diversity, this is especially appealing to new comers and visitors to the area. The history of the church here is long-standing.  We also desire to be a destination point for concerts, recitals, graduations, conferences, and more, much as the Provo Tabernacle once was before the fire.
Please, make our voice be heard.  Call, or write our City Council.  If you have questions, please contact Dave Lewis for more information.

Dave Sewell - Council Chair

(801) 380-5103

Dave Harding - Area Council Member


Gary Winteron

(801) 372-6633 


Kim Santiago

(801) 836-3008


Dave Knecht

(801) 921-7794


Kay Van Buren

(801) 420-0743


George O. Stewart

(801) 341-0463