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August 27, 2017
From the Corner
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Provo Community Congregational United Church of Christ

175 North University Avenue, Provo Utah
Worship - Sundays 10.30am


Hello friend in Christ,
No matter where you are on life's journey,
you are welcome here!

August 27 -
Twelfth Sunday After the Pentecost
"Walking in the Steps of Jesus:
 Using Our Spiritual Gifts" 
Exodus    1:8-2:10  "A New Pharaoh and Enslavement"
Romans   12:1-8     "Spiritual Gifts"
Matthew 16:13-20  "Who Do You Say That I Am?"
Rev. J. Keith Cupples

September 3-Thirteenth Sunday After the Pentecost
Rev. J. Keith Cupples

September 10-Fourteenth Sunday After the Pentecost
Rev. J. Keith Cupples

In This Issue
  • Provo Interfaith Choir begins this Sunday!
  • Open Council Meeting is coming up
  • Get Nutty
  • Fall - Winter Movie Night
  • BRT/TRIP construction update
  • Art Stroll - we need your input
  • City Council needs to hear from YOU
  • Stay in the Know
  • Keith's Korner

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The time is here!
Choir resumes THIS SUNDAY
with our Kick-off Event that includes a
pot-luck dinner!

If you would like to be a part of the choir, or know someone who would be, the choir will begin again August 27th @ 5pm with our 2017-2018 opening social. The evening promises to be filled with fun, presenting some exciting changes and additions, preview upcoming events and songs, get to know the conductor and staff, and food (it's pot-luck so bring a dish to share). Our goal is to have 30 members for the new season as we spread our wings! The choir would appreciate donations as we seek to expand.  We also are seeking sponsors to assist in resources and talents as we extend our hand and voices to more in the community to share in the joy music can bring, and celebrating what we have in common. We're thankful for all that have and will be a part of the choir this season!
Click on the poster above for more information
about the choir and this event.

photo courtesy of The Daily Herald

Open Church Council
Our monthly Open Church Council Meeting  is coming up on August 29th @ 7pm in the Fellowship Hall. Believe it or not, we want you to be informed and value your input on various matters concerning the church, it's future, ideas, and upcoming events.  Join us!
Don't forget - pot luck goodies or a dish to share.

We're planning ahead for the Fall-Winter Movie Nights
and would like to hear from you! 

What do you want to see? 
email Dave Lewis at
Put MOVIE NIGHT in the header!

Changes on University Ave. on the Way

Perhaps you've noticed the changes happening around the Orem and Provo area in regards to the streets.  This is part of a project 19 years in the works to bring more easily accessible transportation to more people and alleviate some of the need for cars in our busiest areas, especially as our area is expected to double in population with in the next couple of decades.
The construction for this project will be approaching the church area in the next couple of weeks and will last approximately 10 weeks thereafter.  Parking will not be allowed on University Avenue while landscaping, sidewalks, and portions of the road are removed and reconstructed.  Please be mindful of this in your travels in the area and plan ahead.  The church has a few parking stalls on the west of the courtyard available should you need it.  If you don't have a parking sticker for your window, see Bev Larsen to avoid being towed.  So you are aware, some changes will also be taking place to some of the church property facing University Ave. as part of this process.

The Provo Art Stroll happens on the first Friday of the month, an event that gives the community an opportunity to see and experience various forms of art in non-traditional ways and places as well as a chance to learn more about our city.  We have been asked to again host Provo's First Friday Art Stroll.  This is another opportunity for us to reach out to our community, open our doors, and welcome those that enter.
The church council needs YOUR input. While the council is happy to say yes, there needs to be support from the rest of us to do so, which requires two or more persons each time to:
A: be present at the building before the event during setup, assist as needed, set up refreshments.
B: be present during the event to assist and answer questions and oversee refreshments,
C: be present after the event during cleanup and assist as needed, close the building.

Additionally helpful would be ideas and contacts for artists of various types to feature each month.
Please send your input to

Our Provo City Council needs to hear from YOU!
2015 Provo City CouncilOver the past several years the church has been pursuing a project to reinvent the church campus to revitalize the church buildings, the congregation, and the neighborhood.  The idea being with fresh spaces and steady income it will give the church a new start.  Unfortunately, the first developer we worked with chose to leave all projects in Provo, including ours. We are working with other ideas and another developer has expressed interest in our project, but keeping it on a smaller scale than previously conceived, as before this would include tearing down some of the structures and rebuilding with new church spaces as well as small apartment units.  These units would help supplement the church's income so that it isn't solely dependent on donations and fundraisers. Just recently the Provo City Council voted (5-2) to enact square footage requirements for residential units in the downtown zones and parking requirements.  This also made the development idea we've been working on not possible due to the drastic changes in these requirements.  While the council is receptive, they do need to hear from us.  It is possible that a "PRO Zone" could be enacted, basically creating an exception to the new rules for our project, but we do need at least four of the council members to agree to it.  We also need help with the parking situation/requirements .  Dave Lewis has been in talks with several members of the council, Mayor John Curtis, the Community Development Coordinator, and soon the newly hired Parking Czar.
Our project can be very appealing to the council, the city, and the community.  We want to remain downtown where we are highly visible, a place where all are welcome, for diversity, this is especially appealing to new comers and visitors to the area. The history of the church here is long-standing.  We also desire to be a destination point for concerts, recitals, graduations, conferences, and more, much as the Provo Tabernacle once was before the fire.
Please, make our voice be heard.  Call, or write our City Council.  If you have questions, please contact Dave Lewis for more information.
click the link above

Dave Sewell - Council Chair

(801) 380-5103

Dave Harding - Area Council Member


Gary Winterton

(801) 372-6633 


Kim Santiago

(801) 836-3008


Dave Knecht

(801) 921-7794


Kay Van Buren

(801) 420-0743


George O. Stewart

(801) 341-0463

Check the church website for frequent updates.
BIBLE STUDY                                               
     Fellowship Hall
     Sundays @ 9.30am

     Sundays @ 5pm - resumes THIS SUNDAY

     Fellowship Hall

     Sundays @ 8pm
     Mondays @ 8pm

     Sunday, 27 August @ 5-7pm
     Pot Luck Dinner to follow

     Fireside Lounge
    Tuesday, 29 August @ 7pm

Tuesday, 19 September @ 8pm


     Fireside Lounge
    Tuesday, 26 September @ 7pm

Tuesday, 17 October @ 8pm


     Fireside Lounge
    Tuesday, 24 October @ 7pm

 MONTHLY MOVIE NIGHT                        
     Meno Trope Hall
Tuesday, 21 November @ 7pm    


     Fellowship Hall
Sunday, 19 November @ 12-2pm 

     More information to come

AIDS STOCKINGS DUE                            
     Sunday, 26 November
     More information to come

     Fireside Lounge
    Tuesday, 28 November @ 7pm

DECORATE CHURCH                               
     All Campus

     Wednesday, 29 November @ 9am-9pm
     More information to come

MESSIAH SING-ALONG                            
Friday, 1 December @ 6pm
     More information to come

      Sunday, 10 December @ 6:30 - doors open
      *Carol-In @ 6:40pm
      *Concert @ 7pm

More information to come

 MONTHLY MOVIE NIGHT                           
      Meno Trope Hall
  Tuesday, 19 December @ 7pm

CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES                      
     Sunday, 24 December @ 7pm, 11pm
     More information to come