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January 28, 2018
From the Corner
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Provo Community Congregational United Church of Christ

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Hello friend in Christ,
No matter where you are on life's journey,
you are welcome here!

January 28
Fourth Sunday of Epiphany
"Questions Asked, Answers Given"
Reverend J. Keith Cupples
Deuteronomy 18: 15-20
"God Will Raise Up the Prophet"
Mark 1: 21-28
"The Man with the Unclean Spirit"

February 4
Fifth Sunday of Epiphany

In This Issue
  • Congregational Meeting - THIS WEEK!
  • Making Our List
  • Thank You Very Much
  • Hear the Call
  • Construction Has Begun
  • Souper Bowl
  • Stay in the Know
  • Joys & Concerns
  • Keith's Korner

January 28th 2018 THIS WEEK
immediately following worship. 
Please plan to attend
Listen to the reports of the 2017 Council
Hear upcoming plans, and share your input.
Your voice is important to be heard!

The Church Council is making a list to plan for the future of the church and the campus.  They are looking for suggestions for activities, events, classes, lessons, sermons, improvements, and building repairs that you may see. What went well, what could be better, what's missing?  The Council wants to hear from you!

A Big Thank You to
Habitat for Humanity

You may have noticed something a little different about the Sanctuary this past week.  In November, a torrential rain storm brought a downpour of water into the Sanctuary.  Despite our efforts, the insurance company refused assistance in the repair costs.  Being that the north part of the building is now 62 years old, the ceiling tiles are no longer available to match to replace the multiple damaged areas.  It was determined the best option was to remove the tiles, saving what was reusable for repairs in other parts of the building, and have the ceiling repaired, replastered, and then painted.  Habitat for Humanity, via Kena Jo Mathews, reached out and offered assistance.  This past week they arrived with a crew of volunteers to help in the task of removing the tiles.  We are so grateful for their help, and future help as we finish this project in the coming weeks. Below is a link to a brief story they shared and some photos from the day.

If you would like to donate to the repair funds, please contact us (801.375.9115, or, checks via to PO Box 132 Provo, Utah 84601) it would be so appreciated!

Habitat, Chapter Members Help Long Time Church Partner with Flood Clean Up

Hear the Call
The goal of the Provo Interfaith Choir is to provide a place for those who love to sing, regardless of religious affiliation, a place to share their voice all at skill levels, interact with those of different backgrounds, and opportunities to share with others through music a common voice of harmony.
The Choir returns February 11th @ 5pm at the Provo Community Congregational Church in the Sanctuary, where the choir rehearses with the Spring Kick-Off.  It is open to all 16 years and older, no auditions, no judgement, regardless of religious affiliation you are welcome to sing. 
Add Your Voice


Construction/Destruction Has Come
Construction or Destruction, depending on how you look at it, bis underway with the removal of landscaping, street lights, and sidewalks. Parking will not be available in front of the church or businesses during this time.  Ramp access to the building on the east will still be available.
PLEASE, DO NOT PARK in the Key Bank, or 
Jones Paint and Glass parking lots during business hours (unless you like to get towed), after hours is fine, or use one of several nearby public parking lots and enjoy a short walk.

Sunday, February 4th!
Bring canned food to donate
Share Soup and Bread
during Fellowship

Check the church website for frequent updates.
BIBLE STUDY                                               
     Fellowship Hall
     Sundays @ 9.30am
     Fellowship Hall
     Sundays @ 8pm
     Mondays @ 8pm

     Sunday, 28 @ 11.45am following Worship

     Fellowship Hall
     Sunday, 4 @ 11.45am following Worship

     Sanctuary/ Fellowship Hall
     Sunday, 11 @ 5pm - dinner to follow

Please Keep These in
Your Thoughts and Prayers
  • Big thanks to Habitat for Humanity, BYU, and UVU volunteers
  •  Prayers: upcoming Annual Congregational Meeting (Jan 28th)

January 28, 2018

Grace to you and peace.

Trust everyone had a terrific week. We surely did here at Provo Community.

This Sunday, January 28th, marks the fourth Sunday of Epiphany. Advent was the season that the Church asked: "Does the world need a Savior?" Christmas and the twelve days is the response of God to our need, Now, Epiphany asks us to focus on .our response to God's gift. The color of Advent was Purple or Blue. The color of Christmas was white or gold. The color of Epiphany is green.

This the scriptures are Deut. 18:15-20, 1Corinthians 8:1-13 and Mark 1:21-28.

The circumcision and dedication of Jesus as an infant, led to the baptism of Jesus as a man, which led to the beginnings of his ministry and the calling of his disciples. In Mark's Gospel, having called the disciples, Jesus attends a synagogue on the Sabbath and teaches. While there Jesus speaks with a man with an "unclean spirit."

Deuteronomy is the fifth Book of Law. The question to Moses and therefore to God, seems to be about the time Moses is no longer able to lead. what will happen?

The reading from 1 Corinthians 8:1-13 deals with the question of eating food sacrificed to idols. Paul reminds the faithful that the food is ok to eat! Yet they should remember that as Christians people, both believers and non-believers, mature and less mature are watching them. And their behaviors are witnessing the gospel. Are their behaviors leading others towards or away from Christ?

The Homily is about "Answers." Sunday is also Health and Human Service Sunday.

This Sunday is the annual Congregational meeting. It takes place following morning worship. It celebrates the ministry that has taken place and charts the ministries to be undertaken in 2018. I look forward to seeing you there. if unable to attend, please pray for the gathering.

"Souper Bowl" Sunday is coming. Food for the community and soup for our sustenance. Please be in prayer for the annual congregational meeting.

Remember, winter causal is still the dress code. Sooooo, come on down to 2nd north and University.

God is active and alive here at PCCUCC. 

Thank you Lord God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

See you in Church. Rev. J. Keith Cupples

 See you Sunday!

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The Church Office is open by appointment
Tuesday through Thursday
from 9am to 12 noon.
Please phone: 801-375-9115

For inquires about building usage & rentals, please contact the Building Affairs Group via email:
Led by Rev. J. Keith Cupples, Bible Study is held weekly and it is open to all who wish to attend.
Sundays  9.30am
Fellowship Hall

Click the image above for more information about the history and new future of Provo's Easter Cross and how you can help! Council 2018
Peg Wyngarden -
Co-Moderator /
Building Affairs
Carol Menasian -
Beverly Larsen -
Office Staff, Secretary
Joanne Church -
Office Staff, Treasurer
Sharon Hardman -
Outreach - Service
Dave Lewis -
Music / Building Affairs / Public Affairs Liaison
Alex Brown -
Council Member at Large
Visit and support our friends at
Habitat for Humanity
of Utah County

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