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Bamboo Salt Sampler


Dear friend of Gourmet Delights,


This Bamboo Salt Sampler Set is the definitive gourmet salt collection. This complete sampler includes 24 mini glass jars each with a hand milled cork top. The entire set is displayed in a gorgeous bamboo presentation box. This is the ultimate gift for the serious chef or salt connoisseur.


It is a wonderful way to play with flavors, textures, colors, and shapes as each salt provides something unique: whether it is flavored, has very large or very small crystals, or provides a neat color. I greatly enjoy using mine and I am sure you will enjoy this lovely sampler in your kitchens!


This Bamboo Presentation Box is a hand made storage case with a glass door and stainless steel hardware. The bamboo box is 12"x12"x4".


The salts include:

  • Alaea - Hawaiian Sea Salt (Fine & Coarse) - is the traditional Hawaiian Sea Salt. Hawaiian Red Clay adds nutrients and flavor to this unique salt.
  • Bali Coconut & Lime Smoked Sea Salt is a tropical sea salt that is smoked over coconut shells and kaffir lime leaves. This unique salt adds an exotic flavor to ordinary dishes.
  • Cyprus - Mediterranean White Flake Salt is a favorite among professional chefs. The unique pyramid shaped crystals have a fresh ocean flavor and a satisfying crunch.
  • Cyprus - Mediterranean Black Lava Flake Salt is Mediterranean Sea salt combined with activated charcoal. The dramatic color and delicate texture make this finishing salt ideal for table side presentation. The activated charcoal will enhance the flavor of your favorite dish.
  • Fleur de Sel de Guérande - French “Flower of Salt” is accepted by many chefs as the best finishing salt in the world. Young salt crystals are skimmed from the surface of salt ponds in France. This is a mild finishing salt with a crisp texture.
  • Flor de Sal - Portuguese “Flower of Salt” is premium hand-harvested sea salt from Portugal. Young salt crystals are skimmed from the surface of salt ponds. This is a mild finishing salt with a crisp texture.
  • Flower of Bali - Tropical Sea Salt is a delicate sea salt crystal that forms on the surface of tropical salt beds. This unique salt is hand-harvested and only available in limited quantities.
  • Fumée de Sel - Chardonnay Oak Smoked Salt is premium sea salt that is slowly smoked over chardonnay oak wine barrels. It is prized for its gentle smoke flavor with a savory hint of wine.
  • Hiwa Kai - Hawaiian Black Lava Salt is solar evaporated Pacific sea salt combined with activated charcoal. This compliments the natural salt flavor and adds numerous health benefits to the salt. Hiwa Kai has a stunning black color and silky texture.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt (Fine & Coarse) - is a pure, hand-mined ancient sea salt found naturally deep inside the pristine Himalayan Mountains. The high mineral crystals range in color from sheer white to varying shades of pink to deep reds which indicates a beneficial amount of 84 trace elements & iron.
  • Kala Namak - Indian Black Salt (Fine & Coarse) - is an essential ingredient in authentic East Indian cuisine. The distinctive aroma and flavor of egg yolks makes this salt unforgettable.
  • Murray River - Australian Pink Flake Salt is prized for its gorgeous apricot color and delicate flaky texture. Melts quickly and evenly - a perfect finishing salt.
  • Peruvian Pink - Mountain Spring Salt comes from a natural spring located 10,000 feet high in the Mountains in Peru. The warm spring water seeps into terraced salt ponds. This salt has been hand-harvested for over 2,000 years. The crystals have a high moisture content and a light pink color. Peruvian Pink salt has a strong flavor and is a great seasoning salt.
  • Salish - Alderwood Smoked Salt (Fine & Coarse) - is naturally smoked over Northwest Red Alderwood. No artifical colors or flavors are added. Salish gives food a genuine smokehouse taste on or off the BBQ.
  • Sel Gris de Guérande (Fine) - is sea salt that is hand-harvested from the prestigious salt ponds of Guérande, France. This is a healthy replacement for ordinary table salt. Sel Gris is a 100% natural, whole mineral sea salt that is carefully stone ground to be easily dispensed from a shaker or used as a finishing salt at the table.
  • Sel Gris de Guérande (Coarse) - is an unrefined whole mineral sea salt that is hand-harvested from the prestigious salt ponds of Guérande, France. Sel Gris is a 100% natural, whole mineral sea salt.
  • Sel de Mer - Mediterranean Sea Salt (Fine & Coarse) - is a solar evaporated Mediterranean Sea Salt. The naturally white, dry crystals are ideal for use in a salt grinder (coarse) and or in a salt shaker (fine).


We were lucky enough to secure four of these, with one being set aside for mom, leaving three left at the great price of only $119.99 each which includes free ground shipping via UPS. Grab yours today!


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