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Fennel Pollen and Spice Blends


Dear friend of Gourmet Delights,

Pollen Ranch hand harvests wild fennel pollen from private organic farms in California where fennel grows wild. They not only offer pure fennel and dill pollens, but Chef Bernard has taken these pollens to the next level, combining them with other herbs and spices to create a very special line of spice blends to complement and enhance vegetables, seafood, poultry, pork, beef, lamb, and even desserts!!


Fennel Pollen is a fabulous and alluring gourmet spice. Fennel Pollen has two to four times the flavor of a fennel bulb, or the fennel seed, so a little pollen goes a long way. This gourmet spice can be sprinkled in practically everything to add that extra flavor dimension! Your imagination is your only limit. This is your "magic spice" and the secret ingredient used by gourmet chefs worldwide. We have 10 wonderful recipes on our webpage for you to explore.


Bon Appetit named Pollen Ranch to the Top 15 Italian Pantry Staples Made in America!! Try this magical fennel pollen to create amazing dishes in your own kitchen.

Pollen Ranch makes spice blends with their fennel pollen. We love their bold and spicy "Little Devil" spice blend. The strong notes of garlic and onion, combined with the mouthwatering aroma of cumin and pepper, will turn your dish into an appetizing adventure your taste buds will never forget! Delicious on pasta or rice, this zesty and colorful seasoning will turn a regular shrimp sautee into an exciting and striking dish, and when dry rubbed on a piece of chicken or fish, you won’t believe the explosion of flavor. The slight hints of citrus, and the slight tanginess of mustard seeds, will make your taste buds come alive.


Your pork and chicken will never be the same when they’re encrusted in "Hog Heaven", a warm and toasty herb and seasoning blend. Crushed pecans give a nutty flavor, and cumin adds a touch of savory smoke that goes perfectly with any pork or poultry dish. Light citrus tones brighten and balance the flavor of this warmly aromatic blend. Add a dash to your chicken and dumplings to add depth of flavor, or roll pork tenderloin in it before roasting for a mellow spiciness that compliments the tender pork exquisitely. Nutty, flavorful, and delectable, this will be your "go to" seasoning for poultry and pork.


They also make a spice blend named "Divine Desserts". This is a vibrant aromatic blend of 12 unique spices and fennel pollen. A light sprinkling will enhance the flavors of fresh fruit, apple pie, carrot cake, ice cream, yogurt, and cookies. Be creative and introduce this into your baking, substitute it for cinnamon in any recipe, flavor your freshly ground coffee beans with 1 teaspoon per pot, and simply sprinkle it on any dessert. Have fun and allow your creativity to shine! We love it in this Apple Cake.


Last but not least, Dill Pollen is highly aromatic and bursting with freshness; this isn't anything close to those little jars of ground dill you get at the supermarket. This is dill in its purest and liveliest form, and one taste will make you never look back. It brings out the flavor of smoked salmon and will turn your grandma's egg salad into a culinary adventure even she will thank you for. Use this wild crafted dill pollen anywhere you would use ground or powdered dill for a difference you'll have to taste to believe. This is the best dill you will ever taste!


One ounce metal tins for $14.95 each!


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