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Griottines & Framboisines


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the Griottines® recipe uses the Oblachinska Morello cherry which is only grown in the Balkans and has a unique taste. At harvest, each cherry is picked by hand, leaving the stalk behind. A rigorous sort process controls the size and within 6 hours of harvesting the first maceration occurs. This preserves the special flavor and physical properties of the cherries. The Morello cherries and the liqueur, through natural osmosis, become something magical. Another sort process selects only the best cherries before the pits of the cherries are removed. This is a very special process wherein the pits are removed through the hole left by the missing stalk. The cherries look whole but do not have the pit. These depitted cherries are then macerated in different liqueurs for different time periods based on a secret, traditional recipe. They are delivered to you for maximum enjoyment!

  • Open the jar, grab a spoon, and help yourself!
  • Create a pan sauce for your duck, chicken, and pork dishes!
  • Garnish any cocktail with Griottines.
  • Add the juice in the jar to any cocktail or glass of champagne.
  • We love adding them to salads.
  • Dipped in melted chocolate. YUM!
  • Use in baking, topping a cookie or cupcake with Griottines.
  • In a blender with other fruits for a fruit smoothie.
  • In any dessert needing cherries, Griottines add an incredible extra dimension.
  • Put a few on top of a scoop or two of ice cream.

Macerating raspberries in liqueur according to a secret, traditional recipe has allowed the Grandes Distilleries PEUREUX to create something very special, Framboisines®. The delicacy of the raspberry combined with the magic of the maceration process produces a fabulous product, cherished and enjoyed all over the world.


Griottines come in 350 milliliter jars ($23.95) and one liter jars ($57.95), while the jars of Framboisines are $27.95 (350 milliliter) and $75.95 (1 liter). The one liter jars qualify for FREE shipping to USA addresses.


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