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Castillo de Canena
"First Day of Harvest"
Extra Virgin Olive Oils (2011)


Dear friend of Gourmet Delights,

This is the sixth occasion that the Vañó family has released a special edition "First Day of Harvest" (Primer Día de Cosecha) extra virgin olive oil to capture the very purest flavors of the olive crop. Just ripe olives, pressed within hours of harvest, create this extra virgin olive oil that is exploding with flavor!


Each release is commemorated with a unique bottle label, each designed by a different established name from Spain's creative community. For 2011, Castillo de Canena partnered with Pau Gasol to design its label, turning the bottle of Primer Día de Cosecha into a collector’s item and a work of art in its own right.


Pau Gasol was inspired by his childhood memories about extra virgin olive oil: the summer, the sun, the light, and the Mediterranean sea…with intense and vibrant colors. These attributes bring to mind the aromas and flavors of the early harvest.

  • Special red bottles protect the extra virgin olive oil from harmful light.
  • A very high percentage of oleic acid and polyphenols indicate quality.
  • No preservatives or artificial flavors.
  • 100% Organic.

By taking extraordinary steps to hand-harvest early, yielding about half the oil that would be obtained if the olives were left on the trees to mature another week, the Vañó family of Castillo de Canena offers us this rare treat, the best of the best. To have such vibrant, flavorful, First Day of Harvest extra virgin olive oils is an incredible pleasure.


We were lucky to secure 12 bottles of each of the Picual and Arbequina First Day of Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oils, 500mL, for only $45.95! I've already set aside one of each for my own pantry. Don't hesitate to get a bottle or two of this nectar for your own kitchens before we sell out (last year we sold out before we could publish the newsletter announcing its arrival!).


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Castillo de Canena "First Day of Harvest" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Canena Arbequina 1st Day 2011 Extra Virgin Olive Oil



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