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Dear friend of Gourmet Delights,

the holidays are here! Whether you are spending time with family & friends, participating in huge events or small intimate gatherings, one thing that always seems omnipresent is food. We gather around dinner tables and tell stories, attend holiday parties and sometimes have a celebratory drink and toast to the new year. This is also a time for gift-giving. Small gifts spread out over days, large gifts for that special someone and stocking stuffers.... a gesture to show those close to us that we are thinking of them. Here at Gourmet Delights we, of course, love food. We cook for our friends and family, and of course wrap up foodie gifts to hand out as presents. Unlike many merchants who can take 3-5 days to get your order out the door, and then another 5 days for ground shipping, we are shipping USPS Priority 2-3 Day Mail, for FREE, 6 days a week. And if you get your orders in by 5PM Eastern Standard Time your order generally ships the SAME DAY!! So yes, you can still order and have things delivered before next weekend!


This year we've added some very exciting little treats, perfect for stocking stuffers, using as a small gift as part of a larger celebration, handing out to neighbors or treating yourself. For a little something sweet try the Fleur de Sel Caramels, some Michel Cluizel Chocolates or our fabulous Truffle Honey. We also just got in the most wonderful selection of all natural French jams: Pear-Vanilla, Fig, Morello Cherry and Apple-Pear-Walnut, perfect on toast or as an accompanient to a cheese plate.


We love to entertain but this is a busy time of year so we look for things that are tasty but easy to prepare. No one needs to know we didn't spend all day in the kitchen! Our selection of appetizers is perfect for snacking and cocktail parties. Open a jar of Radici Baby Organic Artichoke Hearts, or Smoked Olives, place them in a bowl with a serving fork and you are done. Stuff the Bonito Tuna Loins into Piquillo Peppers, drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of Fleur de Sel.... PERFECT. Open a can of Escargots, warm in a skillet with a little butter and garlic for 5 minutes and you have a very savory, very tasty first course. Looking for something heartier? Our Duck Confit is pre-seasoned and pre-cooked, simply heat and serve. Ideal as the main course or use it to make a duck confit salad by adding some nice salad greens. It does not get any easier than that. Your guests will be impressed with the flavor and you can be relaxed and spend time with them rather than slaving away in the kitchen. PLUS when someone unexpectedly stops by, you can pull any one of these out as an impromptu gift OR go to the kitchen and in 5 minutes look like you were eagerly awaiting their arrival and entertain with grace and style.


And finally, one of my hardest things to decide on, gift giving. What is "the perfect" gift for the people on my list. For mom it is Griottines. She loves them in cocktails, as a pan sauce for duck and pork, they top cookies and cakes and yes we all tend to sneak a few out of the jar to eat plain. Dad shares my love for wine and for extra virgin olive oil. Tasting the differences between countries and olive varieties is a lot of fun. The two hardest olive oils we manage to procure every year are the Mannucci-Droandi Organic DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany and the Castillo de Canena First Day of Harvest from Spain. I'll probably also throw some truffle oil in his stocking. My brother loves playing with our salts. A salt sampler including our very popular Truffle & Salt, Fleur de Sel and Salish Smoked Salt seems perfect! And finally my sister, who is learning to bake. This is great for all of us as we get to eat her creations. Definitely some Vera Cruz Vanilla, Fennel & Salt (sprinkle on your bread dough BEFORE baking.... AMAZING!) and Quinoa Flour. The dog gets a new bone and rawhide chew toy. (yes even the dog gets food gifts in our household!)


We here at Gourmet Delights would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays.


Please visit our webpage to see what other new and exciting things we are finding to share with you.


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Fleur de Sel Caramels

Fleur de Sel Caramels


Veleta Sardines

Veleta Sardines



de Buyer Pro V Mandoline

Truffle Honey

Truffle Honey




1888 Premium Olive Press Dirtiest Martini Juice

Dirtiest Martini Mix

Apple-Pear-Walnut Jam

Apple Pear Walnut Jam


Villa Manodori Extra Vecchio Balsamic Vinegar  

Villa Manodori Extra Vecchio
Mannucci-Droandi DOP Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mannucci-Dorandi ORganic EVOO
  Vera Cruz Vanilla

Vera Cruz Vanilla



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