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Dear friend of Gourmet Delights,


You can add that extra WOW to any dish without any additional effort!


None of us have infinite time but we all want to have a tasty dish. Something delicious, but not the same each and every meal. We want our guests, and ourselves, to say "WOW that’s good!" and "how did you do that?" without spending all day cooking.


Take the simple salad or greens. Make a vinaigrette (3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar; some people like 2:1 so play around yourself). You need oil and vinegar, some diced shallot and garlic, a pinch of salt, and bit of pepper. No matter which oil or vinegar you choose, the preparation time is the same.


It is easy, and fun, to play with your oil and vinegar choices. One day use a spicy Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil like the Organic DOP Mannucci-Droandi, and another day try the fruity Veleta Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain. They are very different in flavor profiles and thus you, and your guests, will experience two completely different salads, just by making this one simple change. Go a little further and instead of using Extra Virgin Olive Oils try Hazelnut, Walnut or Pumpkin Seed Oils. A friend of mine surprised me the other day, she put a few tablespoons of the J. Leblanc Pumpkin Seed Oil on a bed of aragula. This was our entire salad course. WOW!!! It doesn’t get much easier, or dare I say tastier, than that! I added a small pinch of Maldon Organic Sea Salt for a bit of salty flavor!


Start small and expand. Grab the Mannucci-Droandi DOP Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for your spicy Italian, the Veleta Extra Virgin Olive Oil for your fruity Spanish, the O Meyer Lemon for a citrus infused extra virgin olive oil, and the J. Leblanc Hazelnut Oil for your nut oil. Now add the O Champagne Vinegar, the Honey Apple Sparkling Cider Vinegar, the Ginger Rice Vinegar, and the 50 Year Gran Capirete Sherry Vinegar. That’s SIXTEEN different salad dressings you can make by mixing & matching. And we haven’t even exhausted all the oil and vinegar possibilities at


Play around with different salts (Truffle, Black Cyprus Flake, Hawaiian Red Alaea, Fleur de Sel, and Salish Smoked) or different peppercorns (Green, Long, Pink, Cubeb, Four Pepper Blend) and the possibilities are almost endless (14,560 combinations if you have all the oils, vinegars, salts, and peppercorns we sell)!


Want to add additional fun and flavor?? Pop open a jar of Radici Organic Artichokes, Organic Piquillo Peppers, Grilled Fennel, Marcona Almonds, or add some wonderful seafood. It takes maybe 2 minutes to open the jar and put them on your plate. You've added more variety, more flavor, with hardly any effort at all! That's my idea of tasty without additional work!


And finally, have you ever considered a truffle oil vinaigrette? We love this very simple Asparagus with White Truffle Oil Vinaigrette Recipe.


With almost 300,000 possible flavor combinations from the Gourmet Delights pantry, all for just a few minutes of work, you will never get bored having "just a salad".


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 Trampetti Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Trampetti Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


O Yuzu Rice Vinegar

O Yuzu Rice Vinegar



J. Leblanc Pure Hazelnut Oil

 J Leblanc Pure Hazelnut Oil
Hawaiian Alaea Red Sea Salt

Hawaiian Alaea Red Sea Salt




L'Estornell Marcona Almonds

L'estornell Marcona Almonds
Grilled Fennel

Grilled Fennel


White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Tuna Loins

Ortiz Tuna Loins



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