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Servicing the World: Games – Animation – Broadcast – Features

Need Voice Talent?  Really good talent in any language!

Need Music or Sound Design? Created by top industry professionals!

RUKKUS HOUSE Sound & Music Production Studios is a full-service, software-based, state-of-the-art facility based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We specialize in the localization of video games and the creation of superior sound and music design to fit the needs of projects involving Games, Animation, Broadcast, Film & Digital Media.  

What we have finished recently:

The Game: '
TRINITY: SOULS OF ZILL O’LL,' Japanese to English localization project 
for TECMO KOEI of Japan.

The Feature: 'RAIN DOWN,' produced by Alyson Drysdale and Johanne Gregory.

The Audio Book: 'DEAD OR ALIVE,' written by Tom Clancy, starring Lou Diamond Phillips, directed by Malcolm Hillgartner.

The Web: 'THIS LAND,' Interactive web site for the National Film Board of Canada. Companion piece to the documentary 
we finished earlier this year directed 
by Diane Whelan and produced by Selwyn Jacobs with music by Tanya Tagaq.

What they say:

"There's more to being "professional" than simple competence. You need the ability to anticipate, to be ready with solutions for the inevitable hiccups that accompany any creative work. 

The team at Rukkus House give you that in spades, with a "can do, let's go" attitude that turns a tough session into an exhilarating experience. Simply first class."  -

Malcolm Hillgartner, Director 'Dead or Alive.'

"Our experience of working with the fine team at Rukkus House was a dream come true. Every single element of sound design was meticulously planned and executed. The ADR sessions were professional yet relaxed. 

All the technical details that could plague a film were handled with care. The quality of the mixing suite and mixing team was top shelf and we always felt that they cared deeply about our film and they ensured we were getting the absolute best sound available. 

They handled the music placement and files, both original songs and score, with care and creativity. They were invested in our project and in us. They listened to our concerns and they gave us excellent advice as we progressed through the mix. We felt blessed to be in such good hands. 

Thank you Rukkus House!"  - Alyson Dysdale, Producer ‘Rain Down.'

What we have coming up soon:

Theatrical 3D Animated film: 'MONKEY KING,' produced by Chris Brough of Movie Plus Canada and the China Film Group and directed by Dick & Ralph Zondag.

Theatrical Drama: 'MULAN,' 
produced by Chris Brough of Movie Plus Canada and the China Film Group and directed by Jan de Bont.

Feature: 'PEOPLE OF A FEATHER,' produced and directed by Joel Heath.

Feature: '


T,' produced by Michel Duran & Fred Goldstein.

Book your game, feature, or doc project now:

Contact us before Dec.15th and receive 10% off your next project, no deadline on completion.
Gael at: 1-

With our large talent bank of multi-lingual voices, calibrated Dolby Digital mixing theater, voice recording room and our large pool of composers and sound designers, we can offer competitive rates on any project large or small.

Without sacrificing quality!

For more information on Rukkus and the team check out our new website at:


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