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Challenging the Limits of Disability
Harnessing Hope and Healing


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     OCTOBER  2018


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When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."  John Muir 

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Vince Webster - October 19


Happy Anniversary and Thank You for Your Years of Service to:

Sierra Barsuglia - 2015
Grayson Sorrels - 2006



In the coming months, we will feature profiles of each of the current mares in our stable, their 2018 foals, and notable Stonewall Sporthorses currently performing at the upper levels of competition in dressage, combined driving, jumping and other disciplines.

Baron 3  for NL


SH Baron is a 2012 black gelding by the imported Friesian stallion *Apollo (Netherlands) and produced by the purebred Percheron mare Rebecca's  Koncarlaet Bonnie. This towering reflection of his sire represents the bigger, draftier version of the Stonewall Sporthorse. Baron was bred by our good friend Stuart Schroeder of Stone Horse in Santa Rosa, California. Baron is now at Rush Ranch being prepared for sale, ridden by Access Adventure volunteers Jo Ziemer and Tori Laird.

Baron for NL 2 2

SH Baron is a big, rugged, handsome horse with a gentle nature. He is showing promise for a variety of disciplines under saddle,  with impressive movement. He has also been started in harness. For more information about acquiring this horse, contact Michael Muir at (707) 999-1419. See video



We received good news from Florida when Terri Nutter reported that the grand old matron Stonewall Scarlett has produced another filly at the age of 22. Scarlett is the daughter of Stonewall Rebel and Stonewall Crystal, representing the most powerful damline in the Stonewall Studbook. Stonewall Scarlett is the granddam or great-granddam of every horse at the Rush Ranch headquarters of Access Adventure.

Scarlett Arrives in FL_Nutter AGE 21 for NL Stonewall Scarlett

Rorschach's Hextatic 2 for NL "Rico"

This bright bay spotted filly is named RTD's GonnaFunkYouUp. Her sire is Rorschach's Hextatic, known as "Rico". The filly, called "Rouge", has a leopard full sister "Stizza", born a year ago.

 Rouge 2 for NL

RTD's GoonaFunkYouUP for NL

Rouge 4 for NL



Published in the monthly Access Adventure Newsletter, online, and on Facebook. Copyright Michael Muir
In this issue we bring back tales from Michael Muir’s career with horses that began more than fifty years ago and spans the globe.

Adventures of a Horseman

CUTTING CLASS (For a Romantic Rendezvous in Houston)

“I’ll give you $2,000, cash, out the door”
I was negotiating hard for my first new truck, fresh off the showroom floor.  It was the same metallic avocado green as every stove and refrigerator built that year, but hey, it was 1970 (and it perfectly matched my Miley two-horse trailer).  I got the job done, and thought I was ridin’ in tall cotton for a teenage cowboy.

The lectures were dragging at the University of California at Davis that I had entered with the idea that I would one day be a veterinarian.  Mighty Loma had a newborn filly by Rustler Bill and I couldn’t keep my mind on my studies.  I was dreaming about the hot young sire of the day, the handsome King Plaudit, in far-off Houston, Texas.  I had the mare and the wheels, and the song of the road was calling me.  School could wait.  Loma had about 72 hours before her hormones started calling for that next baby, and I had 1500 miles to go…better load up and hit the road.

Mighty Loma for NL2   Mighty Loma

Loma was used to going places.  I was showing her all over the west while she was doing double duty as a broodmare.  She was coming off an undefeated season and I had big plans that a date with King Plaudit would put her on the national stage.  Mighty Loma’s daughter, Fly By Night was just six days old when I headed for Texas.  She was too young to know that heading down the highway was not a normal part of life for a little filly.  I made sure she could nurse when she wanted to, took care of mama’s needs for feed and water, and drove, and drove, and drove…
We made it to the Bar-B Ranch just in time for Mother Nature.  I asked the ranch manager for a lift to the airport and flew home standby on my Youth Fare Card for $70.

I slunk into the lecture hall a little late for class and too tired to care.  Real Life was definitely getting in the way of my education.  I caught up on missed classes and soon flew back to Houston to pick up my mare.  They were keeping her in good nick and I was eager to make a big show in Los Angeles on the way home.

Mighty Loma won her class and finished the year unbeaten.  Her first son was the spittin’ image of his sire, King Plaudit.  I named him Mighty Ross (after my father).  He established a new world auction record for a spotted colt when he brought $13,800 at six months of age.  I was beginning to question whether I really wanted to be a veterinarian.

Mighty Ross for NL Mighty Ross

I decided I was already doing what I wanted to do.  I took a leave of absence from school.
(I’m still on it.)


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CREDITS: Randie Boardman, Andrea Fazel, John Fazel, Rebecca King, Terri Nutter


Krystalargo de

Krystala for NL

Krystalargo de Lindachrist joined Access Adventure as volunteer in 2016. Now 82 years young, she remains an avid outdoorswoman, joining us on Anywhere Wild! camping trips as far afield as Humboldt county. Despite fibromyalgia and a rare auto-immune disorder, Krystalargo remains cheerful and focused on ambitious life goals.
As a young mother of five in Colorado, Krystala acquired horses and ponies for her children and her first Arabian horse. Thus began her lifelong love of horses. She became drawn to Native American traditions and steadfastly works toward her dream of The Sacred Hoop Journey: A Peace Mission on Horseback.

Recovering her health is paramount in achieving her dreams. A meaningful part of her therapy is the Therapeutic Driving program of Access Adventure. Krystalargo has been a student with our mentor, the acclaimed horseman Clay Maier at Sargent Equestrian Center in Lodi. This has prepared her to drive the Stonewall Sporthorses of Access Adventure at Rush Ranch.

Krystalargo for NL Drivers



Young Access Adventure volunteers Blake Hengel and Gabbi Nathan-Funk have made impressive debuts in equestrian competition. Blake, 17, with her parents John and Nancy, joined Access Adventure as volunteers in 2016 after purchasing Stonewall Tango as a potential Olympic prospect. They later acquired Stonewall Mystique, who continues to work for Access Adventure. 
Blake and Tango made a dazzling competition debut in Walnut Creek where Tango earned his first Championship in hand and made a successful showing in a number of classes under saddle. Tango impressed onlookers and the judge at just three years of age.

Blake and Tango horse show 1 for NL

Blake and Tango horse show 2 for NL

Blake and Tango horse show 3 for NL

Gabbi has volunteered for Access Adventure since 2011, when she was 14 years old. Now 21, Gabbi lives in Lexington, Kentucky where she is completing her degree in business while working for National Champion Carriage Driver Leslie Berndl.

Gabbi recently made her first appearance in carriage driving competition in the Indiana Combined Test with an impressive 48.3 in dressage, the best score of the day. She drove the Fjord pony Sweetwater's Zora Belle, owned by Teressa Kandianis and trained by Leslie Berndl.

Gabbi's first CD competition 1 for NL

Gabbi's first CD competition 2 for NL

Gabbi's first CD competition 4 for NL


Every teamster knows that to get the task done you need horses that can work together smoothly, each leaning into the collar to accomplish the job. In that same spirit, Access Adventure relies on an all-volunteer team to provide our free services to people in need.

Any sensible person would say our business model is unsustainable. We don't charge for what we do. All the programs of Access Adventure are free. We have no paid employees.

Although we receive donations, and the occasional grant, our work is supported mainly by our horses, a notoriously difficult and risky business.

Yet, somehow we survive, and thrive, and grow...all these years. The secret is the contributions of a remarkable team of volunteers, some of whom have been with us from the very beginning. This is
the lifeblood of Access Adventure. We couldn't do our life changing work without them.

Vince Webster volunteered in April 2014 and eventually joined the Access Adventure Executive Committee as Safety Officer.  He is uniquely qualified for the position having served with the Fairfield Fire Department for more than thirty-one years and was named Fire Chief in 2008.  After retirement, he taught First Aid, CPR and Safety Education and sat on a Safety Committee for Solano College.

Vince Webster for NL

Access Adventure has benefitted from Vince in many ways. Monthly Safety Meetings cover  a multitude of subjects. He has provided First Aid and CPR trainings with invitations extended to both Access Adventure and Solano Land Trust volunteers.  He saw a need for a Disaster Preparedness Manual and set to work to develop, print and locate the manual in strategic locations.  In addition, he joined other volunteers who are responsible for feeding our horses. By unanimous decision in 2015, the Executive Committee and Access Adventure horses selected Vince Webster as Volunteer of the Year. 

Vince’s contacts within the community resulted this year in a donation by Medic Ambulance Service of an automatic external defibrillator to the Ranch/Access Adventure volunteer program.  Because the ranch is in a fairly remote location, having a defibrillator on site with trained volunteers can really make a difference in saving a life. 

Defibillator donation for NLVince, Helen Pierson, Medic Ambulance Service, Michael Muir, Rush Ranch/Access Adventure, Amy Maginnis, Daily Republic



Our family vacation this year focused on many things as we toured England, France, Ireland, and Scotland by car.  Although we saw no herds of horses anywhere, we did visit several interesting sites with equine focuses.   Mary Lou Fazel


World Horse Welfare was founded in 1927 by Ada Cole as a campaigning program to prevent  the export of live horses for slaughter.  She was spurred into action after witnessing a procession of work horses being unloaded and whipped for four miles in Belgium.

We visited Belward Farm and Rehoming Center in the breathtaking countryside of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The farm is home to around 65 equines: retired military and police horses, Clydesdales  and Shetland, Erisky,and Highland Ponies.

World Horse Trust for NL 5

World Horse Trust for NL 6

World Horse Trust for NL 9

World Horse Trust for NL 8 2

World Horse Trust for NL 11



Enriching the lives of people with disabilities and underserved members of our community by providing outdoor recreation, open space access, education and therapy through a working partnership with horses.


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