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Regensburg University

May 10 -11, 2014
Regensburg, Germany

 "Functional Foods, Biomarkers, Bioactive Compounds and Mental Health"


Chengdu, China


16th International Conference of FFC,
July 26-27, Chengdu, China

"Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds: Research and Practical Application"

University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia

August 12-14, 2015, University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada

"Functional Foods and Cancer"



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"Functional, Medical, and Bioactive Foods"


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16th International Conference of FFC(USA) - 4th International Symposium of ASFFBC and 8th International Symposium of Food Science(China):

Functional Foods, Bioactive Compounds & Biomarkers: Research and Practical Application  

Academic Society for Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds is a proud sponsor of the 16th International Conference in Chengdu, China, scheduled to take place on July 26-27, 2014. This conference will be held jointly with the Beijing Academy of Food Sciences (BAFS), China Food Science Editorial Department, China Food Publishing Company, China,  Food Science and Human Wellness Editorial Department,  Functional Food Center, and the Jounal of Functional Foods in Health and Disease.  We are expecting more than 2,000 participants at this conference.

Conference Registration is now open! 

Conference registration fees (Early Bird Registration by May 30, 2014)


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          Exhibitors $2000

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  Chengdu-Sichuan-China 2  



Main Conference Topics: 

Main Conference Topics: Topics for this conference include:
The epidemiology of mental and neurological disorders: a) Depression, b) Substance use disorders, c) Schizophrenia, d) Epilepsy, e) Alzheimer’s disease, I) Mental retardation, g) Disorders of childhood and adolescence.
Prevention, management and treatment of mental and neurological disorders. Conventional approaches to healing: strengths and weaknesses
Food, nutrition, beverage and brain health 
Prevention, management, treatment of mental and neurological disorders: Complementary and alternative medicine approaches
Functional food ingredients: sources and potential benefits in public health;
Chronic diseases (cancer, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases): biomarkers, and bioactive foods
Functional and medical foods in the prevention and management of mental and neurological disorders:
Alzheimer’s disease
Mental retardation
Substance use disorders
Disorders of childhood and adolescence
Other brain related chronic disorders
     8. Bioactive compounds in the management of mental and neurological disorders
     9. The effects of bioactive compounds and functional foods on biomarkers of neurological and mental disorders
     10. Chronic diseases (cancer, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases): biomarkers, and bioactive foods
     11. Functional and medical foods with bioactive compounds for health and disease prevention
     12. Legislation on health claims: health, functional and medical food.
     13. Research and development of new functional food products for brain health and for the management of chronic diseases
If you are interested, please register through the conference registration tab!
  • The epidemiology of chronic diseases (obesity, diabetes, CVD, cancer, mental and other chronic diseases)
  • Functional food ingredients and bioactive compounds: sources and potential benefits in public health
  • Functional and medical foods with bioactive compounds for the management of chronic diseases
  • Legislation on health claims: healthy, functional and medical foods.
  • Research and development of new functional food products 
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Poster and Oral Presenters !

We are actively looking for abstract submissions by potential oral or poster presenters, with the deadline for submission being May 30, 2014. Please submit your abstract via email to, as an attached abstract. 

For those who would like to provide oral presentation, please send your abstract as soon as possible, do to limited space for oral presenters. 


Conference Organizing Committee:

We are now looking for International Organizing Committee members as well as Medical and Food Industry Expert members.  Please feel free to send us your resume or biosketch in an attached word file. For more information about organizing committee please click here.

Conference discount:
Members, Authors, Reviewer and Editorial Board Member registration
10% discount for all editorial board members, authors that have published work with the journal for Functional Foods in Health and Disease (FFHD) since May 2013 and for all reviewers who have reviewed FFHD manuscripts in the same period. 
20% discount for all current members (with paid membership) of Academic Society for Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds.

Please let us know if you have any question (Email:      


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