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The California Breakfast At NCTM
Please join us on Friday, April 15 from 7 - 8 AM in the Industry Room at the W Hotel for great food and company.   Your $20.00 minimum donation for the breakfast will help fund Student Activity Trust Fund (SATF) grants for K-12 awarded for activities in mathematics throughout the state of California.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to introduce a colleague to CMC.  Make your reservation today!  Reservations and can be made online at

CMC Student Awards

CMC sends each comprehensive public and private high school a certificate to be awarded to a student who has demonstrated excellence in mathematics. Certificates were sent out last week, so be on the look-out for the certificate arriving at your school addressed to the attention of the Math Department Chair.

CMC North and South Speaker Proposals Now Being Accepted

Proposals to speak at the Asilomar and Palm Springs Math Conferences are now being accepted. For more information, visit the CMC North Speaker page or the CMC South Speaker page. Deadline is May 1.

National Math Conferences come to the San Francisco Bay Area
Registration is now open for both the NCSM conference in Oakland April 11 - 13, 2016 and NCTM conference in San Francisco April 13 - 16, 2016.

CUE Rock Star Math Edition
There is a convergence happening between math instruction and technology. Great tools like Google Sheets, Desmos, Bootstrap World and many many more available on the web are taking math off the worksheet and onto the web. This two-day math event is focused on changing how instruction is delivered in math to create a classroom workflow that moves well beyond algorithms and worksheets.
Lead by classroom leaders who are directly involved in changing math instruction in their classrooms, attendees will be thrilled, entertained and inspired. The faculty for this event has world-class credentials: Fawn Nguyen, John Stevens, Matt Vaudrey, Ed Campos Jr and Michael Fenton are all Rock Star Math Instructors and will deliver rich sessions that are Common Core-Ready, digital, exciting and innovative.
Session titles include: Assessment for the Win, Math Talks and Problem Solving, Visual Patterns and Problem Solving, 360 Math Classrooms and much more!
The next CUE Rock Star Math event is in Los Gatos, CA on May 14-15, 2016.
Get all the info and register here:
More Rock Star Camps this Summer!
CUE Rock Star Camps for the Summer of 2016 open for registration March 19th - watch for them at and on Twitter at #CUERockStar

CMC Awards

It is time to nominate those individuals who might be recognized for their contributions to mathematics education.  CMC has three awards:

The George Polya Memorial Award may be conferred upon a teacher K-16, who has been deemed as an outstanding teacher of mathematics over a sustained period of time, has supported CMC activities, has been an active participant in CMC, and has high visibility throughout the state of California.

The Edward Begle Memorial Award may be conferred on an educator who has, for a sustained period of time, been supportive of CMC activities, has offered continual encouragement, and has been actively involved in California mathematics.


The Walter Denham Memorial Award may be presented to a person who is recognized as an advocate for mathematics education, not only at the local level, but also at the broader state and national levels. 


For more information about the nomination process, check the CMC-Math website under Awards and Recognition.  Nominations are due May 1, 2016.

Spring is a great time to invite all of your students and their parents to a Family Mathematics Festival. All of your K-8 students and their families can experience hands-on activities that reflect the new CA Mathematics Standards right at your school—all for $1500 plus travel expenses.

A CMC Family Mathematics Festival requires NO EXTRA WORK for your teachers or staff so it’s a perfect way to celebrate the end of your school year. A Family Mathematics Festival will be the easiest event your school has ever hosted because WE DO IT ALL!

If you’re ready to book a Family Math Festival for your school, please indicate your first, second, and third choice of dates. For questions or to arrange a Family Mathematics Festival for your school, please contact Paul Giganti, Math Festival Program Director at

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