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Mathematics Framework Chapters Update 

The Mathematics Framework chapters are currently undergoing final editing and graphic design in preparation for publication. As this work is completed, chapters are being posted in a new and more user-friendly format. These chapters are indicated by a 2015 posting date. As of the end of April, the introduction and overview chapters and the grade-level chapters for transitional kindergarten through grade seven have been posted in the new format. The Grade 8 higher mathematics chapters and the other remaining chapters and appendices of the Framework will follow. All of the chapters on the CDE Mathematics Curriculum Framework Web page at



Video to Introduce the Mathematics Framework


In collaboration with the California Comprehensive Center at WestEd, the CDE has created a short video to introduce teachers and other educators, as well as parents/guardians and community members, to the Mathematics Framework. This overview is available

Tiger Math

View “Tiger Math” the latest UCTV video created by Patrick Sanan, math major at UCSD and produced by UCSD Physical Sciences. It  highlights the connections among geometry, physics, and animation in the filming of the motion picture "Life of Pi".

Personal Finance Literacy Resources

Free personal finance literacy resources (K-HS) for teachers and families from California Council on Economic Education. Help students understand money and develop responsible habits for money management.

K-HS:  and

Week of Inspirational Math

Week of Inspirational Math - The lessons and videos are designed to work really well in the first week of the school year. They promote a growth mindset and excitement about mathematics. Each lesson and video gives a key idea about math that will help students as they learn math during the rest of the year.

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