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Changing Lives This Year

As 2013 is coming to an end, please consider Community Justice Initiatives (CJI) in your year-end giving.  Your donation changes lives.  Here's how:

$50 DonationDonate Here

  • Your donation of $50 supports the Little Black Book project. Funds go directly towards reaching at-risk teens with appropriate help in times of need. 
  • Schools and organizations throughout Greater Vancouver distribute CJI's information cards which points youth to the Little Black Book website - an online database with important information on health, violence prevention, education, counseling and more.  The card also lists key emergency numbers. 
  • Donations are used to print and distribute the information cards, as well as to regularly update the website database.
  • Read further about the impact of this youth resource here.

$100 DonationDonate Here

  • Your donation of $100 funds one high school student to be trained in CJI's Conversation Peace curriculum. 
  • CJI offers this 4-day training which provides students with essential mediation skills, as well as enhancing their ability to communicate effectively in variety of conflict situations. 
  • The students who take this course consistently give feedback of the life-changing skills they have gained. 
  • Learn more about what CJI's Educating for Peacebuilding program is doing in the Langley School District.

$200 DonationDonate Here

  • Your $200 donation provides one elementary or middle school classroom with 4 peace making circles focusing on CJI's Talking Peace curriculum. 
  • Circle discussions give students the opportunity to talk about critical issues that affect their lives.  These circles, facilitated by CJI staff, are a unique forum for honest and transparent communication among students. 
  • Teachers report seeing a new level of engagement from students as a direct result of these circles.
  • Read more about CJI's Talking Peace curriculum here.

$500 DonationDonate Here

  • Your $500 donation provides one victim of serious crime with necessary transportation for a face-to-face mediated session with the offender. 
  • These sessions focus on accountability, healing and closure issues for those involved in or affected by traumatic criminal offenses. 
  • With these funds, more victims will be given the ability to move forward with their lives.  It is truly life-changing for these individuals. 
  • Learn more about this Victim Offender Mediation Program and read stories of their changed lives.

Thank you for considering Community Justice Initiatives in your 2013 giving. 
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