Sourcing and Supplier Management
Sourcing Complex Services: Part 2 - Delivering Value through Managing Complex Professional Services Spend

At many companies, the procurement of complex professional services is still largely unmanaged – especially compared to other areas of significant spend.  In Part II of this series, the authors offer specific sourcing and supplier management strategies relevant to the unique challenges and opportunities procurement leaders and professionals face in this arena.  Examples focus primarily on the sourcing of consulting, advertising/marketing, and legal services. 

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  Alliance Management  

Spotlight on the New Alliance Launch Process: Operationalizing Governance through Chartering  

Chartering alliance governance teams is an important step in enabling effective, efficient execution on an alliance. This is the third in a four part series examining critical components the New Alliance Launch Process. 

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Sales Effectiveness
Marketing’s Role in Value Pricing  

Many marketing organizations play a role in pricing and enabling sales teams to effect value selling strategies with clients. Here are five tasks marketing organizations must accomplish to do so effectively.

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Supplier Relationship Management Survey 

Vantage Partners is undertaking a global study focused on SRM best practices and benefits. Participate in this study and receive a complimentary copy of the full report of findings. 

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Allan Lloyds: Global Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Summit  


Vantage Partners is pleased to be teaming up with Allan Lloyds to sponsor their Global Strategic Sourcing and Procurement summit in Barcelona, Spain. 

October 15-17, 2013
Barcelona, Spain

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