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We, The People ...

have the right the grow our own food, be healthy, active, and pursue happiness in our communities.

In celebration of our country's Independence Day; we bring to you this special edition of Your Victory Garden. We hope that you enjoy a bit of history and a lot of today's joy in your Victory Garden.

Victory Gardens are Needed ...

VG grow urself "... in 1942, ... the yields from Victory Gardens raised the total vegetable supply of the American people far above any previous record. The home production of vegetables for family use probably was 50 per cent. above that in any previous season, except possibly in 1919, the first year after World War I." from the Victory Gardens Handbook of the Victory Garden Committee ... circa 1944.
VG home crop
Eleven-year-old Daughter of B. P. Hess, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, With Some
of the Vegetables Grown in the Family's 1943 Victory Garden

County governments organized to help neighbors ...

VG sow seeds 2
"In 1943, the second season of Victory Gardens, the functions and the organization of county and local Victory Garden Committees were enlarged, and sub-committees on Food Preservation were set up."
from the Victory Gardens Handbook of the Victory Garden Committee ... circa 1944.

In the absence of these governments today helping to organize neighbors to grow food at home; the Victory Garden Foundation strives to get all neighbors to participate in Victory Garden activities by organizing their neighbors into Victory Garden Networks. Start your VGNs with Garden Work Parties, Social Events, Harvest Exchanges. Need help getting started? Let us know.

Learn more about the Victory Garden history ...

An "... expected 1,540,000 Victory Gardeners, many of whom will have only small plots of ground available, the Advisory Victory Garden Committee of the State Council of DefeVG grow vitaminsnse has prepared diagrams ..." from the Victory Gardens Handbook of the Victory Garden Committee ... circa 1944.

Surprisingly, the handbook has some very relevant information from the 40s movement to today's 21st Century Food at Home movement. Learn about what to plant for nutrition from history. Link to Nutrition Gardening

Get the full story from the Victory Gardens Handbook of the Victory Garden Committee.

And What's Happening in Your Neighborhood Today ...

Take the Victory Garden Challenge and support your neighbors; start or continue to grow your food at home; get the children involved with teachable moments in the garden; have fun, be healthy, active and engaged.

Celebrate our Independence Day by Growing Your Food at Home. Here are some ways how to get engaged. Spread the word ... Forward this message to a friend

From the Victory Garden Foundation Team ...

Victory Gardeners ...
you rock
Have a safe, fun Independence Day at Your Victory Garden.

Regards, V!
Victory V Lee, Founder
Victory Garden Foundation Inc


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