Williamsburg Afterhours March 9th williamsburgafterhours
Saturday March 9th 2013, 7pm to 10pm
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This year, Williamsburg galleries proudly echo the spirit of The Armory Show, the largest art fair in New York City, with a series of individually curated after hours events, soirees, video installations, exhibitions, and performances, collectively entitled Williamsburg After Hours.
Starting at 7pm on March 9th, the neighborhood’s curatorial voices will make themselves intentionally conspicuous, each gallery becoming its own beacon to the public, transmitting light and music outwardly from their doors and windows, bearing one common message among many disparate voices: “COME SEE THIS.” For Williamsburg After Hours, light, music, and video installations will be visible in doorways, sidewalks, and adjacent buildings, while performance art will take to the streets. Together, participating galleries will create a chain of optical and auditory telegraphy, encoding the message that there is a gallery in the dark with open doors - a series of alighted beacons throughout Williamsburg.
Featuring exuberant events like Skyward -- Kevin Cooley's massive and continuous ceiling projection at The BOILER, performance art by playwright, director, and designer John Jesurun at Ventana244, street-projected animations from Eric Dyer's large spinning zoetrope sculptures at Bunnycutlet Gallery, as well as video installations and multi media performances at Front Room Gallery, Glasshouse, Devotion Gallery, Present Company, Reverse Gallery and more.
CONTACT: contact@wgabrooklyn.org
109 Gallery — 109 Broadway
ON VIEW: “What Have You Done for Me Lately?” 
109 is pleased to present "What Have You Done for Me Lately?" (A Brief History of the First Six Months at 109), featuring Kenny Komer, Adam Wissing, Heidi Hahn, James Troxel, Boris Rasin, Andrew Moeller, Hannah Rawe, Jerry Blackman, Tess Rafael, Marysia Gacek, Ryan Sobotka, John Ganz, Lauren Seiden, Isabel Wilson, Erica Wessman, Maj Anya DeBear, Jaclyn Jurist, Molly George, Nicholas Steindorf, James Miller, Krysten Koehn, Claudia Cortinez, Olof Inger, Andy Cahill, Alex Markwith, Malu Byrne, Sophia Casas, Ryan Krause and Burcu Oz.
AFTER HOURS EVENT:  Reception for "What Have You Done for Me Lately?" 6-10pm.Video art on display from Adam Wissing.  109 will be co-hosting the afterparty event with Donna and 7 Dunham.
Art 101—101 Grand St
ON VIEW: “Common Ground” Christine Hughes
Her deep connection to the natural world informs the work of Christine Hughes. Weeds, twigs, compost --  what might be viewed as the detritus of the garden -- are celebrated in these intricate drawings, paintings and installations that invite us to wander outside of our imprinted parameters of expectations.
“Climbing Kawa Karpo Fran Kornfeld
“When you get to the top of the mountain, keep climbing” --  early advice that resonated with Fran Kornfeld and she has followed it ever since.  Climbing Kawa Carpo pays homage to a deceased Buddhist friend; it is a sublime fusion of her emotion and the metaphorical climb to the holy Tibetan mountain of Kawa Carpo, realized by the beautiful handmade paper.
AFTERHOURSReception with the artists.
AG Gallery— 107A N. 3rd St
ON VIEW: "Early Bloom" Group exhibition.
On view at AG Gallery for the early Spring is the work of four female artists from local/international whose works are inspired by natures surrounding us and we would like to give our friends and neighbors the hint of spring breeze bit earlier.
AFTERHOURS:  Artist meet-and-greet. Refreshments served.
The Boiler-- 191 North 14th St
ON VIEW: Jonathan Schipper, Solo Exhibit.
Video installation by Kevin Cooley.  A continuous ceiling projection & reception.
Brooklyn Oenology Winery Tasting Room & Gallery Space – 209 Wythe Avenue
 ON VIEW:  “Williamsburg Galleries Keep It Local”
BOE has partnered with some of the great Williamsburg galleries for a collaborative show with a local focus.  View works by artists represented at Art101, Causey Contemporary, Figureworks, Frontroom, Parker’s Box, and Pierogi2000.  Show will run through March 31, and works will be available for purchase through the participating galleries.
AFTERHOURS:  Enjoy 2:1 glasses of BOE wines during Armory Arts Week (Tue. 3/5 – Sun. 3/10) with a ticket or wristband from any of the Armory Week shows. Open Saturday noon till midnight.
Bunnycutlet Gallery— 158 Roebling St
ON VIEW: “Printmouse”
Group exhibition featuring new silkscreen prints by 23 artists who work at Titmouse Inc, an animation studio based in Los Angeles and New York City.  While their sensibilities vary from the whimsical to the macabre, these "Titmice" are commonly influenced by animation, illustration, comic art, and pop culture.
AFTERHOURS:  “Eric Dyer, video and music installation”
Eric Dyer's spinning "zoetrope" sculptures, when seen through a camera's lens, create electrifying abstract animations. For Williamsburg After Hours, Eric will spin two such sculptures to create a DJ-like live animated performance -- projected onto the sidewalk outside Bunnycutlet Gallery.
Causey Contemporary and Nest Seekers International – 578 Driggs Ave
ON VIEW: “Socio- Political”
An exhibition of works by Kevin Bourgeois
AFTERHOURS:  Artist meet and greet, print signings and refreshments
Causey Contemporary and Warren Lewis Sotheby’s International Realty
299 Bedford Avenue
ON VIEW: “Nuances”
Featuring works by Elise Freda, Kathy Goodell, Melissa Murray, and Carri Skoczek
AFTERHOURS:  Come and meet the artists, explore the show and share the refreshments
Cotton Candy Machine — 235 S. 1st St
ON VIEW: "A Little Knotty"  and “Dead Inventors”
Dave Cooper and Troy Nixey's original watercolored drawings, inkings, and new prints.  
Dave Cooper made a name for himself as an underground comicbook artist in the '90s with his graphic novels, "Suckle", "Crumple", "Dan+Larry", and "Completely Pip and Norton". Troy Nixey is well known as an illustrator/writer of comic books. Notable comics include “Batman: The Doom that Came to Gotham,” “Batman: The Gasworks," His comic book background has been perfect for Nixey’s transition into a director of genre films, allowing Nixey to bring his unique design sense and storytelling ability to “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark” the Guillermo del Toro film he directed in 2010.
AFTERHOURS:  Opening reception with the artists:  Dave Cooper and Troy Nixey
Devotion Gallery — 54 Maujer St
Artist Mark Skwarek will brave an augmented reality flood which has spread across WIlliamsburg in a homemade boat. Audience members will have the opportunity to participate with mobile devices. 
 Figureworks — 168 N. 6th St
ON VIEW: “Honky-Tonk Belles”
Figureworks will present Yuliya Lanina’s latest paintings and an animatronic sculpture. With great poise and self-assurance, her interbred characters – genteel and foxy ladies of various species – beckon the viewer to join them in a merry, life-affirming dance. 
AFTERHOURS: Video Installation: a collaboration between Yuliya Lanina and Fred Hatt.
Front Room Gallery -- 147 Roebling St
ON VIEW: “Rust Belt”
In Sean Hemmerle’s poignant photographs of theatres, banks, factories, and dilapidated houses in the “Rust Belt” the architecture becomes symbolic of societal issues that have been ignored for decades. Hemmerle’s stunning photos create a visual language—the texture of flaking paint, broken windows and the shiny reflections in pools of frozen water inside of vast industrial buildings— that instills in us a feeling of loneliness felt for these neighborhoods that have all but been forgotten.
AFTERHOURS: Reception with the artist and Outdoor Interactive video projection
Gitana Rosa Gallery — 19 Hope Street
Glasshouse — 246 Union Ave
ON VIEW: “24hr Fridays
24 hour live performance  starting March 8th at 6pm through March 9th, 6pm
<aftermath>  Performance forensics and multileveled multimedia installation  6pm-11pm
P339 — 339 Bedford Ave
Seqouyah Aono, Sculpture installation.
Pierogi — 177 N. 9th St
ON VIEW: “Sudden Leap into The Interior”
Recent paintings by Darina Karpov.
Present Company — 101 N. 13th St
ON VIEW: “Through This to That” 

February 8 through March 10, 2012
Present Company is pleased to announce Through This to That, a group exhibition featuring Janet Biggs, Klara Hobza, Marie Lorenz, and Richard T. Walker. This exhibition presents work from artists who have placed themselves at odds with nature. Be it through an act of self discovery, the desire to connect and communicate with something larger than oneself, or the need to test one’s physical limitations, the artists in this show interact with extremes of the landscape to create work that speaks to its humbling sublimity.
AFTER HOURS EVENT:  Projecting new works by Klara Hobza and Marie Lorenz.
Reverse— 28 Frost St
ON VIEW/AFTERHOURS: “Architectures of Memory” Ciudad Saudade
Saudade: a feeling or longing for something that one is fond of; something which is gone, but might return in a distant future.
Objects determine the spatial dimension of the world, and therefore its knowledge and usability to us. Our longing for these architectures results in their eventual reassembling within our own minds, and subsequently informs the objects and relationships that we go on to create.  This group of work is a testament to a profound and thoughtful relationship with the outside world. Memory, longing, hope, and desire are traced by the architecture of each artist's experience.  These elements, deeply personal and at once universal, are made unique and relevant by the disparate styles, treatments of color and form, and moments of magic and improvisation.  It thus becomes impossible to understand the architecture without the mischievous vines that grow between the bricks.  Life, nature, and imagination shift the architecture, imbuing the concrete with the intangible presence of time.
Sideshow Gallery — 319 Bedford Ave
ON VIEW: “Sideshow Nation”
Salon style group exhibition featuring over 500 artists.
Skink Ink Editions – 177 North 10th St.
ON VIEW:  “Still Lives” Hal Hartley
An exhibition of film stills from the movies of Hal Hartley.  Hal makes acclaimed movies and the stills that come from these are iconic. Not only portraying real life screen icons like Parker Posey, Martin Donovan & Adrienne Shelly but referent to and containing in a more complete moment, the bigger stories from both on and off screen. They encapsulate all of the themes of the larger story, love and death, alienation, crimes of passion and they serve as a trigger to memory.  This is the true meaning of  ‘icon’ as short hand for something far more complex than any one image could convey. Skink Ink Editions is showing stills from Hal Harley’s movies, 30 in all that will be exhibited in the gallery as prints and will form the basis for an edition that we will be presenting for sale. 
AFTERHOURS:   Reception for the exhibition, “Still Lives” by Hal Hartley
The Journal Gallery — 106 N. 1st St
ON VIEW: Matador” Eddie Martinez
Ventana 244 Art Space — 244 N. 6 St
ON VIEW: “To the Distant Observer”
John Jesurun will present an array of multidimensional exhibits and performances.
AFTERHOURS:  Video installation accompanied by a 15 minute performance of excerpts of new works by John Jesurun.
(WAH Center) Williamsburg Art & Historical Center — 135 Broadway @Broadway
ON VIEW: “J_ Art 3rd” 6th Annual Emerging Japanese Artists' Exhibition curated by Hiro Shiraishi
Bridging between Tokyo (10 artists) and New York (8 artists) with all media including Painting, Print, Installation, Photography, Video Art, Contemporary Craft and More. 
AFTERHOURS:  “Japanese Performers Showcase” with 11 performing groups of Dance, Music and Multimedia. 8-11pm.

DONNA BrookylnDonna - 27 Broadway
Drink specials and entertainment


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