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Welcome to our Winter 2018 newsletter, in this issue we are asking for your input on our upcoming summit and exploring a recent article on the use of psychedelics in buddhist practice     We are also pleased to welcome new board members and bring you some great events!

With gratitude and metta,
The Buddhist Recovery Network Board

Buddhist Recovery Summit 2019!

As many of you know we recently set a date and location for our upcoming Buddhist Recovery Summit. 
September 5th-8th 2019
6015 30th Ave SE, Lacey WA 98503 USA 

We would like to appeal to our readers to give us input on topics you would like to see explored.  

We ask that you write to us with your ideas to prior to January 11th, 2019
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Registration will begin in January at
In order for us to continue to bring you summits and online resources we need to cover some basic expenses.   

We have no paid staff and we keep our expenses as low as possible but we hope you will consider donating one-time or recurring donation in 2019 to the Buddhist Recovery Network at

Regional Buddhist Recovery Summit

Let's Talk about 12 step programs and Buddhist Recovery

East Bay Meditation Centre will be hosting the first regional Buddhist Recovery summit on Sunday, February 17th at 9:30am (doors at 9) 
The day will include two panels including speakers from the 12-step, Buddhist Recovery and mindfulness communities.  Speakers will discuss the relationship between Buddhist Recovery and 12-step programs, and also discuss what does the World need in the midst of the current addiction crisis. 
This event is free  (DANA is always welcomed) and sponsored by EBMC and BRN.  We advise you to book soon, so please contact EBMC for further details

BRN Academy
We are pleased to continue the Buddhist Recovery Network Academy in 2019.
BRN Academy

The BRN academy brings together teachers from different Buddhist lineages and approaches.

View our most recent teaching "The Dharma in Family Recovery" with Acharya Passatininna (Christie Bates) on our Academy Video Archive

Here are the upcoming teachings
  • January 6th 2019 — Caroline Brazier
  • February 3rd 2019 — Vimalasara (Valerie) Mason-John
These teachings need your support, please attend one of our upcoming teachings and support them and the Academy with your generous dana

Upcoming Events

December 30, 2018,
Keep Coming Back: Dharma, Recovery, and Renewal“, with Kevin Griffin at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Woodacre, CA. 

December 30, 2018 – January 2, 2019 
 New Year's Eve Insight Meditation Retreat,
with Cheryl Slean and Dave Smith  - Malibu CA 

January 5th - 12th, 2019
Detox Your Heart; 8-Day Meditation Retreat with Valerie Mason-John -  Chiang Rai, Thailand

April 12-14 2019
Courage to Care:
The Dharma in Family Recovery
Retreat with Acharya Christie Bates (Passatininna) - Hendersonville, NC

April 27-May 4, 2019
Insight Meditation Retreat with Kevin Griffin - Northern California

If you know of more events in 2019, please send us them at and we will post them in our calendar.

On Psychedelics in Buddhist Practice

Last month Lions Roar published this article on psychedelics and enlightenment, inevitably the recovery world had a lot to say about the article. So BRN reached out to a few teachers and writers and asked them to share their thoughts on the topic.  

 "... the disciple of the noble ones abstains from taking intoxicants. In doing so,he gives freedom from danger, freedom from animosity, freedom from oppression to limitless numbers of beings...." - the Buddha

"There are no shortcuts to Nirvana, and there isn’t enough mortuary space for more unnecessary drug deaths." - Vince Cullen

"I spent many years exploring the nature of reality with drugs, food and eventually meditation, and got to know a lot of people like me; unconsciously attached to a painful sense of self and desire to escape." - Devin Ashwood

"Fast forward to the current trend in recovery to go on Ayahuasca journeys to deepen one’s spirituality. This is a controversy in the 12-Step world and even among treatment professionals. But as I’ve said for years, we in the recovery field need to be open to any and all treatments that have the potential to help reduce the suffering of addiction" - Darren Littlejohn

Read the full text of the responses here
The number of meetings keeps growing,  we currently list 268 meetings across 11 countries.   We are excited to announce new meetings in the US North Carolina, Virginia and Arizona as well as the United Kingdom!    

We are excited to welcome Thomas Valentine and Robin Smith to the BRN Board this January. 

Thomas first entered the world of Buddhism in 2007 as a means to recover from childhood trauma and heal family relationships. Along the way they found a passion for social justice and working with non-profits directly serving homeless communities. After a long struggle with substance and alcohol use disorder Thomas returned to Buddhism to continue the healing process and cultivate a life full of fun and lasting happiness. They have helped develop and facilitate multiple recovery meetings and are involved in 12 Step, Refuge Recovery, and Eight Step Recovery communities in the Pacific Northwest.
Thomas Valentine
Robin engaged with the Buddhist Recovery Network in early 2018 as it launched its maiden year of Academy talks, and greatly enjoys co-hosting this monthly program.  By way of meditation, Dharma study and a beautiful and supportive Sangha, she moved into recovery from childhood trauma, substance abuse and self-loathing, and continues to deepen her understanding of compassionate healing as taught by the Buddha and shared by the recovery community.  A long-time peace and environmental activist and animal lover, Robin lives in New Orleans, LA, and is training for ordination in the Triratna Buddhist Movement
Robin Smith

Buddhist Recovery Network has a Facebook Group and a Page,
Please join the discussion!

Books and Reviews
We would like your help in refreshing our resource lists, we would love it if you could recommend and ideally volunteer to write a short summary review of the resources you found most useful in 2018 and on your path so far. 

Inquire at


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