Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, February 2010 Newsletter
God's Grace, Christ's Love, Our Hands
The Season of Lent, One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. (Matt. 4:4)
Lent - The Season of Conversations

Lent, a season of mixed emotion for many is also a season of inquiry and discernment. We think of Lent today as a period of forty days before Easter where people demonstrate a serious and intense focus on their own sinfulness and inability to achieve salvation on their own merit. The forty day period reminds us of Jesus’ forty day period of temptation in the wilderness. (Luke 4:1-13)

Just as Jesus was tempted by the devil about taking care of human needs over spiritual needs, we too live out this temptation over and over again in our lives. As people of God we are tempted between coming to church on Sunday and sleeping in and getting up for a slow and indulgent breakfast. Not that there is anything wrong with a slow and indulgent breakfast, however, if it keeps one away from spiritual food, the damage can be eternally fatal. Lent is a time to reexamine our priorities, our spiritual goals, our commitment to worship God or things, to worship creatures rather than the creator.


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Lenten Services

Our Lenten Mid-Week Program for 2010 is a six-part Lenten worship series asks, "Did various people who were involved in our Lord's Passion ever have an opportunity to talk with one another about it?" - People such as Malchus & Mark, Barabbas and Caiaphas, Pilate and his wife, Simon of Cyrene and the centurion, Mary and John, and the two thieves. If you could have listened to their conversations, what might you have “Overheard”?

Lent continues on Fenruary 24 with a 6:00 p.m. Soup and Sandwich dinner in Foster Hall followed by our Mid-Week worship services in the sanctuary: each Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

Outreach Festival

The annual Evangelism and Outreach Festival will be held at Good Shepherd on February 27th, beginning at 9 am. All members of Good Shepherd are encouraged to attend. Registration costs $25 and includes a boxed lunch. You can register the day of the event, or online or by mail prior to the event. The website for information and registration is

This year the Keynote Address will be given by Greg Koukl, from Stand to Reason. He is a famous author and Christian radio personality. He will also be delivering one of the workshop sessions.

Additionally, some members of Good Shepherd will be providing workshop opportunities. John Lenhardt will be doing a workshop on video and podcasts of worship for shut-ins and use on the web to reach a larger audience. Scott Dunagan will be doing a workshop on websites, email marketing, and using technology to communicate within and without your congregation. Finally, Pastor and Carroll Kolodzik, along with some other people, will be doing a workshop on Event Evangelism. Come out to the festival and learn new strategies for Outreach.

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