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Dear Friend:
When I went to Windcall nine years ago, I was beginning to question my intuition and take fewer risks, and thus I knew I was burning out. Windcall helped to center me and taught me how to have staying power in social justice work.

Windcall also kickstarted changes in our organization. That's why I'm so happy to introduce the theme of Organizational Practices for 25 Days of Windcall this week.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could create a new normal in our organizations and the movement that is based on deep respect for each other and bringing our best full selves to the work? I hope you will try out at least one new practice this week in your organization/union to help move down that path.

You can start by talking about why your organization should promote staying power. At my organization, Student Action with Farmworkers, we've talked about how social justice is a process. It can't be done by the end of the day, no matter how long we make the day! Being present in the moment, staying fully present in the work from day to day can shift the pace of work in a way that can help us honor our values and build the movement for the long haul. That shift has led us to creating a culture of mutual support, self-care and reflection. Your discussion might be different. Why not have that discussion this week?

I hope that you will check out the 25 Days of Windcall Calendar.  There are some great ideas about how to stay present in this work. How about walking meetings this week or a self-care check-in at a staff meeting? How about lunch together outside this week? What about checking out ideas about how to include self care in your personnel policies?
Lastly, what about connecting with a leadership coach? Windcall now offers it as part of the Windcall Residency, and we have a great team of coaches. Learn about coaching and see if you want to work with a coach who knows social justice organizers.

Of course, you can't do all these things this week but try out one to set the wheels in motion. Just take one positive step towards creating a staying power culture.

Si se puede,

Melinda Wiggins
Windcall Board Member and Alumnus (2004)
Student Action with Farmworkers, NC

P.S. We're building a great community on social media. Post what tips and practices work for you to inspire other organizations. We're going to have an organizational practices contest mid-week with a great prize so keep an eye out for that!
Use the hashtag #Windcall25 and share on Windcall’s Facebook page, on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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