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Smart, Connected, High Performance, Intelligent Buildings Have JUMPED THE CHASM!

Author: Jim Young, CEO, Realcomm

For many in the tech industry, Geoffrey Moore’s adoption curve is the go-to graphic for attempting to understand and/or explain the rate at which new ideas are adopted. Moore began with Everett Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovations Theory and added the concept of a chasm to the adoption curve.

Rogers believed that any new idea went through five basic steps of human acceptance: 1) Innovators, 2) Early Adopters, 3) Early Majority, 4) Late Majority and 5) Laggards. Moore added the idea that there is a Chasm in the middle of the early adopter stage which must be crossed or jumped in order for an idea to fully take hold. Basically, a confluence of events happens at a certain point in time that allows an idea to jump the chasm and become accepted by the mainstream. When applied to this model, every new idea from the first portable computer to cloud computing seems to align with this principle.

The commercial, corporate, institutional and government real estate industry has had its own set of progressive, chasm jumping ideas. At conferences over the last 15 years, we have witnessed ideas such as Google Earth (Keyhole), web enabled property... Full Advisory

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Intelligent Building Analytics and Visualization - Understanding the Different Options - 2/28/2013

A recent major development has been intelligent building analytics engines combined with visualization. For the first time, organizations are able to extract data from different systems in high frequency combined with stunning visual representation to get a true picture of how the building is performing. It is this kind of detailed comprehensive information that is needed to better understand the intelligent building in order to make the necessary adjustments for optimization. This webinar will compare and contrast some of the most sophisticated solutions in the world. Register now!

Business Intelligence for Solving Critical RE Issues - 3/14/2013

Many organizations are moving to self-managed business intelligence solutions. The ability for users to quickly access and analyze information as easily as a Google search is appealing from both a productivity and economic perspective. Self-service BI has enabled organizations to put the power of calculation in the hands of the folks who need it, when they need it with close to zero support from IT. This webinar will review some of the new tools, templates and how they’re being used to solve critical business challenges and offer guidelines on what to look out for to ensure getting the right information. Register now!

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