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Water Day 2018

Horizon Honors Elementary Water Day 2018 is just around the corner! Students will be participating in Water Day on Tuesday, June 5 during their entire Specials block.  Students will be able to get wet and have some fun!  Please see the times for each class below:

Grades 3-4: 8:20- 9:55
Grades 1-2: 10:50-12:05 
Grades 5-6: 12:35 - 2:10
Kindergarten: 2:20 - 2:50

Students are required to bring a beach towel and a dry set of clothes to change into, this includes dry shoes!! Students may wear their swimsuit under the clothes they intend to get wet in.  They will change into their dry clothing after their water day activities.  A separate bag to put wet clothing, shoes and swimsuit in is encouraged, along with a water bottle to stay hydrated.  Students must have school appropriate clothes and shoes for both during water day activities and after, this means NO FLIP FLOPS or spaghetti straps! Swimsuits may not be worn alone. 

Girls are to wear a one piece swimsuit under a t-shirt and shorts (neither can be white) and shoes that have backs (aqua socks are a great choice). Boys are to wear swim trunks and a shirt (not white) and shoes that have backs (aqua socks are a great choice). Water day is a dress down day ☺ 
We encourage parents to come out and have fun with our students, but we also are in need of some volunteers to help make this a success!  If you would like to volunteer for Water Day 2018, please sign-up on and scroll down to your classroom and click on the date. Be prepared to get wet!

Please contact your student's Physical Education teacher with questions.  Thank you.

Early release days

Horizon Honors Elementary students have scheduled assessment days and early release from school on June 8th and 11th . These assessments provide valuable information for the teachers and the early release gives teachers the necessary time to evaluate student assessments and prepare for the next quarter.  
  • Kindergarten through 6th Grade students will be dismissed at 1 p.m. on both days. 
  • Attendance is important on these days as teachers will be gathering assessment data from students.
  • Final assessments cannot be given early.
  • School lunches will be served on early release days. Students who have not purchased lunch from the School Lunch Program will need to bring their lunch. 
  • Club Horizon is available beginning at 1 p.m. on early release days. Please contact Club Horizon to make arrangements for your child to attend.  Any student not picked-up at 1 p.m. should be enrolled in Club Horizon. 

ELEMENTARY Last Day of School

June 12th sign-ups are now online via!
  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down, and select your child's grade/class/color
  3. Choose the date June 12th and then choose the day/time that will work best for you and click "SAVE"
  4. You will receive an email confirmation immediately and then a reminder 48 hours prior to your scheduled ILP
  5. Each appointment will be 10 minutes long.

Last chance to purchase a 2017-2018 elementary yearbook! Elementary yearbooks that were pre-ordered will be distributed to the students on Friday, June 1. There will be a limited number of additional books available for purchase on a first come, first served basis in the Elementary Office on Friday, June 1 at 3 p.m.  

Dear Horizon Honors,
A former Elementary Student Council member had the idea to start an animal drive and collect donations for animals in need. Student Council considered this and we would like to follow through with this idea. The Arizona Animal Welfare League is an organization that collects donations and items to care for each individual animal within the shelter. We will be accepting donations and appreciate everything! You CAN donate: disposable gloves, Simple Green, Ziplock bags, large bird toys, 6ft. Nylon leashes, Sporn Nylon/Mesh Non-Pulling Dog Harness (all sizes), durable rubber dog toys (Kong, Westpaw, Planet Dog etc), pens, sharpies, Dry Erase Markers, scotch tape, 9 oz. paper/plastic cups, copy paper (color or white), "Forever" postage stamps, paper towels. We will NOT be able to accept FOOD. Click HERE to view the website and learn more about the organization and what you can donate.
Thank you and please donate, 
Your Elementary Student Council

All Library Materials are due back before summer break. Please return any literature books, Textbooks, calculators & flash drives so that we know we have them for the next school year.


New collection sheets sent home in folders

Need more New Sheets Click Here

Participating products can be found here: Participating Products

Thank you for supporting Horizon Honors Schools



Due to the school closures in April, the Horizon Honors Elementary School calendar will be extended by two instructional days. Please reference the following calendars for up-to-date school and event information:
Horizon Honors School Year Calendar:
Horizon Honors Elementary School Events:

NOTE:  Horizon Honors Secondary School (Grades 7-12) will remain on the original calendar, as there were no school closures.  

Horizon Honors Elementary School Notable Calendar Updates:
Regular Instructional Full Days:
Wednesday, June 6 & Thursday, June 7

Finals/Early Release Days:
Friday, June 8 & Monday, June 11

Last Day of School:
Monday, June 11

Individual Learning Plan Conferences (NO SCHOOL):
Tuesday, June 12

The school's charter agreement requires Horizon Honors Elementary School to provide 180 instructional days each school year. The school is not allowed to use overage of required instructional minutes to makeup for school days lost during the April school closures. You may hear that other schools and districts are using instructional minutes to makeup time for closures, but our school's charter does not allow for that flexibility. The school may request an exception directly from Arizona Department of Education Superintendent Diane Douglas. However, the process could be lengthy and is not guaranteed. We know families cannot wait for this vital information, so we will not be pursuing an exception. 

We understand that the extension of the school year may impede on your previously scheduled summer plans. If you have a conflict and your child will not be able to attend the last two days of school, please contact our attendance office at with any absence details, as well as your child's teachers, so arrangements can be made as soon as possible to accommodate individual situations.

June 1

June 4
Grades 5-6 Summative

June 5
Elementary Water Day

June 5
Grades 3-4 Summative

June 8
Finals/Early Release Day

June 11
Finals/Early Release Day

June 11
Last Day of School

June 12
ILP Conferences (NO SCHOOL)

June 12
School Board Meeting

For a full list of Elementary School activities, check out the Events Calendar.

Interested in Horizon Honors Secondary School news? Check out their e-blasts!
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