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Rx-360 White Paper: Mitigating Risk to the Supply Chain - Drug Shortage Working Group 


Drug shortages, especially for medication in high demand, result in a key vulnerability within the supply chain.  When a drug is in short supply for any reason, the door opens for opportunistic third tier wholesalers and distributors to seek out and purchase the remaining supply from any source at higher prices than usual, passing along these price increases to hospitals and out-patient providers at extreme markups. This is also a significant opportunity for someone to try and “fill the pipeline” with counterfeit or diverted product.  A drug shortage can also lead to previously stolen or adulterated product getting back into the legitimate supply chain. Everyone in the supply chain must be aware of the risks and be vigilant of supply chain vulnerabilities in the face of a drug shortage.  This paper reviews some potential mitigation steps for companies to consider if they have a drug shortage. 

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About Rx-360:

Rx-360 was formed in 2009 to support an industry-wide commitment to ensuring patient safety by enhancing quality and authenticity throughout the supply chain. The mission of the organization is timely in light of growing attacks and threats to an increasingly complex and global supply chain. Millions of people around the world are treated every day with the vital medicines that pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies provide. Management of the pharmaceutical supply chain has become one of the top public health concerns with respect to consumer safety. The globalization of distribution for both drug components and finished products has introduced many complications that Rx-360 is positioned to help resolve. To learn more about Rx-360, go to the website at

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