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On March 18, we achieved a milestone - we inspired more than 160 friends of Atlas Corps to support our efforts during GlobalGiving Bonus Day. In addition, we won top prize for the most number of donors. YOU made it happen. Together, we showed the dynamic nature of the Atlas Corps network.

Atlas Corps - we are more than just a nonprofit. We are Fellows from around the world. We are Host Organizations who focus on a spectrum of social issues. We are volunteers who dedicate hours to nominating, reviewing, and interviewing applicants. We are a thriving global network of individuals, organizations, governments agencies, and people like YOU
united in our common desire to find positive solutions to some of our world's most challenging problems. Atlas Corps is:
  • Delores, the newest addition to our Board of Directors, a leader in service and a driving force at Points of Light.
  • Arturo, our Fellow from Mexico who just received an outstanding "Young Professionals Award" after serving for less than a year.
  • Lawrence and Luther, two Fellows from Liberia who are helping their country achieve a positive transition through this key moment.
Read more about these inspiring members of the Atlas Corps network and others in this monthly update. We are Atlas Corps! 

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Atlas Corps Welcomes Leader in Service, Delores Morton, to Board of Directors

 Fellows with Delores Morton
Washington, DC - Atlas Corps is pleased to announce the appointment of Delores Morton, president of programs at Points of Light, to our Board of Directors. Delores joins our 13-member Board, bringing a diverse array of professional experience related to the service sector, including with AmeriCorps. "The opportunity to serve on the Atlas Corps Board is a great opportunity to combine my domestic service background with my global service interests," shared Delores. "I have also valued the ongoing partnership between Atlas Corps and Points of Light."

A woman who wears numerous hats, she previously served as the Director of the Center for Nonprofit Resources at Volunteer Baton Rouge, Executive Director of the Louisiana Association for Community Economic Development, and Chair of the Mid South Collaborative for Nonprofit Development. Delores (pictured second from right) is pictured here with Atlas Corps Fellows during the 2014 Conference on Volunteering and Service.

Read more about Delores and our Board at


Atlas Corps Fellow, Arturo Gonzalez, named Young Professional of the Year

Arturo Gonzalez
Grand Rapids, Michigan - In less than a year of service in the United States, Arturo Gonzalez (Mexico, Host: Kids' Food Basket) demonstrated such excellence in service that he earned the West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (WMHCC) Young Professional of the Year Award. Arturo, (pictured, second from right with other WMHCC 2015 awardees), received the honor for being an outstanding Hispanic professional who has served as a role model to Hispanic professionals and youth and who has shown a strong commitment to the Hispanic community. His service at Kids’ Food Basket has seen him planning, implementing, and monitoring projects such as the Family Engagement Initiative, Human Capacity Analysis, and most recently, the Go Orange: Childhood Hunger Awareness Campaign.

Those who dedicate their lives to making deep, structural and holistic social change that creates significant improvements in people’s lives, and honors their dignity," reflected Arturo, who described the award as one of the highest honors he has attained, "those are the people who inspire me every day to emulate them and to seek a place among them.

Follow Arturo's Fellowship journey on his Atlas Corps Blog.


Latin American Youth Center Succeeds with Intercultural Exchange Strategy

Washington, DC - Intercultural exchange has been one of the successful strategies applied by the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) to achieve their vision of a future where all youth pursue their dreams, reach their goals, and acquire the skills and self-confidence to live a life of purpose, connection, contribution, and joy. LAYC currently hosts three Atlas Corps - America Solidaria Fellows: Angela Betancur (Colombia), Lucia Solorzano (Nicaragua), and Nicolas Torres Vieira (Chile). (pictured r to l: Carlos Vera, social services director; Angela Betancur; Nicolas Torres; Lucia Solorzano; and Carolyn Greenspan, workforce program coordinator).

"We appreciate these opportunities to contribute to global development," shares Ana Hageage, director of workforce. "It is an opportunity to enrich the experiences of the youth and staff who engage with the Atlas Corps Fellows." The Fellows have contributed their expertise in job development, art therapy in mental health, and program management.

Are you interested in bringing an Atlas Corps Fellow to your community and/or your organization? Learn more here.

Liberia Beyond Ebola—Atlas Corps Fellows Lead the Conversation

Lawrence and Luther with Officials 7
Washington, DC - For Liberians, W. Lawrence Yealue II (Host: Accountability Lab) and Luther Jeke (Host: Creative Associates International), the AtIas Corps Fellowship happened during the height of the Ebola crisis. Lawrence had been involved in training more than 1,000 Small and Medium Enterprises in Liberia, as well as co-ordinating public education campaigns on Ebola. Meanwhile, the tech-savvy Luther engaged in multi-sectoral partnerships that used technology to map conflict and instability in Liberia. For these local leaders, it was not easy to leave their country at this crucial time. However, both agreed that the Fellowship was an important opportunity to forward their efforts in the long term.

Recently, Lawrence and Luther joined synergies with other Liberians during the First Annual Professionals Summit, hosted by the Embassy of Liberia in Washington, DC. The Fellows, along with other Liberians, discussed creative ways of rebranding Liberia as the nation recovers from the Ebola crisis. Lawrence and Luther (pictured l to r: Lawrence with two Liberian professionals; Luther in middle with the Ambassador of Liberia on the far right), exemplify the energy and potential that exists in Liberia beyond any crisis.

Join Lawrence and Luther and become an Atlas Corps Fellow? Apply by April 3 at  

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