Celebrate summer...how will you get involved?
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Today, we celebrate! We mark the end of a great June; the arrival of our second class of English Teaching Fellows to Colombia; the start of the World Cup; and that summer is officially here!

At Atlas Corps, we call it a "summer of service" - a season focused on engaging individuals in service to improve their communities, countries, and the world. Our Fellows, who are always busy doing amazing things, kicked off the season by attending the Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service, StartingBloc, InterAction Forum, The Franklin Project Summit at Gettysburg, and more. Our Fellows, who contribute an average of 20,000 service hours a year, get involved while also learning from leaders in the field. They will also be attending the Nexus Global Youth Summit, Preparing Global Leaders Summit, and more during July and August. Of course, these activities are all in between World Cup matches - sports diplomacy is a great way to bring people together.

How will you celebrate your summer of service? Atlas Corps invites you to join our 
#Do1Thing Campaign - a virtual initiative to highlight how individual plays a valuable role in positively impacting our world through service. Just take a photo of the "1 thing" you do to get involved. Then, get ready to support this network of inspired individuals during GlobalGiving Bonus Day (July 16) - all contributions matched 50%! Together, we support each other! Read more details below on how you can be part of #Do1Thing. 
Cheers to a great summer of service...and to your favorite World Cup Team!

Scott Beale

P.S. Remember, we 
will celebrate #Do1Thing on July 16 during GlobalGiving Bonus Day - contributions will be matched at 50%.

Scott Beale
Founder and CEO
Atlas Corps


Join the Atlas Corps! #Do1Thing and Inspire During GlobalGiving Bonus Day 

Global - What is the one thing YOU do to make the world better? How do you support others who contribute to improving our world? We want to know as part of our #Do1Thing campaign! Atlas Corps believes that one talented individual, when given access to opportunity, can positively impact our world. Then, when connected with a network of others, this individual joins a movement for positive impact. This summer, #Do1Thing, in collaboration with GlobalGiving Bonus Day (July 16), highlights all of our network as you support one another in improving our world. Our Fellows, as pictured here, include Kunihiro (Japan, Host:The National Bureau of Asian Research) commited to energy security and Hajira (Pakistan, Host: Meridian International) commited to education. When you support Kunihiro, Hajira, and our network of more than 290 Fellows, YOU support individuals who inspire impact!

Join our #Do1Thing Campaign!
  • Post your photos to Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #Do1Thing.
  • On GlobalGiving Bonus Day (July 16), your gift of $20, $75, $100 will be matched at 50% to support our network.

Fellows Infused Global Perspective Into Points of Light Conference

Atlas Corps at Points of Light Conference
Atlanta, Georgia - In June, 5,000 individuals for the Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service. Amongst well-known attendees like Chelsea Clinton and Bernice King, seven Atlas Corps Fellows attended to infuse their global perspective on this diverse gathering. The Fellows included: Fayyaz Bhidal (Pakistan, Host: Atlantic Council), Jennifer Obado-Joel (Nigeria, Host: Urban Institute), Renata Barradas (Mexico, Host: American Red Cross), Victoria Dangond (Colombia, Host: Atlas Corps), and Trina Talukdar (India, Host: American Express Foundation) and were joined by Ramona Dragomir (Romania, Host: IAVE), and Alumni Abby Flottemesch (USA, Host: Fundacion Saldarriaga Concha) and Jonathas Barreto (Brazil, Host: Points of Light).

"There was a common thread in all of our existence; the human need to serve. . . . Service is not charity; It is enlightened self-interest. We need each other to survive." reflected Jennifer in her blog postThe Fellows are pictured her with Reisa Brafman from the EILEEN FISHER and Yolanda Rueda of Fundacion Cibervoluntarios. Read more highlights in the posts from FayyazVictoria, Trina, and in our Storify

Apply Now for Atlas Corps Class 17 to Start January 2015 


Global - Are you ready to change your perspective, change the world? Are you ready to serve in another country? Are you ready to join a vibrant network of global professionals? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, now is the time to learn more about becoming an Atlas Corps Fellow!

The Atlas Corps Fellowship is a 6 to 18 month professional fellowship offered three times. Fellows, like Rehema Namukose (Uganda, Host: Women Deliver) who brings skills in communications, reproductive rights, and the environment, serve full-time at Host Organizations located either in the United States or Latin America working on issues that complement their expertise. Fellows develop leadership skills while sharing effective practices through our professional development series called the Atlas Corps Global Leadership Lab. Learn more!

"Service Is in Our DNA" - Atlas Corps Alumna Shares the Familiar Side of Service

United States - "Simply put, service redefines the modern family and strengthens this basic unit of our society. Service becomes a part of our DNA," share Atlas Corps Chief Development & Engagement Officer Abby Flottemesch (USA, Host, Fundacion Saldarriaga Concha) in a post featured on the AmeriCorps Alums website after her participation in the Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service and The Franklin Project Summit at Gettysburg College. Abby, an AmeriCorps VISTA Alumna pictured with other Atlas Corps Fellows and Delores Morton from Points of Light, joined Atlas Corps as a member of Class 2 and part of our first cohort to serve in Colombia. To date, Atlas Corps has engaged more than 50 individuals as Fellows in Colombia.

Regardless of geography or cultural, this familial bond created through service is a sentiment shared with many in our network. "We are all born into families (whom we love and cherish). But if I had the liberty to choose my family, I would choose this one," reflected current Fellow Trina (India, Host: American Express Foundation) after reading Abby's blog post.


Atlas Corps Go Global Gala 2014 (Save the Date)!

Atlas Corps Go Global Gala 2014
Thursday, September 4, 6:00 PM

National Press Club
Washington, DC

Details Here: bit.ly/AtlasCorps2014GalaSaveDate


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